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Demented: Afghanistan’s Parliament Rejects Ban On Pedophilia … Because It Would ‘Violate Islamic Principles’

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Thank goodness we’ve spent billions of dollars and sacrificed thousands of lives liberating the people of Afghanistan, otherwise they’d still be ruled by a barbaric, inhumane, 7th-century ideology …

By Cheryl K. Chumley, The Washington Times – “Afghanistan’s parliament has rejected a measure that would have barred men from marrying girls younger than 16, saying the proposal ran counter to Islamic ideology.

The measure also would have banned ‘baad, [the] traditional practice of buying or selling women to settle disputes,’ and outlawed criminal charges being imposed on rape victims, Breitbart reported. Rape victims in Afghanistan often are charged with fornication or adultery.

President Hamid Karzai reportedly supported the measures, but opponents said they ‘violate[d] Islamic principles,’ Breitbart reported.

The failure of parliament to act in accordance with Mr. Karzai highlights a deep rift among the nation’s politicians. And it comes at a time when elections are set for April 2014 for a new president.

There is ‘a rift between conservative and more secular members of the community,’ Sky News reported.” Source – The Washington Times.

Flashback: Afghan Mullah Marries, Kills 8-Year-Old Girl During Attempted Intercourse On ‘Wedding Night’ – “This is a pretty horrific story that comes out of Afghanistan. The source for it is Mustafa Kazemi, an Indian war correspondent, who has been operating in Afghanistan since 2010 and has worked for AFP. Due to the horrific nature of the story, I am only excerpting a few parts of it. If you want to read the rest, you’ll have to follow the link. But keep in mind that child marriages like these are happening all the time, not just in Afghanistan, but increasingly even in Europe.” Read more.

Flashback: Liberated Afghanistan: Top Religious Council Says Women Should Not Mix With Men in School, Work or Daily Life, Should Not Travel Without Male Relative – “Afghanistan’s top religious council has said women should not mix with men in school, work or other aspects of daily life. The Ulema Council has also said that women should not travel without a male relative. The BBC’s Orla Guerin has been hearing reaction to the ruling from people in Kabul. The comments by senior clerics – which have been welcomed by President Hamid Karzai – were included in a statement outlining the rights and duties of women under Islam. Human Rights Watch says it is worrying that the Ulema Council has issued this statement, and that President Karzai has backed it.” Read more.

Flashback: ‘Beating, Forced Marriages, Murder And Rape’: Violence Against Women In Afghanistan Hit 550 Cases Last Month – “Afghanistan’s Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC) on Wednesday said that it recorded 550 cases of violence against women in the last month, showing a remarkable increase from previous months. ‘In the last month, 550 cases of violence against including, beating, forced marriages, murder and rape – most of them happening in the remoter provinces of the country – have been recorded at the Human Rights Commission,’ AIHRC Women’s Rights Coordinator Latifa Sultani said.” Read more.

Flashback: New Saudi Fatwa Defends Pedophilia as ‘Marriage’ (Video)

The Dumbing Down Of America: A Police State That Terrorizes Its Citizens In The Name Of Protecting Them From Terror

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And the latest phase in the “dumbing down of America” is the self-dispensing byproduct of the “bowing down of America” that myopic, politically-correct law makers and law enforcement officials have been engaging in for years, a bow that always seems to be in one specific direction …

Revelation 18:3a, “For all nations have drunk the wine of the passion of her sexual immorality, and the kings of the earth have committed immorality with her …”

By Daniel Greenfield, Frontpage Mag – “Investigative work is built on selective mistrust. The difference between a state in which there are police and a police state is the scope of that mistrust. A state in which there are police will pursue criminals by using investigative techniques to profile suspects while a police state criminalizes everyone by treating the entire population of the country like suspects.

Some police states are smart, calculated power grabs. Others are dumb defaults.  A smart police state suspects everyone because it’s a tyranny. A dumb police state is run by people who can’t or won’t narrow down the suspect list so that they are forced to suspect everyone.

The United States has been on the road to becoming a dumb police state for a while now. It’s not dumb because its law enforcement officers and military commanders are stupid. They are actually some of the best in the world. It’s a dumb police state because fear of bigotry makes selective mistrust impossible.

The problem hit home for most people when the TSA began strip searching small children and amputees who were a long way from the typical profile of a Saudi male in his twenties or thirties likely to hijack a plane and fly it into a skyscraper.

This didn’t happen because the TSA was run by idiots. That might still be the case, but the TSA was only doing exactly what all American law enforcement had been doing ever since the seventies. It was choosing universal mistrust over selective mistrust. It suspected everyone to avoid singling anyone out. Unfortunately the entire job of airline security depends on intelligently singling out likely suspects, rather than randomly terrorizing passengers in the name of protecting them from terrorists.

Pandering to Islam is just the latest phase in the dumbing down of law enforcement that began when civil liberties activists made it nearly impossible for police to do their jobs…

America and Europe are stuck with dumb police states in the War on Terror because anything else would undermine the illusion on which multiculturalism depends. It is why FBI training materials had to be purged of references to Islamic terrorism and why after the Woolwich attack, the London police prioritized arresting Brits who said offensive things on Twitter. Any idea that undermines multiculturalism is more dangerous than the actual terror that takes lives…

The dumb police state can illogically mistrust everyone, but it can’t logically mistrust anyone, unless he’s a white male who is representative of the majority population. And so it’s stuck in a state of universal paranoia. It mistrusts everyone, rather than mistrust anyone. It randomly harasses people for no reason to avoid harassing those people who deserve it with good reason.

In the age of terror, the compromises of the dumb police state are wearing down everyone and endangering entire countries.” Read more.

Flashback: The Dumbing Down of America

‘Barbaric’: Muslim Persecution Of Christians March 2013 (And The US Defends The ‘Human Rights’ Of Muslim Mass Murderers)

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Matthew 10:22, “And you will be hated by all for My name’s sake. But he who endures to the end will be saved.”

By Raymond Ibrahim, Gatestone Institute – “The Islamic jihad against Christians in Nigeria is proving to be the most barbaric. A new report states that 70% of Christians killed around the world in 2012 were killed in that African nation. Among some of the atrocities committed in March alone, at least 41 people were killed in a suicide bomb attack at a bus station in a predominantly Christian neighborhood. According to the Christian Association of Nigeria, these attacks ‘were a signpost of the intended extermination of Christians and Christianity from northern Nigeria.’

According to the Rev. Jerome Ituah, ‘Out of the 52 Catholic churches in Maiduguri diocese, 50 of them have been destroyed by [terrorist group] Boko Haram. When two Christian brothers were returning home after Sunday church service, jihadis opened fire on them with machine guns, killing the brothers, as well as three others, and injuring several more Christians.’

Another 13 Christian factory workers in Kano were ‘gruesomely’ slain. According to the local bishop, ‘Reports of the attack reaching us disclosed that on that fateful Saturday at about 7 p.m, Muslim faithful were conducting their prayer close to the affected compound occupied by Christian families, when two taxi cabs stopped in front of the compound and the occupants, who all concealed their arms, dashed into the complex and demanded to know why the residents were not part of the 7 p.m. Muslim prayer. They responded by telling the visitors they were Christians and so could not be part of the Muslim gathering. At that point, they separated the men from their wives and children and shot them dead on the spot after ordering the women and children into their homes’ to be enslaved.

The bishop added that, ‘government should show more concern, like it has always done when Muslims are affected; I have not seen that in the case of Christians—that 13 Christians were killed in one straight attack and nothing is heard from the government reflects selective justice because we are aware of compensation paid to Muslim families in situations of this nature.’

However, the Nigerian government recently did go on the offensive to try to contain the jihadis in northern Nigeria—only to be chastised, according to Reuters, by the Obama administration, in the person of U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, ‘in a strongly worded statement, saying: ‘We are… deeply concerned by credible allegations that the Nigerian security forces are committing gross human rights violations…..’ against the jihadi mass murderers.

Categorized by theme, the rest of March’s Muslim persecution of Christians around the world includes (but is not limited to) the following accounts, listed by theme and in country alphabetical order, not necessarily according to severity:

Church Attacks

Egypt: According to El Watan News, three Christian brothers were shot dead at their home by automatic weapons a few weeks before two of them were set to have their weddings. The victims’ family was earlier accused of trying to build a church on land they owned after purchasing building material to build a house on that land. The rumors about the building of a church spread during the Friday sermon at the mosque, following which, 2,000 Muslims stormed the land and tried to destroy the house, a car and a tractor, resulting in the murder of the three Christian brothers.

Indonesia: Authorities demolished a church building with a bulldozer in West Java, even as Muslim bystanders cheered and denounced Christians as ‘infidels.’ According to Pastor Leonard Nababan, the government is ‘criminalising our religion.’ The congregation had gathered around the church in an effort to save it; so did Muslims, shouting, ‘They’re infidels and they’ve built their church without permission;’ ‘Knock the church down now,’ and ‘Allahu Akbar’ [‘Allah is Greater’].

Iraq: According to Fox News, before the U.S. invasion of Iraq, there were more than 300 Christian churches. Today, a decade after a jihad was unleashed on Christians and their churches, only Read more…

France: Two Muslim Men Attack 23-Year-Old Man … For Eating A Ham Sandwich

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1 Timothy 4:1, 3a, “The Spirit clearly says that in later times some will abandon the faith and follow deceiving spirits and things taught by demons… They forbid people to marry and order them to abstain from certain foods …”

Qur’an Sura 2:21, “Do not marry [non-Muslim] women, until they believe: A slave woman who believes is better than [a non-Muslim] woman… Nor marry your girls to [non-Muslim men] until they believe: A man slave who believes is better than an unbeliever … [Non-Muslims] beckon you to the Fire [of Hell] …”

Qur’an Sura 5:3, “Forbidden to you (for food) are: dead meat, blood, the flesh of swine, and that on which hath been invoked a name other than that of Allah.”

And watching others eating it is apparently now forbidden as well. This violent reaction to the sight of swine flesh will, of course, also have absolutely nothing to do with Islam. What Sharia lawlessness (that has absolutely nothing to do with Islam) will we begin seeing next? Will others begin taking offense and responding in kind at the sight of tomatoes, samosas and Chevrolets? …

Le Parisien via Jihad Watch – “A few years ago, Muslim cabbies at the Minneapolis airport began to refuse to carry passengers who were carrying alcohol. It became a big controversy, as some counter-jihad activists began asking whether the cab drivers would soon begin enforcing other Sharia rules upon their non-Muslim customers. Would they, for example, refuse to carry a passenger who had a ham sandwich? Such concerns were dismissed at the time as hysterical exaggerations of what was presented as a completely innocuous attempt by the cab drivers to exercise their religious freedom. But now, with this incident, we see the next step that we predicted all those years ago: the violent enforcement of Sharia provisions on non-Muslims — in what still is, for the moment, a non-Muslim country.

‘France: Attacked By Two Muslims Because He Was Eating A Ham Sandwich,’ by Cheradenine Zakalwe for Islam Versus Europe, June 12 (thanks to Blazing Cat Fur):

It sounds incredible but it is being treated with great seriousness by the police in Reims police station (Marne). A 23-year-old man filed a complaint on the 8th of June after having been attacked the previous evening at 9.30 pm in a city tramway by two strangers. They struck him several times on the face because he was eating a ham sandwich. The two attackers, who claimed to be Muslims, said they were offended by this consumption of pork in front of their eyes before attacking the young man. A witness, a friend of the young man who was present when the incident occurred, has been interviewed by the investigators and has confirmed the reality of the attack. The two attackers, who fled, have not yet been found. The CCTV tapes in the tramway are currently being examined.

Source – Jihad Watch.

Flashback: Imams’ Indoctrinating French Muslims With Culture Of Hate, Racism – “… French Jewish artist Ron Agam told the Algemeiner that, ‘It is about time now for the French authorities to radically search for these Imams and put a stop to the brainwashing on tens of thousands of Muslim kids in France.’ ‘It is unacceptable that this culture of racism and antisemitism is being tolerated by a significant number of the Muslim community, this culture must stop,’ he concluded.” Read more.

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Netherlands: Police Search For Moroccan And/Or Turkish ‘Youths’ Who Raped, Tortured And Killed Lamb At Drunen Animal Park

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By Prof. Drs. G.B.J. VanFrikschoten, Amsterdam Post via Islam verses Europe – “Omroep Brabant – French Knippels, manager of the animal park at the Prince Hendrikstraat, Drunen, is devastated. Last Friday a two weeks old lamb was probably so severely beaten that it is died.

On Friday Mister Knippels did his final round and saw a group of young men.

‘They did it … I had a chat with them. One of the youngsters had shouted that they were going to [expletive] a sheep. I said… ‘When you come for the animals, you’ll have to deal with me first.’ They were still there when I left. So I suspect they have done it’.

According to Knippels, the lamb was abused with a PVC pipe. ‘I found that PVC pipe in the park. Later, when I had found the dead animal, I thought: one and one are two. The lower jaw of a young sheep was off and the bone was sticking out. The anus of the animal was also severely devastated. Teeth were beaten out of the lamb’s mouth. The dead corpse of the animal was floating in the pond. I took it out of the water.’

What can you notice by reading this message? Of course. It is written in such a … politically correct way. ‘Young people’ would have done it. Furthermore, throughout the article there is no description of suspects. Who is trying to fool who here?

We got in contact with the administrator of that animal park because we had some questions to ask. One of the questions is: ‘What were these young people like? Were they Dutch youths?’. He seemed to be reluctant on the specific answer. But in the end they turned out to be: ‘Dutch youngsters with a foreign accent.’ …

We are looking for light-skinned Moroccans and / or Turks between the ages of 15 and 17 who say they ‘go and [expletive] sheep’ and that apparently have actually done it. Let those who have knots in their ears know: that this scum [behavior] starts with animals and will finish with people.” Read more.

Flashback: Practice Makes Perfect: Group Of Muslim Men In Sweden Behead Cat, Proudly Display Photos Online – “Swedish police are investigating a case of animal abuse after a photo published on the net where four men appeared with the severed head of a cat. One held the animal’s head while another was carrying a knife and the cat’s body. After leaving the photo on the net, new images have been revealed where you can see how the cat is skinned by a man with a large knife and standing proudly with the cat’s head.” Read more.

Flashback: Cruelty Toward Animals Is A Good Indicator Of Future Cruelty Toward People – “According to a 2001-2004 study by the Chicago Police Department, as reported by The Humane Society, ‘Of those arrested for animal crimes, 65 percent had been arrested for battery against another person.’ 65 percent is an overwhelming majority and, surprisingly or not, this statistic is not one of a kind. The Humane Society lists many more documented and researched cases that share similar figures. For example, ‘of 36 convicted multiple murderers … 46 percent admitted committing acts of animal torture as adolescents’ or ‘of seven school shootings that took place across the country between 1997 and 2001, all involved boys who had previously committed acts of animal cruelty.’ All of these statistics echo a similar morbid message: cruelty toward animals is a good indicator of future cruelty toward people.” Read more.

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