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Homicide Rates In Egypt Tripled Since Muslim Brotherhood Takeover

When a religion that glorifies death takes root, death and everything associated with it will naturally follow …

By Daniel Greenfield, Frontpage Mag – “Robert Johnson at Business Insider takes us on a brief tour of the and improved Egypt. The democratically Islamist Egypt that went from a somewhat functioning country to a completely failed state whose leaders do nothing but spew bigotry and encourage their followers to engage in violence.

Homicide rates have tripled since 2011. The number of armed robberies rose from 233 in 2010 to 2,807 in 2012.

That’s more than a tenfold increase. It’s an impressive achievement. I’m not sure we could pull that off even if we combined Detroit, New Orleans and Oakland into one giant city.

Many ‘beat cops’ still carry outdated weapons like this 1958 Hungarian pistol, lack adequate ammunition, and refuse to carry issued sidearms on patrol for fear of being robbed. The Muslim Brotherhood’s handpicked officers get new weapons, radios, and nearly twice the pay.

The Brotherhood has proposed laws reducing Egypt’s legal age of marriage to 13-years-old. Some party officials indicate marriage at nine years of age is perfectly acceptable. Temporary marriages between young women and foreigners lasting often just days have become increasingly common. Desperate parents sell daughters for as little as $450.

There are up to 50,000 homeless youths still roaming Cairo. Forced to steal and beg to survive, they significantly add to the crime problem. The World Health Organization estimates there are 1 million homeless Egyptian children.

Cairo faces frequent gasoline shortages and long lines at filling stations when gas is available. Public services like road maintenance are often non-existent.

It will take massive outrage against the Muslim Brotherhood by the Egyptian people to reverse the damage. Public beatings and stabbings like this are unfortunately not enough to incite action for change. Egyptians are just too busy trying to survive.

The Arab Spring sure worked out well. We should repeat it in Syria and let the Muslim Brotherhood take over as many other countries as we can. Including the United States.” Source – Frontpage Mag.

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