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North Carolina: Muslim Man Seeking To Be ‘A Soldier For Allah’ Planned ‘Local Jihad’ Including Robbery, Murder, Bombings

For peaceful purposes …

By Caitlin Dineen, Fayobserver.com – “Members of the FBI thwarted a Fayetteville teenager’s plan to rob and kill people who did not share his Islamic beliefs, according to documents.

Erwin Antonio Rios, 19, of the 1200 block of Oak Knolls Drive, allegedly planned to obtain a gun illegally and take part in a local religious jihad against non-believers, or kuffar, and members of the U.S. Armed Forces.

Rios met with an FBI informant over several months and detailed his attacks. They included robbing armored vehicles, killing guards protecting them, and luring police to a home and setting off bombs, documents say.

Rios adhered to the ideology of radical Islamic extremism groups, according to court documents. Those groups believe violence is religiously justified.

Rios told an FBI informant he wanted to be a soldier for Allah, according to an affidavit signed Feb. 7 by Special Agent Frank Brostrom.

Rios started talking to the informant June 27, after meeting at an Islamic house of worship in Raeford.

Part of his planned attacks included staging a robbery of an armored vehicle and shooting two of the guards in the face, the documents say.

Another attack would have involved police, according to records. Rios said he wanted to make bombs and plant them in a house.” Read more.

North Carolina: Muslim Man Sentenced In Plot To Behead Witnesses, Tells Judge That Islam ‘Invalidates All Other Religions’ – “A North Carolina man was sentenced Friday to four life terms for plotting to behead federal witnesses whose testimony helped convict him for his role in an earlier plot to slaughter U.S. servicemen and their families. Hysen Sherifi, 29, was one of six Raleigh-area Muslims convicted in 2011 of planning to attack the Marine base in Quantico, Va., and overseas targets.” Read more.

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