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Canada: Turkish Muslim Groups Celebrate Genocide Of Armenian Christians

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While the French take measures to acknowledge the history of Turkey’s genocide of an estimated 1.5 million Armenian Christians, Turkish Muslims would rather rewrite it. You know what they say about those who ignore history …

While the French take measures to acknowledge the history of Turkey’s genocide of an estimated 1.5 million Armenian Christians, Turkish Muslims would rather rewrite it. You know what they say about those who ignore history …

By Robert Spencer, Jihad Watch – “What illness has overtaken these people?

‘Turkish-Canadian Groups Celebrate Armenian Genocide,’ from the Armenian Youth Federation of Canada, April 24 (thanks to Garabed):

OTTAWA – The annual Armenian Genocide Memorial Day protest in front of the Turkish embassy was met with 50 Turkish-Canadian counter-protesters denying the well-established actuality of the Armenian Genocide. The group quickly turned to singing and jubilant chanting at the face of the Armenians.

Further to this shameful act, the group was clearly attempting to incite a confrontation with their Armenian counterparts to undermine the annual gathering. Repeated name calling and general insults towards the Armenians could be heard from across the barrier.The Armenian group chose to ignore this immature and reprehensible behavior and kept their focus on the Turkish embassy demanding an end to the Turkish government’s denial campaign around the world and acknowledge the dark chapter from its past.

The Armenian Genocide is the first modern genocide of the 20th century, during which an estimated 1.5 million Armenians were killed by the Ottoman Empire leadership in an attempt to rid it’s Christian minority. Countless international organizations, scholars (such as the International Association of Genocide Scholars) and 22 countries have formally recognized these massacres during World War One as Genocide. The Canadian parliament passed a motion in 2004 acknowledging the Armenian Genocide and condemned these crimes against humanity.

Police officers present were questioned about the Turkish group’s permit to gather and answered that the Turkish group had applied for a barbeque party permit in the park.

Afterwards, the Turkish group was invited into the Turkish embassy by Ambassador Tuncay Babali. In an attempt to undermine Canada’s domestic policies, the ambassador recently held an interview with the Canadian Press indicating that Turkey will limit economic developments with Canada unless the government reverses its position on the Armenian Genocide.”

Source – Jihad Watch.

Saudi Arabia: Man Sentenced To Six Years In Prison And 300 Lashes For Encouraging Muslim To Convert To Christianity

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For peaceful purposes …

AFP – “A Saudi court jailed a Lebanese man for six years and sentenced him to 300 lashes after convicting him of encouraging a Saudi woman to convert to Christianity, Saudi dailies reported Sunday.

The same court sentenced a Saudi man convicted in the same case to two years in prison and 200 lashes for having helped the young woman flee the ultra-conservative, US-backed Sunni kingdom, local daily Al-Watan said.

A court delivered the verdict in Khobar in the kingdom’s east, where the woman and the two accused worked for an insurance company.

The July 2012 case caused a stir in Saudi Arabia, which applies a strict version of Sharia that stipulates Muslims who convert to another religion must be sentenced to death.

The woman, known only as ‘the girl of Khobar,’ was granted refuge in Sweden where she lives under the protection of unspecified NGOs, according to local press reports.

She had appeared in a YouTube video last year in which she announced that she had chosen to convert to Christianity.” Read more.

Flashback: Saudi Arabia Arrests 53 Ethiopian Christians … For Behaving Like Christians – “Dozens of Ethiopian Christians, mostly women, have been detained in Saudi Arabia after attending a worship service in a private home, BosNewsLife learned Wednesday, February 13. The Christians – 46 women and six men including three church leaders – were arrested last Friday, February 8 … three church leaders – two of them women – were produced in an Islamic court in the eastern city of Dammam on charges of converting Muslims to Christianity.” Read more.

Flashback: Saudi Security Forces Raid Christian Prayer Meeting In Jeddah and Arrest 42 Christians, Many Beaten and Threatened With Death – “International Christian Concern (ICC) has learned that Saudi security forces arrested 42 Ethiopian Christians at a prayer gathering in Jeddah on Thursday… Christians in Saudi Arabia, most of who enter the country as foreign workers, are not allowed to practice their faith openly. Saudi police have been known to raid private worship gatherings in homes, arrest and deport congregants, and confiscate Christian materials, including Bibles.” Read more.

Flashback: Virtuous Saudi Police Raid House, Arrest Dozens Of Christians ‘Plotting To Celebrate Christmas’ – “The religious police in Saudi Arabia have raided a house in the Al Jawf Province and arrested 41 people, who were ‘plotting to celebrate Christmas,’ a police statement said… The ‘virtue and vice’ police, which enforce religious norms in the country, regularly launch crackdowns on Christians and Hindus living in Saudi Arabia. The attitude is encouraged by religious leaders, who justify the persecutions.” Read more.

Flashback: Exporting Terrorism: Saudis Distributing Anti-Christian And Anti-Jewish Textbooks Fueling Intolerance And Violence Around The Globe – “Textbooks used in Saudi Arabia’s schools contain virulent forms of anti-Christian and anti-Jewish bigotry that continue to fuel intolerance and violence around the globe, says a new report. The problem is far greater than the five million students in Saudi Arabia who use these texts every day … ‘[These textbooks] are posted on the Saudi Education Ministry’s website and are shipped and distributed free by a vast Saudi-sponsored Sunni infrastructure to many Muslim schools, mosques and libraries throughout the world… It is exporting terrorism through textbooks.” Read more.

‘Abandoned’: Australian Woman Raped By Muslim Gang In United Arab Emirates Is Jailed For Having Premarital Sex

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Al Rod Al Anf, Volume 2, Page 182: “You see [Allah] will soon make you inherit their land, their treasures and make you sleep with their women.” (The Words of Mohammed as Recorded by Ibn Hisham)

Revelation 9:21, “And they did not repent of their murders … or their sexual immorality …”

By Ross Coulthart, Yahoo 7 Sunday Night News – “With Dubai emerging as a major stopover point for long haul journeys, five hundred flights a month will deliver over one million of us to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in the next year.

Dubai is being promoted as a luxury high-class paradise in the desert, but the reality is brutally different, as Australian Alicia Gali discovered. Gali took a job in the UAE with one of the world’s biggest hotel chains, Starwood. What happened next makes this story a must-watch for every Australian planning on travelling through the region.

Gali was using her laptop in the hotel’s staff bar when her drink was spiked. She awoke to a nightmare beyond belief: she had been savagely raped by three of her colleagues. Alone and frightened, she took herself to hospital. What Alicia didn’t know is that under the UAE’s strict sharia laws, if the perpetrator does not confess, a rape cannot be convicted without four adult Muslim male witnesses. She was charged with having illicit sex outside marriage, and thrown in a filthy jail cell for eight months.

Now, finally home and struggling to move on with her life, Alicia breaks her silence for the first time on television to reporter Ross Coulthart.” Watch video.

Flashback: Egyptian Cleric: Christian Women Who Refuse To Dress Like Islamic Women Should Get Raped – “‘I was once asked: If I came to power, would I let Christian women remain unveiled? And I said: If they want to get raped on the streets, then they can,’ Ashry told Nahar TV last week. Introducing a Saudi-style anti-vice police force to enforce Islamic law was ‘not a bad thing’, he said, and added: ‘In order for Egypt to become fully Islamic, alcohol must be banned and all women must be covered.’” Read more.

Flashback: Iran’s Religious Police: Uncovered Female Hair Releases Mind-Controlling ‘Sex Rays’ – “In recent weeks, 53 coffee shops and 87 restaurants have been closed in Tehran for serving customers with improper hijab or for other gender-related offenses … Iran’s sex cops have this weird belief that uncovered hair releases ‘sex rays’ that drive men wild. One of the strange beliefs of the Islamic religious bigots is that men are not responsible for their conduct when it comes to an impulse to make a sexual assault.” Read more.

Flashback: Canada: Muslim Cleric Wants To Force All Women To Wear Burkas, Head Scarves And Face Veils (Or They’ll Get Raped) – “But don’t worry, this enlightened Muslim cleric only wants all non-Muslim women to dress like Muslim women because he cares so much for their safety.  Indeed, nothing shows you care more for the inferior sex than blaming them for being sexually assaulted. Because they’re asking for it, right?” Read more.

Flashback: Pakistan: Study: 74% of Women From Minority Communities Suffer Sexual Harassment – “Around 74 percent of Pakistani women from minority communities — Christians and Hindus — were sexually harassed… Around 27 percent of minority women faced discrimination in admission to educational institutions and were forced to take Islamic studies for absence of any alternative subject, said National Commission for Justice and Peace (NCJP) executive director Peter Jacob.” Read more.

Flashback: British Woman Gang Raped by Five Afghan ‘Refugees’, Europe Continues to Suffer From Muslim Gang Rape Epidemic – “The 38-year-old woman – who bravely managed to film the attack on her mobile phone – was repeatedly raped after befriending a group of Afghan men in a park in Banja Koviljaca… ‘These people are always hanging around the parks and streets during the day causing trouble,’ said one mum. ‘They have no respect for us, no respect for women and we want them gone because they have no right to be here.” Read more.

Flashback: UN Report: An Astounding 99.3% Of Egyptian Women Have Experienced Harassment (And It’s Getting Worse) – “Of course, the problems started within Egyptian society long before the 2011 revolution that ousted Hosni Mubarak, but they do appear to be worsening. And just when the issue of sexual harassment needs decisive action, Egypt’s Information Minister Salah Abdul Maksoud has caused outrage by making remarks to a female reporter that appear highly derogatory, though the minister himself is unrepentant.” Read more.

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