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Lebanon: Nasrallah Says Syria Will Supply ‘Game-Changing Weapons’ To Hezbollah ‘That The Resistance Has Never Obtained Before’

Be forewarned, Assad. Any “game-changing weapons” used against Israel by Hezbollah will not only invoke a punishing response against Lebanon, but against Damascus as well …

By AP and Times of Israel – “BEIRUT — Hezbollah chief Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah said on Thursday that Syria will supply his Lebanese militia with ‘game-changing weapons,’ describing the move as Syria’s response to airstrikes earlier in the week.

Nasrallah spoke less than a week after unnamed Israeli officials said Israeli aircraft twice struck shipments of advanced weapons in Syria believed to be bound for Hezbollah in Lebanon. Israel did not officially confirm responsibility for the early Friday and Sunday strikes around Damascus.

‘Syria’s response to Israel’s air strikes is to tell Israel that if your goal was to prevent boosting the resistance’s capabilities then take note … [Syria] will give the resistance arms,’ Nasrallah said, according to a translation posted on the website of the Lebanese Daily Star newspaper.

‘And it will provide the resistance with sophisticated weapons that the resistance has never obtained before,’ he said during the televised address.

Israeli officials said the Lebanese militia has tens of thousands of rockets, but that most of them are unguided. Israeli officials said the shipments targeted twice last week included precision-guided Fateh-110 missiles.

Syria has been the main conduit for Iranian weapons to Hezbollah.

Nasrallah also said Syria had opened up the Golan Heights for ‘resistance groups’ to fight against Israel.

‘Whoever wanted a war on Syria, the response was to open the Golan front for any popular resistance groups,’ he said.

He added that Hezbollah would aid any group attacking Israel from the Syrian side of the Golan.” Read more.

Assad: Syria Will ‘Give Hizbullah Everything’ – “Syria will ‘give Hizbullah everything’ in recognition of its support and will follow the terrorist group’s model of ‘resistance’ against Israel, a Lebanese newspaper on Thursday quoted President Bashar al-Assad as saying. His comments, published by Al-Akhbar, reportedly came during meetings with Lebanese visitors in Damascus and appeared intended to refute any suggestion that Israeli raids on Syrian targets would halt assistance to the Shiite group Hizbullah in Lebanon… ‘We have decided to give them everything,’ the newspaper quoted him as saying, without elaborating.” Read more.

Flashback: Hezbollah On Jerusalem: We Can Kill ‘Tens Of Thousands’ Of Israelis And Turn The Lives Of Millions Into Hell – “Hezbollah Secretary General, Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah, says that [Hezbollah] can turn lives of millions of Zionists into real hell. Commemorating the International al-Quds [Jerusalem] day, Hezbollah held a ceremony in Beirut’s southern suburb … stressing that the resistance would defend the country against any Israeli attack, and would not wait for any permission to do so. His eminence noted that the price of this attack would be very expensive to the extent that ‘we can talk about tens of thousands of killed.’” Read more.

  1. Anonymous
    02/03/2014 at 5:53 PM

    Never will I covert to these dark demons of satan. Yeshua is the light there is only one true god the god of Abraham , Isaac an Jacob. I will put on my armor of god and defeat these unholly dark people. I stand with u oh Israel.


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