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‘Every Muslim Is A Potential Terrorist’: Ex-Muslim Warns West About Islam, ‘If A Muslim Takes His Faith Seriously … He Is A Warrior For God’

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Nasim Ben Iman, Ex-Muslim: “For Muslims it is a special honour to kill for Islam and a greater honour to die for Islam … One has learned from the start [as a child] that the highest demands on a Muslim life is to give everything for Allah, whether it makes sense, whether it’s inhuman or inhuman, nobody asks. The Jews, I hated naturally it didn’t need much teaching for that. Why? Well, I had been to the Koran school before I was in Germany, then in school in the Arab country I come from from the start, everywhere in the society one heard only one thing: ‘The Jews are bad, the are the enemies of God, they are not human, they are damned by God, some of them were turned into apes’, as the Koran says it … I hated, despised them, wanted to kill them, but this concerns not only the Jews, but also Christians and all non-Muslims. For Muslims, all non-Muslims are non-believers… The world has to be Islamised, that is taught by Islamic scholars and clerics and propagated by the leaders in the Islamic world. The non-Muslim world is the ‘House of War’. Where Islam is … the ‘House of Peace’. This means that knowledge [teachings] ‘the world has to be Islamised’ has always existed and those who love Islam, and of course I did, as a good Muslim is eager to make it so, i.e. to Islamise Germany and Europe to fulfill the demands of Mohammed … If a Muslim takes his faith seriously, when a Muslm returns to the words of Mohammed and what is in the Koran, – if he is an exemplary Muslim – then tomorrow he is first of all a warrior for god … I can say from my own experience that I can confirm that (between) what is said publicly and what is told to Christians, and that which is said behind closed doors in the family, in Muslim society, in the mosque, there is a difference like night and day.” Watch more below.

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Morocco: Muslim Cleric Condemning Violence In Islam’s Name Is Declared An Apostate And Threatened With Death

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Revelation 13:15, “The second beast was given power to give breath to the image of the first beast, so that the image could speak and cause all who refused to worship the image to be killed.”

Like a destructive contagion, fundamentalism begets fundamentalism and promotes the homicidal fixation to empower and enforce the dictates of Mohammed as written in the Qur’an, breathing new life into the “new-and-improved” radicalized world of Islam …

By Robert Spencer, Jihad Watch – “From modern, moderate Morocco comes yet another example of why we don’t see more sincere Muslim reformers. Ahmed Assid said: ‘To call [upon people] to follow Islam by the use of violence and constraint is an act of terrorism.’ For that, he has been condemned, declared a non-Muslim, and threatened with death.

Now wait a minute. We’re constantly told that the overwhelming majority of Muslims condemn violence and terror and abhor the violence done in Islam’s name. So why isn’t Ahmed Assid celebrated as a hero, instead of fearing for his life?

Tiny Minority of Extremists Update: Morocco: Comments About Islam Spark Firestorm,’ by Mohamed Saadouni for Magharebia, May 7 (thanks to Twostellas):

Casablanca — Moroccan activist Ahmed Assid has unleashed a torrent of criticism, including a takfir fatwa from a leading salafist preacher, for making controversial comments about Islam.During a three-day seminar at the 10th national congress of the Moroccan Association of Human Rights (AMDH) in Rabat, which ended on April 21st, Assid suggested that religious school textbooks lured youths to violence.

To call [upon people] to follow Islam by the use of violence and constraint is an act of terrorism,” he said.

Assid should be sued for insulting the prophet and ridiculing Islam, salafist preacher Sheikh Mohammed Fizazi said during a lecture at Ibn Tofail University in Kenitra.

Yet the strongest reaction came from Sheikh Hassan Kettani, who accused Assid of kufr. In describing him as a “criminal” and “enemy of God”, Kettani issued a call for “silencing his voice”.

In a statement posted on Facebook, Kettani said that Assid had “crossed all lines in provoking Moroccans in particular and the ummah of Islam in general by deliberately insulting and desecrating each and every one of their sanctities”.

“In his impudence, he [Assid] went as far as to claim that the Quran contains no eloquence, ridiculing and underestimating the language of Quran,” Kettani’s statement went on.

By this Kettani apparently means that the Qur’an teaches violence, and so Assid is ridiculing the Qur’an by rejecting violence.” Read more.

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Spectacular ‘Ring Of Fire’ Solar Eclipse Expected This Week

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Fox News – “On Thursday and Friday, skywatchers in parts of Australia and the Pacific region will be treated to a spectacular ‘ring of fire’ solar eclipse, in which the moon blots out all of the sun except for its outer edge.

Here’s what you need to know about this stunning skywatching event, which is also known as an annular solar eclipse.

What is an annular eclipse?

The orbit of the Earth around the sun is an ellipse, not a circle. This means that sometimes Earth is closer to the sun than at others. The same goes for the moon’s orbit around Earth, which is also elliptical rather than circular. [See Spectacular Photos of a ‘Ring of Fire’ Solar Eclipse]

We are fortunate to live in a time when the sun and the moon are very close to the same apparent size in our sky. This is an illusion of perspective: The moon is small (2,159 miles wide) and close by (238,855 miles away) while the sun is large (865,278 miles wide) and far away (92,955,808 miles).

Notice that the sun is about 400 times larger than the moon in diameter. It is also about 389 times farther away. This explains why the two appear to be almost the same size in the sky. But ‘almost’ is not exact, which explains why there are different kinds of solar eclipses — partial and total…

On May 10, the moon will appear to be 30 arcminutes in diameter, since it is only a few days away from its farthest retreat from Earth, which occurs on May 13. A 30-arcminute moon doesn’t quite cover a 32-arcminute sun, so the sun peeks out as a ring all around the moon. ‘Annular’ is Latin for ‘ring,’ so the resulting event is called an annular eclipse. [How to Safely Observe the Sun (Infographic)]

Astronomers tend not to get as excited about an annular eclipse as they do about a total eclipse. Because the moon doesn’t cover the sun completely, you don’t see the prominences and outer solar atmosphere, which are the most exciting parts of a total eclipse.” Read more.

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Minnesota: Officials Worried After 7000+ Pounds Of Fish Die In Beaver Lake ‘Even Though There Is An Aeration System’

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CBS Minnesota – “ST. PAUL, Minn. (WCCO) – The spring weather brought with it something pretty unsightly near St. Paul. Hundreds of fish recently died in Beaver Lake, and many of them ended up all along the shoreline.

Fish kills are not unusual this time of year, but this one has Ramsey County officials worried. The fish died even though there is an aeration system in Beaver Lake.

Ruth Klabunde walks her dogs around the lake about three times a week. The first thing she noticed was the smell.

‘This is a really fun little lake to walk around,’ Klabunde said. ‘And the stench was kind of bad.’

And then Klabunde says she saw the source.

‘This whole little bay area here was thick with dead fish,’ she said.

When the ice finally went out on Beaver Lake a week and a half ago, it left behind schools upon schools of dead fish.

It’s estimated that more than 7,000 pounds of dead fish – mostly catfish, sunfish and bass – have been taken out of Beaver Lake. But what caused this unusually large fish kill is still a mystery.

Beaver Lake has an aeration pump that can be turned on when oxygen levels get low.” Read more.

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US Backed Rebels In Syria Destroy Christian Church In Deir Ezzor

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By Global Research News – “‘There was an explosion near our church in Deir Ezzor that destroyed it,’ writes Br. Antoine Haddad, Viceprovincial Minister of Lebanon, in a message to us.

The news was picked up by the media because the two Capuchin friars who lived there, with the help of the Lebanese and Syrian International Red Cross, and the nuncios of Lebanon and Syria, left with the Sisters of Mother Teresa and about ten seniors who lived in our place.

They were the last remaining Christians in the area to leave. The church was completely destroyed, but until now it was not possible to know if the friary was hit or not, because there are no longer any Christians in Deir Ezzor, apart from one who returned because he lived in the ‘quieter’ area of the city. His attempts to get to the scene did not succeed because of intense gunfire. Until recently, our church of Deir Ezzor was the only one left almost intact. But then a few months ago there was a video on YouTube in which you could see the church with the door and side wall gutted and soldiers entering.

‘Deir Ezzor is a city in the east of Syria, on the Euphrates, between Palmyra and the Iraqi border.—Br. Antoine explains—Our presence there goes back to the thirties of the last century, but our presence in the area goes back a lot farther. We also have another house to the south of Syria, in As-Suwayda, an area that is still quiet for the moment, where there are two brothers. Our Viceprovince, in almost four centuries of history, has always suffered destruction, persecution, martyrdom…But always, like the legend of the Phoenix—the mythological bird known for being reborn from its own ashes—our Viceprovince rose again with the Risen Christ. Recently, we have recovered, after thirty years, another property (Abey), destroyed by the war in Lebanon: it too has begun to rise again…this church of stone will also be rebuilt one day when there is a springtime of peace in our Mediterranean world.'” Source – Global Research News.

Flashback: Horror In Syria: ‘Free Syrian Army’ Rebels Executing Soldiers Were Reportedly Executing Christians – “Reports from Syria indicate members of the Free Syrian Army have started executing Christians while claiming they’re shooting Syrian soldiers. A video of a Nov. 1 attack in which black-clad Syrian rebels reportedly killed 28 men has been posted on An Agence France-Presse story on the attack identified the victims as Syrian soldiers. But Religious Freedom Coalition President William Murray said two of the victims were associated with his cooperating organization in Syria, which distributes aid. The victims were not soldiers, he said, but civilians from the same neighborhood, ‘so they were all probably Christians.’” Read more.

Turkey: ‘Islamic Life Coach’ Says Men Kill Wives Because They Talk Too Much, ‘It Is The Woman’s Fault If She Is Killed … That’s How It Is In Our Religion’

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So yes, it has everything to do with that peaceful, compassionate and kind religion …

Today’s Zaman – “A controversial figure who calls herself an ‘Islamic life coach’ has said that women are to blame for the rising number of incidents of domestic violence and violence against women.

She said that because women are economically empowered they have inflated egos and talk too much. ‘It looks better on a woman to be naive, polite and soft, and that’s how it is in our religion,’ she maintained. Üresin also said that even when a woman is more knowledgeable about a subject then her husband, she should keep silent. ‘Really, I know some women that never shut up. It is very normal that her husband’s going to go crazy. The biggest weapon a woman has is her ability to hold grudges and show that through her attitude, but men resort to violence, because they are built that way.'” Source – Today’s Zaman.

Turkey: 62% Of Turkish Men Support Wife Beating, Murder Rate Of Women Increases 1400% Since Election Of Islamist AKP Party – “This couldn’t possibly have anything to do with that religion again, could it? To the Islamist mind, a woman’s uncovered head is sinful. But beating and even killing a woman for ‘disobedience’? Why, that’s just splendid. As Turkey’s government pushes Islam down the collective throats of each and every citizen, the mistreatment of women is something that Muslim men are now finding much easier to swallow …” Read more.

Flashback: Turkey: Women’s Protection Law Watered Down – “Concepts such as ‘equality of woman and man,’ ‘de facto equality,’ ‘gender equality in society,’ and ‘domestic violence’ were removed from the draft law. Funny how that keeps happening: resistance to reforms in favor of protection and expansion of women’s rights in Islamic societies routinely invokes Islamic law and principles. The proverbial elephant in the room is the content of Qur’an 4:34: ‘Men are in charge of women, because Allah hath made the one of them to excel the other …’” Read more.

Flashback: Turkish Think-Tank Recommends Turkey as ‘A Useful Model for New Arab Regimes’ – “For many in the Arab world, Turkey embodies something of an elusive ideal: an Islamist-based democracy with a strong economy. A survey published Thursday by the Turkish Economic and Social Studies Foundation, a non-governmental think-tank, found almost 80 percent of respondents in the Middle East had a favourable view of Turkey, and three out of five considered the country a model for a modern Islamic state.” Read more.

Flashback: Top 10 Qur’an Quotes Every Woman Must See – “Islam in its purest form honors and elevates women, we are often told. But does it? All too often, textual reality (the Quran) matches up with the historical reality of seventh—century Arabia. Gender inequality and oppression in the Quran reflect the culture of seventh century desert nomads. If Allah and Muhammad improved on this patriarchy, then they did not go far enough for a religion with a claim to universality. Here are the top ten rules in the Quran that oppress and insult women.” Read more.

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Lawlessness: Egyptian Investment Collapsing As Citizens Turn Into Vigilantes

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By Tarek El-Tablawy, Mariam Fam and Salma El Wardany, Bloomberg – “In a dimly lit Cairo workshop, Hussein spins a metal pipe on a lathe, sending sparks flying. In a few minutes, it’ll become the barrel of a gun. Sometime after that it will join the growing arsenal of illegal weapons on the streets of Egypt.

Artisans who make machine parts by day are turning into bootleg gunmakers at night, says Hussein, 54, who asked not to be identified by his full name for fear of prosecution. He only sells to a middleman because ‘trust the wrong person and you’re going to jail.’ He can make as much as 3,000 pounds ($435) per gun — about 20 percent of what a legally licensed one costs.

‘Fear is big business nowadays,’ Hussein said. ‘People buy the guns because they’re afraid. People buy the guns because they want to scare others. We’re in a jungle now.’

More than two years after the fall of President Hosni Mubarak, the proliferation of weapons and a spate of vigilante killings, violence and sexual attacks are eclipsing the hope born from the revolt. Fueled by political deadlock and economic stagnation, the security breakdown threatens to put solutions beyond the reach of President Mohamed Mursi.

A growing number of Egyptians think that ‘you can actually achieve your goals using violence,’ said Ezzedine Choukri Fishere, a political scientist at the American University in Cairo. Beneath that lies the ‘dashed expectation and hope of the youth,’ he said…

Net foreign direct investment was negative for the first time in 2011, according to the World Bank. Investment will be 15.5 percent of gross domestic product in 2013, the lowest since records began in 1980, according to the International Monetary Fund, which is in talks with Egypt for a $4.8 billion loan.

Foreign portfolio investors have also fled, driving a slump in Egypt’s stocks and bonds. The benchmark equity index, the EGX 30 (EGX30), is down about 20 percent since the uprising, after climbing 85 percent in the preceding two years.

The yield on benchmark dollar bonds due in 2020, which was below 5 percent in late 2010, was at 7.17 percent on May 7. The Egyptian pound has weakened 11 percent to a record low since the central bank started limiting access to U.S. dollars in December to shield reserves, which dropped more than 60 percent since the uprising.

‘The emerging security deterioration is going to dissuade potential investors,’ Hanna said. Egypt’s political, economic and security crises are ‘all interlinked,’ he said.” Read more.

Nigeria: At Least 42 Killed After Hundreds Of Heavily Armed Islamists Attack Police Station, Federal Prison, Army Barracks

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The Guardian – “Co-ordinated attacks by Islamic extremists armed with heavy machine guns have killed at least 42 people in north-east Nigeria, according to authorities, the latest in a string of increasingly bloody incidents threatening peace in Africa‘s most populous nation.

Multiple locations were struck in Bama in Nigeria’s Borno state, where shootings and bombings have been rife since an insurgency began there in 2010.

Fighters raided a federal prison during the assault, killing 14 guards and freeing 105 inmates, officials said.

Details of the attack remain unclear, although military spokesman Lt Col Sagir Musa said about 200 fighters in buses and pickup trucks mounted with machine guns attacked the barracks of the 202 Battalion of Nigeria’s army. Musa said 10 insurgents and two soldiers died in the attack.

‘They came in army uniform pretending to be soldiers but [we] were able to detect them,’ he said.

The attackers also razed a police station, a police barracks, magistrate’s court and local government offices, the spokesman said.

At least 22 police officers, three children and a woman were killed in those attacks, said Bama police commander Sagir Abubakar. He said officers killed three insurgents during the fighting.

Calls rang unanswered or would not connect on Tuesday night to those living in Bama, a town 40 miles (65km) south-east of Maiduguri, the capital of Borno state. In attacks in the region by Islamic extremists, phone towers have been bombed and burned to the ground, making communication even more difficult for security officials and civilians as well. At least 17 people died in an attack in Bama in late April.

Much of the violence has been blamed on the extremist network known as Boko Haram, which translates as ‘western education is sacrilege’ in the Hausa language of Nigeria’s north. The group has said it wants its imprisoned members freed and Nigeria to adopt strict sharia law across the multi-ethnic nation of more than 160 million people.” Read more.

Flashback: Nigeria: ‘Proud Soldiers of Allah’ Vows to Take Down Government and Destroy Christianity, ‘We Will Devour You … Our Joy Is To Die In Jihad’ – “Islamist sect, Boko Haram, has threatened to bring down the Federal Government led by President Goodluck Jonathan within three months. Purported leader of the sect said this in his second video posted on the Internet yesterday. The 14 minutes, two seconds video of Abubakar Shekau seen on YouTube was in response to Jonathan’s comments while in South Korea, about two weeks ago, that the Boko Haram phenomenon would be under control by the middle of this year.” Read more.

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