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Israel Deploys Iron Dome After Syria ‘Opens Door To All Possibilities’ And Stations Missile Batteries Aimed at Israel

By Yoav Zitun, Ynet – “Two Iron Dome batteries were deployed in Safed and Haifa, as a result of tensions in the north.

Following an IDF evaluation of developments in the region, culminating in Israeli strikes on Syria – as confirmed by officials –Israel is bolstering protective measures in preparation for possible retaliatory rocket fire.

Meanwhile, Lebanese official news agency reported Sunday that Lebanon army and UNIFIL forces have increased patrols in the area.

Lebanon is set to file a complaint against Israel with the UN Security Council citing ‘repeated violations perpetrated by Israel, whose planes penetrate the country’s aerial spaces.’

Lebanese Daily Star website quoted FM Adnan Mansour as saying ‘such aggression … represents a blatant violation of Lebanon’s sovereignty and international resolution including UNSCR 1701.'” Read more.

Syria Says Israel Strike ‘Opens Door To All Possibilities’ – “Syria’s government condemned Israel’s attacks on Damascus early Sunday saying that the ‘Israeli aggression opens the door to all possibilities,’ without elaborating on any potential retaliation. Syrian Information Minister, Omran al-Zoubi, said in a press conference that the Israeli aggression has made the region ‘more dangerous.’ The statement comes after Israeli strikes earlier on Sunday hit a military target outside Damascus. The attack was considered to be the Jewish state’s second reported raid on Syria this week, with residents saying it felt like an earthquake and turned the sky red, reported AFP.” Read more.

Report: Syria Stations Missile Batteries Aimed At Israel – “Syria has stationed missile batteries aimed at Israel in the aftermath of alleged Israeli air strikes in the country, the website of Lebanon’s Al Mayadeen TV, considered close to the regime of President Bashar Assad, quoted a top Syrian official as saying on Sunday. The report came as Syrian Information Minister Omran Zoabi said on Sunday that alleged Israeli air strikes against three targets on the outskirts of Damascus ‘open the door to all possibilities.’ … Although Zoabi did not hint at a concrete course of action, he said it was Damascus’s duty to protect the state from any ‘domestic or foreign attack through all available means.'” Read more.

  1. 05/05/2013 at 1:14 PM

    The UN is the puppet master for the arabs, who does nothing to stop muslim bombings in Israel and muslim aggression around the world. Lebanon can complain all it wants to the UN, who will do nothing because the leadership in Israel is not afraid of the UN puppet master, who knows this.


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