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Graduate From Saudi Jihadi Rehab Program Killed In Syria ‘Killed A Large Number Of Christians’

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Either Saudi Arabia’s “Jihad Rehab Camp” taught the “graduate” mentioned below that killing Sunni Muslims was evil while killing Christians was envious, or his rehabilitation was one colossal failure. In either case, “Homeland Security” needs to take serious notice

By Robert Spencer, Jihad Watch – “This is a demonstration of how effective the much-ballyhooed Saudi deprogramming of jihadists really is. Supposedly the Saudis show the jihadists how they’re misunderstanding Islam — yet Khalid al-Suwid is not the first recidivist to return to misunderstanding the Religion of Peace even after having been shown the Straight Path.

‘Saudis Try to Quell Jihadists,’ by Ellen Knickmeyer in the Wall Street Journal, May 3 (thanks to Jerk Chicken):

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia—After spending two years in Saudi prison for fighting in Iraq, Khalid al-Suwid graduated in 2012, a free man, from the kingdom’s well-regarded rehabilitation program for religious extremists, Saudi officials said. Mr. Suwid was a government-certified ex-jihadist.Mr. Suwid turned up again in a photo released in mid-March, smiling, holding an assault rifle and wearing what appeared to be a bomb vest. It was a so-called martyrdom notice, announcing his death in Syria.

Mr. Suwid “killed a large number of Christians before his acceptance by [Allah],” said the notice, which appeared on a Facebook FB -2.27% page—”Foreigners in theSyrian [sic] Revolution”—that anonymously records and lauds foreigners killed fighting Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad.

The battle by Syria’s Sunni majority against the Shiite-linked Assad regime has drawn more men from Saudi Arabia to Syria than any country except Libya and Tunisia, said analyst Aaron Zelin of the Washington Institute, a think tank.

But for Saudi Arabia’s monarchy, Syria’s pull to jihad is creating tensions and risks linked to its recent past.

During the 1980s Soviet occupation of Afghanistan, and later in Bosnia, Chechnya and other conflicts, Saudi Arabia encouraged jihad to promote the kingdom’s legitimacy as a champion of Muslims world-wide.”

Read more.

Flashback: Syria: Extremist Violence Intensifying, Islamists ‘Turn To God As If They Were Making A Sacrifice’ When Killing Christians – “A group of rebels close to Muslim extremists on Sunday abducted an Armenian Catholic priest, Fr Michael, as well as a yet unknown Orthodox clergyman. Both were working in Aleppo. Sources, anonymous for security reasons, told AsiaNews that the city’s Christian community is very concerned about the attack. ‘Extremist violence is getting worse day by day. Muslim militias are killing anyone suspected of ties with the regime, including women and children’ … ‘These fighters live for killing and violence. They act without pity and make distinctions among people,’ sources said. ‘When they kill, they turn to God as if they were making a sacrifice.’” Read more.

Flashback: Report: Saudis Export Anti-Christian and Anti-Jewish Textbooks that Continue to Fuel Intolerance and Violence Around the Globe – “Textbooks used in Saudi Arabia’s schools contain virulent forms of anti-Christian and anti-Jewish bigotry that continue to fuel intolerance and violence around the globe, says a new report…  ‘Because of the Saudis’ great oil wealth, it is able to disseminate its textbooks … to many Muslim schools, mosques and libraries throughout the world. ‘This is not just hate mongering, it’s promoting violence,’ … Christians are referred to as ‘swine’ and Jews as ‘apes,’ …” Read more.

Report: US Brokering Deal Between Israel, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Turkey And The UAE To ‘Contain’ A Nuclear Iran

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What ever happened to Obama’s vow to never allow Iranian nukes? …

By Gil Ronen, INN – “Israel is considering partnering with several Sunni-Muslim Arab states in a U.S.-brokered defense alliance that would be aimed at containing a nuclear Iran, the Sunday Times reported, citing an unnamed Israeli official.

The alliance would see Israel teaming up with Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Turkey and the United Arab Emirates to forge a Middle East ‘moderate crescent’ to ‘contain’ Iran, rather than confront it, according to Russian website RT, which quoted the Times.

According to the report, such an alliance would give Israel access to radar stations in Saudi Arabia and the UAE in exchange for its own early warning radar information and anti-ballistic missile defense systems, the source told the Sunday Times. The report suggested that Jordan would be protected by Israel’s Arrow long-range anti-missile batteries.

‘The plan is to start with information-sharing about Iran’s ballistic missiles,’ said an Israeli official.

The proposal is reportedly known by participating diplomats as ‘4+1’, and is being brokered by the United States.

Turkey has dismissed the report. ‘These are manipulative reports which have nothing to do with the reality,’ a Turkish Foreign Ministry official told Hürriyet Daily News.” Read more.

Flashback: New Intelligence Reveals Iran Closer To Attaining Nuclear Weapon Than Previously Thought – “New intelligence information obtained by Israel and four Western countries indicates that Iran has made greater progress on developing nuclear weapons than the West had previously realized, according to Western diplomats and Israeli officials who are closely involved in efforts to prevent Iran from building a nuclear bomb. A Western diplomat who asked not to be named because he was not authorized to discuss intelligence information said the United States, Britain, France, Germany and Israel agree on that assessment.” Read more.

Flashback: Walid Shoebat: Iran Will Obtain Nuclear Weapons, Will Destroy Saudi Arabia – “… if you look at the Bible, remember, the Harlot is destroyed by two entities. By … the hand of My people, Israel, and then you have in Isaiah 21, Arise O Elam to destroy what? Arabia. Elam is Iran. Persia will destroy Arabia. I believe Arabia is the Harlot of Babylon. If you look at the Bible — when you read Babylon in the Bible — all the names of the cities, entities, regions within those [areas of] Babylon in the Bible, you will never find any ancient name of any Babylonian city … Every single vicinity [mentioned in Isaiah 21] is in Arabia. The burden against Dumah. Dumah is in Arabia… DedanKedar, those are all in Arabia. It’s born from Babylon. That’s why it’s called the daughter of Babylon. We need to focus on Saudi Arabia because it is mentioned heavily in the Bible.” Watch Video.

Israel Deploys Iron Dome After Syria ‘Opens Door To All Possibilities’ And Stations Missile Batteries Aimed at Israel

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By Yoav Zitun, Ynet – “Two Iron Dome batteries were deployed in Safed and Haifa, as a result of tensions in the north.

Following an IDF evaluation of developments in the region, culminating in Israeli strikes on Syria – as confirmed by officials –Israel is bolstering protective measures in preparation for possible retaliatory rocket fire.

Meanwhile, Lebanese official news agency reported Sunday that Lebanon army and UNIFIL forces have increased patrols in the area.

Lebanon is set to file a complaint against Israel with the UN Security Council citing ‘repeated violations perpetrated by Israel, whose planes penetrate the country’s aerial spaces.’

Lebanese Daily Star website quoted FM Adnan Mansour as saying ‘such aggression … represents a blatant violation of Lebanon’s sovereignty and international resolution including UNSCR 1701.'” Read more.

Syria Says Israel Strike ‘Opens Door To All Possibilities’ – “Syria’s government condemned Israel’s attacks on Damascus early Sunday saying that the ‘Israeli aggression opens the door to all possibilities,’ without elaborating on any potential retaliation. Syrian Information Minister, Omran al-Zoubi, said in a press conference that the Israeli aggression has made the region ‘more dangerous.’ The statement comes after Israeli strikes earlier on Sunday hit a military target outside Damascus. The attack was considered to be the Jewish state’s second reported raid on Syria this week, with residents saying it felt like an earthquake and turned the sky red, reported AFP.” Read more.

Report: Syria Stations Missile Batteries Aimed At Israel – “Syria has stationed missile batteries aimed at Israel in the aftermath of alleged Israeli air strikes in the country, the website of Lebanon’s Al Mayadeen TV, considered close to the regime of President Bashar Assad, quoted a top Syrian official as saying on Sunday. The report came as Syrian Information Minister Omran Zoabi said on Sunday that alleged Israeli air strikes against three targets on the outskirts of Damascus ‘open the door to all possibilities.’ … Although Zoabi did not hint at a concrete course of action, he said it was Damascus’s duty to protect the state from any ‘domestic or foreign attack through all available means.'” Read more.

Syria Declares Israeli Strikes ‘A Declaration Of War’ After Israel Destroys Iranian Weapons Bound For Hezbollah

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By Dominic Evans and Oliver Holmes, Reuters – “Israeli jets bombed Syria on Sunday, rocking Damascus for hours and sending pillars of flame into the night sky in what a Western source called a new strike on Iranian missiles bound for Lebanon’s Hezbollah.

Local people reported massive explosions and internet video showed the capital’s skyline lit by flashes; Syrian opponents of President Bashar al-Assad rejoiced at Israel’s third raid this year, and second in 48 hours, while anger in Tehran highlighted how Syria’s civil war risks spinning further beyond its borders.

Israel, while declining to confirm the strike, stressed its focus was to deny its Lebanese foes new Iranian firepower and not take sides between Assad, long seen as a toothless adversary, and rebels who have won sympathy from Israel’s Western allies but who also include al Qaeda Islamists hostile to the Jewish state.

It appears to calculate that Assad will not risk forces he needs to fight the rebels by attacking a much stronger Israel.

Syrian state television said the bombing around a military research facility at Jamraya caused ‘many civilian casualties and widespread damage’ and quoted a letter from the foreign minister to the United Nations saying: ‘The blatant Israeli aggression has the aim to provide direct military support to the terrorist groups after they failed to control territory.’

People living near the Jamraya base spoke of explosions over several hours in various places near Damascus, including a town housing senior officials: ‘Night turned into day,’ one man told Reuters from his home near Jamraya, also struck on January 30.

CNN quoted Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal al-Mekdad calling Sunday’s attack a ‘declaration of war’, and the Iranian foreign minister urged countries to resist Israel. But a senior Iranian commander also said Syria was strong enough to defend itself without Tehran’s help – though he also offered training…

A confidant of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Israel hoped that by not confirming its attack, it would not force its enemies into serious retaliation. There was little response from Hezbollah, Syria or Iran to an earlier attack on the Jamraya compound, near the Lebanese border, on January 30.

After an Israeli strike on Friday, U.S. President Barack Obama defended Israel’s right to defend itself from Hezbollah, which fired many rockets into Israel during a war in 2006.” Read more.

Canada: Free Speech? Guest Speakers At Synagogues Now Have To Register Their Opinions In Advance With Police

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Speakers who support the destruction of freedom are ok, but speakers who embrace freedom need not apply …

By Ezra Levant, Toronto Sun – “Pamela Geller is a New York liberal, concerned about shariah law.

Most Canadians don’t know who she is, but she did something for us that no Canadian did: She arranged for a proper gravestone for Aqsa Parvez, the teenaged Canadian girl murdered by her father and brother in a so-called honour killing in 2007.

Aqsa was murdered for daring to dress like a Canadian, instead of wearing a punishment sack, as women in shariah countries like Saudi Arabia are required to do.

But Parvez was also victimized even after she died. No Muslim cemetery would agree to have her buried there. Nor would they allow a marker of any sort to commemorate her.

It’s almost as if the leaders of the Muslim community blamed Aqsa and tacitly agreed with her murderers, that she was dishonourable.

For two years, until her family arranged for an inscribed stone, Aqsa was buried in an unmarked grave, in a public cemetery.

For two years, all that was on her tomb was a number, 774. Her murderer father must have been pleased; he got his wish, didn’t he? His daughter was erased from life and, for a time, erased again in death.

This did not sit well with Geller. She set about raising funds for a proper memorial for Aqsa.

Once the Muslim cemetery refused, she proposed to have a small memorial built at the University of Guelph’s arboretum, with the simple inscription: ‘Aqsa Parvez: Loved, Remembered, Free.’

Tasteful and understated. A small gesture of justice and freedom for a murdered girl. Paid by donors.

And the university refused.

Eventually, Geller found the one place that would accept a memorial — not in Canada, but in Israel.

Geller has a tough side, too. She organized New Yorkers, especially firemen and cops, to oppose a massive Ground Zero victory mosque proposed for the site of the 9/11 attacks. And she raises funds for ads on American subways and buses warning against jihad and terrorism.

She’s an enormously popular speaker — partly because she’s an energetic doer, too.

Which is why she was invited to speak in north Toronto next weekend, at a Jewish synagogue.

But then Insp. Ricky Veerappan of the York Regional Police got wind of Geller’s speech. Veerappan is with something called the diversity, equity and inclusion bureau of that police force. You’d think he’d want to meet Geller, to learn about honour killings

Geller’s a bit of an expert in that.

But Veerappan didn’t want to meet Geller.

Nor did he want anyone else to meet her. He contacted the rabbi at the synagogue, and told him to cancel Geller’s speech — and that if he didn’t, the rabbi would lose his position as a police chaplain.” Read more.

Report: Iranian Authorities Criminalizing Christian Worship

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By Joseph DeCaro, Worthy News – “A new report by the International Campaign for Human Rights shows that many Christian customs in Iran are criminalized by the authorities, according to Barnabas Aid.

Although the Iranian government claims to respect the rights of religious minorities, the report found that Christian converts and members of unregistered churches can face extrajudicial punishment and even execution for apostasy. In fact, the Islamic Republic hasn’t permitted a single new church to be built since its revolution. Instead, many churches have been closed as attendance is restricted, members are monitored and their Bibles and other religious literature are routinely confiscated.

The report also reveals a systematic pattern of arbitrary arrest and detention for purposes of state security; for example, Iranian-American pastor Saeed Abedini was recently arrested for planting house churches that officials claimed were ‘intended to undermine national security’ by turning Iranian youth away from Islam.

When detained, Christians are often denied basic rights: they are held without charge, denied access to proper legal advice and are ill-treated, yet as a signatory to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, Iran is legally obligated to safeguard these freedoms.

‘The egregious violations of Christians’ rights,’ said Hadi Ghaemi, Executive Director of the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran, ‘which include not only the inability to freely practise their religion, but also the threat of torture and death at the hands of state officials, go against all international law. The international community must let the Iranian government know this is unacceptable.'” Source – Worthy News.

Flashback: Iran: Islamic Republic Refusing Business License For Convert To Christianity, Orders Businesses Not To Employ Christians – “Iranian authorities refuse to allow a young man to start his own company because he converted to Christianity and was previously detained on charges of ‘apostasy’, or ‘abandoning Islam’, Iranian Christians said Saturday, July 14… Iranian Christians said the move is part if a wider government crackdown on non-Islamic minority groups, especially Christian converts, in society. At least dozens of Christians are known to have been detained in the country. Outside prison, government offices are reportedly ordered not to employ Christians and Christians have been deprived from high school or university education, or running their own schools…” Read more.

Flashback: Lying Wonders: Iran Promotes ‘Discovery’ Of The ‘Gospel Of Barnabas’, Claims It Will Cause ‘Worldwide’ Collapse of Christianity – “‘Christian‘ archaeology undermines the Qur’an. ‘Jewish‘ archaeology undermines the Qur’an. Even ‘Islamic‘ archaeology undermines the Qur’an. But when it comes to an ideology whose foundations are grounded in lies and deception, the only facts that need apply are those that can be distorted to undermine the Truth …” Read more.

Syria: War-Weary Churches To Unite In Prayer On May 11, Asks Christians Worldwide To Join Them

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Christian Newswire – “Most churches in Syria will unite in prayer on Saturday, May 11, in many places around the war-torn nation. This will be an extraordinary show of unity of Christian denominations in Syria, where the on-going civil war has claimed over 70,000 lives.

Syrian Christians are asking their brothers and sisters around the world to pray and fast with them on the Day of Prayer for Syria on May 11.

‘As Christians in Syria continue to suffer from the devastating effects of the two-year-old civil war including killings, kidnappings, homelessness, lack of food and shelter and closing of schools; they are also seeing that God’s hand is at work as all denominations are joining in passionate prayer,’ says Open Doors USA interim President/CEO Steve Ridgway. ‘Christians in Syria know only Jesus can bring redemption and true peace.

‘I urge you to take time on May 11 to pray with Syrian believers and for the country of Syria. Also encourage prayer in your churches on May 12. Let’s stand together as one in Christ.’

Open Doors received a letter from leaders coordinating The Day of Prayer for Syria. In part, it reads:

‘As you may know, the Christian church in Syria is experiencing a deep humanitarian crisis that is leading to the rapid loss of hope. In the face of violence and persecution, our brothers and sisters are striving to keep their eyes on the Lord and seeking His face in their country. Even in pain, suffering and death, God is using the church to accomplish His plan.

‘On Saturday, May 11, Christians from different denominations such as Catholic, Orthodox and Protestant/Evangelical are joining together in prayer and fasting to plead before the Lord for His mercy on Syria and an end to the violence. Due to the dangers of traveling in combat zones, Christians will be limited to local meetings planned all across Syria during this day. These groups will be meeting in homes, arenas and churches. Christians across Syria have asked that you join them in prayer on May 11.

‘Thank you for standing in the gap on behalf of the Syrian people and reflecting the love of Christ in your acts of worship.’

In Damascus, some of the churches will meet in an arena, but there will be prayer in several suburbs of the city. The entire Christian community in Aleppo and the surrounding area is gathering to pray.  ‘This is a huge undertaking as it (day of prayer with almost all denominations participating) has never happened in Syria before,’ said a Syrian church leader.

For more information, a list of specific prayer requests, and to make a pledge to pray for Syria, go to

A few prayer requests from churches inside Syria include:

  • The release of two Orthodox bishops, Yohanna Ibrahim and Boulos Yazigi, who were kidnapped April 23 in Aleppo, and other Christians who are missing.
  • Counseling for children who have been traumatized by violence.
  • For almost one-third of the Syrian population who are either refugees outside the country or homeless inside Syria.
  • Return of peace.

On the ground in Syria, Open Doors, working with church partners, is helping facilitate food supplies, personal hygiene products, medical assistance/medicines and financial support by paying the rent of apartments for temporary shelter for the homeless. The Displaced Peoples Project also is targeting other countries. Worldwide, thousands of Christians are being forced to leave their original family homes and villages due to persecution and ravages of war.” Read more.

Nigeria: At Least 20 Killed After Violent Muslim Mob Attacks Christian Funeral

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The Commentator – “At least 20 people have been murdered in a violent attack on a Christian funeral in central Nigeria’s Taraba state on Friday. A round-the-clock curfew is now in place as a result of the ‘Muslim mob’ action, according to a report by the Agence France Presse.

An aid worker told the AFP, ‘We have recovered 20 bodies from the violence so far,’ adding that the unrest had occurred in the town of Wukari, some 125 miles from the state capital Jalingo.

‘We are still going round the town in search of more bodies,’ he said on condition of anonymity. AFP reports that the source was not authorised to speak to the media about death tolls.

A curfew has been imposed in the area, said officials, in an effort to contain the violence.

Residents reported that Friday’s violence erupted when the funeral procession of a traditional chief from the predominantly Christian Jukun ethnic group marched through a Muslim neighbourhood chanting slogans, which Muslims viewed as an act of provocation.

Tensions have been on the rise in the mostly Christian town of Wukari since February, when a dispute over the use of a football pitch between Muslim and Christian soccer teams set off sectarian riots that claimed several lives.” Source – The Commentator.

Flashback: Nigeria: Suspected Islamists Storm Church, Threaten To Rape And Behead Congregants In Taraba State Capital – “Gunmen attacked the lodge of the Redeemed Christian Corpers Fellowship early yesterday in Jalingo, Taraba state capital. The bandits who stormed the Family House of the Redeemed Christian Corpers Fellowship (RCCF) held the parishoners hostage for hours after relieving them of hundreds of thousands of dollars and other valuables.” Read more.

Flashback: Nigeria: Boko Haram: Our Goal Is To Eliminate Followers of Christ – “Terrorist organisation Boko Haram has issued a statement making clear that its goal is to eliminate followers of Christ from Nigeria and establish an Islamic state. ‘The Nigerian state and Christians are our enemies and we will be launching attacks on the Nigerian state and its security apparatus as well as churches until we achieve our goal of establishing an Islamic state in place of the secular state … We are responsible for the suicide attack on a church in Jos and also another attack on another church in Biu,’ a spokesman for the group, Abul Qaqa, is said to have told reporters in the northeastern city of Maiduguri over the phone.” Read more.

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