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Most Germans See Islam As ‘Different And Threatening’

It looks like more and more Germans are finally beginning to realize that tolerating the very ideology that inspired Hitler and the “Final Solution” is a bad idea after all …

By Soeren Kern, Gatestone Institute – “More than half of all Germans view Islam as a threat to their country and believe it does not belong in the Western world, according to a major new study on religious attitudes in Germany.

The findings confirm the results of dozens of other surveys, and reflect a growing divide between the views of ordinary Germans and those of Europe’s multicultural elites, who, in the quest for ‘diversity,’ have been promoting mass immigration from Muslim countries for decades.

The study, entitled, Religion Monitor 2013: Religiousness and Cohesion in Germany (currently available only in German) was produced by the Bertelsmann Foundation, one of the most influential think tanks and lobbying groups in Europe, and a strong proponent of ‘progressive’ causes such as multiculturalism and global governance.

According to the survey — designed to measure the ‘most important forms and intensity of the religiosity’ of German citizens — the majority of Germans view Islam as ‘foreign, different and threatening.’

More specifically, 51% of Germans believe Islam poses a threat to their way of life. In East Germany that figure rises to 57%, while in West Germany it reaches 49%. (The survey also shows that one in five Germans believe Judaism poses a threat to the German way of life.)

Only 25% of Germans believe that Islam has a positive influence on German society.

Although 85% Germans say that society should be open to all religions, and 67% believe that ‘every religion has a core of truth,’ fully 50% of Germans believe that Islam does not belong to Germany.

The survey also shows that Muslims possess the strongest religious identity in Germany. Some 90% of Muslims believe that religion is somewhat or very important, 40% rate themselves as very religious, and 30% of Muslims visit the mosque on a regular basis. By contrast, only 18% of Protestant Christians attend church on a regular basis.” Read more.

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  1. Val Fitzgerald
    05/09/2013 at 2:38 PM

    This is Newsmax’s new ‘blog’??? Wow…I had NO IDEA!!!


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