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New York: Muslim Man Sentenced To Five Years In Prison For Plotting To Blow Up Synagogues

For peaceful purpo… wait, only five years for plotting to blow up multiple synagogues in order to create chaos, kill and intimidate as many Jews as possible? Apparently the judge overseeing the case believes that the aspiring Islamic terrorist “learned his lesson.” I have to agree. The would-be terrorist learned that the next time he conspires to sow death and destruction, don’t get caught …

By Shayna Jacobs, New York Daily News – “A Moroccan national who plotted to blow up Manhattan synagogues was sentenced to five years in prison Friday.

Mohamed Mamdouh, 22, copped to three crimes under state terror laws on Feb. 28 in exchange for a five year prison sentence, plus three years of post-release supervision.

Prosecutors said Mamdouh and ‘mastermind’ Ahmed Ferhani — busted on May 11, 2011 — discussed dressing as observant Jews to infiltrate synagogues and tried to buy weapons to arm themselves for ‘the cause.’

‘His case has been about bringing to justice two men, angry at what they perceived as the unjust treatment of Muslims in the world, who spoke of their hatred for Jews, and plotted to attack synagogues in New York City using explosives,’ prosecutor Gary Galperin said at Mamdouh’s sentencing.

‘Their intent was to create chaos and to intimidate and coerce Jews living in New York City, and thereby send a message far beyond New York,’ he added.

Ferhani at one point said he wanted to attack 10 synagogues.

Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Michael Obus pointed to the gravity of the bomb plot at Friday’s sentencing.

‘The conduct contemplated is well beyond what can possibly be tolerated in a civilized society,’ Obus said.

But the judge suggested the young would-be terrorist learned his lesson.” Read more.

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  1. InalienableWrights
    04/30/2013 at 10:56 PM

    H’mmm the FBI out arranging more terrorist acts?


  2. 05/01/2013 at 9:27 AM

    5 years; that’s all! You can get that and more for a simple B&E. Why isn’t this a hate crime?
    Oh, I guess hate crime laws only apply if they pertain to Gays, Blacks, or Muslims! I hope that that Synagogue sues that man, the Mosque that he attend, every, and any one else, that might possibly be tied to this despicable act!


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