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Nigeria: 18 More Followers Of Christ Slaughtered By Muslim Attackers In Christian Village Of Mile Bakwai

Morning Star News – “Hosea Mashaf was resting in his village of Chirang Mangor, Nigeria, when area Christian youths told him that armed, Muslim Fulani herdsmen were attacking the Christian village of Mile Bakwai.

The 45-year-old farmer and other Christians rushed to Mile Bakwai, three kilometers away in the Bokkos Local Council Area of Plateau State, the night of March 27 to see how they might aid the Christians there, he told Morning Star News.

‘When we got there, the gunmen had already retreated,’ Mashaf said. ‘I saw dead bodies scattered all over the village. I counted the dead bodies we recovered, and in all we had 18 Christians who were killed by the Muslim attackers.’

They found five of those bodies in a minibus, he said.

‘They were travelling in a bus back to our village when they ran into the attack going on at Mile Bakwai village,’ Mashaf said. ‘They were killed by the attackers when they shot at the bus, which crashed into a building, but the attackers went to the place where the bus was and shot the occupants. Five of them were killed, while two others were injured.’

Dead were Geofrey Mafuyai, 35; Mahana Jamok, 50; Arandon Yusuf, 18; Dung Dalyop, 38; and, Mbata Machif, 36. Maju Mahana, 25, and Nanle Enoch, 18 were wounded and received treatment at the ECWA Evangel Hospital in Jos, he said.

The 18 slain were members of Nigerian Baptist Convention, Christ Apostolic Church and Church of Christ in Nigeria (COCIN) congregations, sources said. The Rev. James Danladi Mahwash of the Bishara Baptist Church in Mile Bakwai village said five of his church members were killed, including the financial secretary of the Men’s Missionary Union of his church, 25-year-old Jamle Benjamin Sunday.

‘At about 8 p.m. the attackers, all Muslim Fulani herdsmen, came into this village in two separate groups, attacking us from two different directions, and shooting down anyone they saw,’ he said. ‘They came from the northwestern end of the village, and then separated into two groups with one of the groups attacking from the western end, while the second group attacked from the eastern end.’

Besides Sunday, Mahwash said, among those killed were Kokiwo Malo, 65; Maren Galadima, 18; Gambo Geofrey Mafuyai, 45; Adamu Maren, 55; Zoron Adamu, 10; Maren Garba, 20; Danladi Mangar, 20; Joel Peter, 20; Boaz Masara, 20; Oge Emeka, 5; and one identified only as Jang from the neighboring village of Kunet.

The assailants also burned the houses of three Christians …” Read more.

Nigeria: Islamists Pull Over Bus Near Maiduguri, Kill All Christian Passengers, Embark On Door-To-Door ‘Islamisation Campaign’ At Gunpoint – “Release partners are reporting targeted violence against Christians in the northern state of Borno this weekend. Stefanos Foundation says that gunmen pulled over a bus near Maiduguri on Saturday, demanded passengers declare their faith and then killed the six people who said they were Christian. Meanwhile, in Gwoza, also in Borno state, Islamists are reported to have embarked upon an ‘Islamisation campaign’.” Read more.

  1. 04/26/2013 at 2:55 PM

    It is our government that has been supporting radical Islam and needs to be identified at the primary cause of events such as described in this article.

    This is just another divide and conquer tactic of government……


  2. 04/27/2013 at 2:53 PM

    It sure has! Our government is actively committing jihad against Christians, Jews, and patriots. It is a partner to most of the murders carried out against non Muslims. The GOD of Israel has begun to bring judgment upon our wicked nation. This judgement is just and timely.
    My question is: Where is the Church? I don’t see the leaders of many churches, or Synagogues, uniting against Islam. No! Instead, they relegate Islam’s crimes, and or human sacrifices, to their god Molech, aka Allah, to the actions of a few radicals. Many religious leaders, Pastors, and Rabbis, openly commit blasphemy against GOD; saying that Islam is one of the ” 3 great monotheistic religions of Abraham.
    Abraham had NO part in the creation of Islam. The covenants, laws, prophets, and the Holy Scriptures, including the New Testament, were ALL given to the JEW, for the purpose of having a holy line for the Messiah, aka Yeshua, to be born into. And to be a light unto the Gentiles, a task which they have done.
    Now Gentiles, members of the Church, and faithful Jews, where are your voices? “For Zion’s Sake, you should not be silent!”
    Islam is killing our brethren. Go to your church leaders and demand that opposition to Islam be voiced publicly.
    If you want your churches to grow and to be blessed; then start by blessing Israel. Hold an open event, if your church is small then contact other churches and join together in this effort. Give the proceeds to an organization that is already supporting Israel, one with a proven track record. Hold another event to pray for, and offer support to the churches that are now being persecuted. All persecutions are being done in the name of Allah! That is the one common, satanic thread.
    If your church leaders refuse, quickly find another church, one that will, and give your support to that church. Remembering always; that loyalty and worship is to be given to GOD alone.


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