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Canada Terror Suspect Ordered Deported In 1998, Arrested In 2004, But Released Two Days Later

America isn’t the only Western nation with immigration issues …

By SAM PAZZANO, Sun News – “TORONTO — A Toronto man accused of conspiring to bomb a Via train was ordered deported in 1998 and arrested on that order in 2004 but released two days later, QMI Agency has learned.

Raed Jaser was taken into custody on Aug. 23, 2004, and was working illegally and using numerous aliases, an Immigration and Refugee Board detention hearing was told.

Jaser was denied refugee status twice and ordered deported after the second failed attempt in 1998.

At the time, Jaser was neither a Canadian citizen nor a permanent resident, the hearing was told. Jaser, a Palestinian by descent and born in the United Arab Emirates but not a citizen there, was stateless.

While his other family members had abandoned their refugee claims after being refused the first time, Jaser pursued a second hearing.

Everyone in Jaser’s family except him were accepted under a special program, Deferred Removal Order Class (DROC), and later became Canadian citizens and owned a house in 2004, the hearing held at Toronto West Detention Centre was told.

Jaser had compiled a few criminal convictions, including fraud under $5,000, and was denied for that DROC program. He kept pursuing his refugee claim, but lost.” Read more.

Flashback: Canada: Muslim Political Scientist Tells Government To Close The Borders To Muslim Immigrants – “… The flow of immigration into Canada from around the world, and in particular the flow from Muslim countries, means a pouring in of numbers into a liberal society of people from cultures at best non-liberal. But we know through our studies and observations that the illiberal mix of cultures poses one of the greatest dilemmas and an unprecedented challenge to liberal societies, such as ours, when there is no demand placed on immigrants any longer to assimilate into the founding liberal values of the country to which they have immigrated to and, instead, by a misguided and thoroughly wrong-headed policy of multiculturalism encourage the opposite… I would like members to note I come before you as a practicing Muslim who knows out of experience from the inside how volatile, how disruptive, how violent, how misogynistic is the culture of Islam today and has been during my lifetime, and how greatly it threatens our liberal democracy …” Read more.

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