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Pakistan: Islamists Incensed Over ‘Un-Islamic’ Kite Flying, Attack Christians Over ‘Un-Islamic’ Cell Phone Music

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Flying kites? That’s “un-Islamic.” Playing cell phone music? That’s “un-Islamic.” Attacking and killing Christians? Now that’s Islamic! The god of Islam is praised as the Most [un]Gracious and Most [un]Merciful for many [nonsensical] good reasons …

Reuters – “Lahore: Pakistani authorities have dropped a plan to revive the ‘Basant’ festival and kite-flying in the central province of Punjab in the wake of a warning issued by Jamaat-ud-Dawah, which has described the event as ‘un-Islamic’.

The interim government of Punjab headed by caretaker Chief Minister Najam Sethi surrendered to detractors of the festival and dropped the proposal to revive Basant.

Sethi, a journalist by profession, had recently spoken about his desire to revive Basant, which he had described as an intrinsic part of Lahori culture.

During a high-level meeting held in Lahore on Monday, officials were warned by police about the possible negative fallout from the revival of Basant, which marks the onset of spring.

Police officials warned the government of possible protests and a fallout of a warning issued by the JuD, a source said. After the meeting, senior officials recommended Sethi to drop any plans to mark the festival, to which the CM acted.” Read more.

Cell Phone Music Sparks Islamist Attacks Against Christians – “A mob of Muslims, apparently angered by Christian youths playing music on their phones from the back of a rickshaw taxi, responded by attacking residents of the mostly Christian Francis Colony section of Gujranwala, near Pakistan’s city of Lahore. The incident started after the prayer leader of the Lahore suburb’s largest mosque accused the teenagers of playing their music too loudly. A scuffle resulted, but the argument quickly erupted into an armed attack by a Muslim mob on the Christian homes in the Francis Colony.” Read more.

How Can Any Rational, Normal Person Believe In Islam? – “On March 30th 2013, the New York Times ran an article asking the question: How can reflective and honest intellectuals actually believe this stuff, referring to the Catholic Church? The piece instigated no riots by Catholics. No cars were fire bombed, and no fatwa was issued by Bishops calling for the destruction of the New York Times offices or for murdering their employees. That’s their right to free speech, but the more pressing question that must be asked are as follows” Read more.

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