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Egyptian Female Activist: Egypt Was Much Better Under Hosni Mubarak

By Luciana Borsatti, ANSAmed “Women are ‘an integral part of Egyptian society’ though they are suffering the most from the economic crisis which is getting worse every day in Egypt, said in an interview with ANSAmed Dalia Ziada, a human rights activist, blogger and the director of the Ibn Khaldum Center for Democratic Studies. Ziada is in Marseille to attend the Forum promoted by the Anna Lindh Foundation.

‘Over 30% of women are ‘caring women’ like widows or divorcees who are working to support their families’, said the activist. ‘They work at a time when men are having a hard time finding a proper job’.

In the past, said Ziada, poor women benefited from measures supporting their businesses, which were sponsored by Suzanne Mubarak, wife of the president who was toppled in the January 25 revolution. Now ‘they have no one sponsoring them’, she said.

The activist, who was awarded a prize in 2010 by the Anna Lindh Foundation, told ANSAmed that ‘it is sad to say that the situation for women was much better during the Mubarak era’. ‘It was not the best possible but it was still better than today because there was a state which supported women’s rights’, she noted. ‘Suzanne Mubarak was a women’s rights activist before being the president’s wife and a staunch supporter of new laws in favour of women’, continued the activist. ‘Now we have a regime which is very hostile to women, an extremist regime of the Muslim Brotherhood which doesn’t like women, least of all in public life and the economy’. The regime is so hostile, the activist noted, that it accuses women of ‘causing men’s unemployment’ based on the conviction that if they stayed home their jobs would go to men. ‘However it’s a problem of qualifications’, noted Ziada, which has nothing to do with being women or men.

Ever since stepping into power, President Mohamed Morsi has started a sweeping campaign to abolish all laws supporting women, the activist also noted, on the grounds that they were passed under the Mubarak era and are therefore ‘meaningless’.” Read more.

Flashback: Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood Warns Granting Rights To Women Would Lead To ‘Complete Disintegration Of Society’ – “Ending violence against women, treating them as equals and giving them the same human rights that Western women enjoy would very likely lead to the destruction of Islamic society. But because treating women as equal members of society and granting them rights would be completely un-Islamic, it will never happen. This statement from the Muslim Brotherhood and Morsi’s Islamist supporters should be eye-opening to their leftist enablers and other lobotimized liberals. Unfortunately, the selectively colorblind have also become the masters of selective hearingRead more.

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