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Tanzania: Rise Of Islam Fueling Attacks And New Threats Against Christians, ‘There Is Definitely A Concern About What’s Going To Happen’

MNN – “A sudden spike in violence targeting Christians in Tanzania has finally given way to a threat.

Todd Nettleton, a spokesman for the Voice of the Martyrs USA, explains, ‘There have been threats made regarding Easter. That is one concern.’

Another threat is a recent propaganda campaign. ‘There are leaflets, apparently, being circulated saying that Christians should respond with violence, and they should come back and attack the Muslims in retaliation for these attacks that have happened on Christians. So there really is the potential for a lot of upheaval this Holy week, as we head into Easter Sunday.’

Christians are calling for prayers and for peace and reconciliation in the wake of the violence. Over the last four months, a handful of attacks against church leaders in Tanzania have left believers in the Eastern African nation concerned over the future of religious freedom.

Nettleton attributes some of that to an alarming shift. ‘Some of that is the rise of radical Islam within the country. There is some evidence of links between radical Muslims in Tanzania–particularly on the island of Zanzibar, and al Shabaab in Somalia.’ In fact, wherever Islamic militants appear to be bent on wiping out all Christians, there have been corresponding upticks in attacks on churches, leaders, death threats and murders.

More recently, Nettleton adds, ‘We’re seeing more persecution in Tanzania than we’ve seen in past years, and that really has brought it [Tanzania] to the attention of others who monitor religious freedom and persecution around the world.’ That’s born out in the Open Doors World Watch List for 2013. It’s a compilation of the 50 countries most noted for the persecution of Christians. Tanzania, never having been on the list before, ranks 24th now.

The situation begs the question of whether or not these are isolated events or symptoms of a larger issue. Believers are concerned and wary, says Nettleton. ‘One of my coworkers was in Tanzania last week to encourage and meet with persecuted Christians–Christians who have already faced persecution. There is definitely a concern about what’s going to happen.'” Read more.

Flashback: Tanzania: Christians Increasingly Worried As Islamism Spreads At Alarming Rate, Seeks To Impose Sharia Law Upon All – “Islamisation is increasing at an alarming rate in Tanzania, according to a bishop from the country. Bishop Bernadin Mfumbusa of Kondoa warned that religious freedom and other civil liberties were under threat from intolerant radical Muslim influences sweeping in from countries neighbouring the east African nation… ‘We see more and more itinerant preachers from Saudi Arabia and Sudan entering this country – and Muslims are increasingly making political demands.’” Read more.

  1. MVPappas
    03/27/2013 at 1:44 PM

    There is a certain Sadness and Joy to this persecution of Christians, again and again we have seen this throughout history and this will only get worse and spread. The sadness I feel are the persecutors who do not believe the Resurrection of Jesus, and the Joy of knowing Jesus our Lord our God and that Jesus alone died for our sins and Resurrected from the dead to give us ever-lasting life,and all who believe will be saved from death.We will never accomplish peace on earth until Jesus returns and His coming is soon. We must Pray for the strength of the Church for all the lost souls. God Bless and keep the Armor of God on


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