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Syrian Bishop: 30,000 Christians Flee The City Of Aleppo

NOW – “The Chaldean Catholic bishop of Aleppo, Antoine Audo, said on Thursday that up to 30,000 Christians have fled the Syrian city and spoke of his concern about two priests kidnapped weeks ago.

Audo, who was in Rome as a representative of the Caritas-Syria charity for a meeting of regional humanitarian organizations, told AFP that the situation in the war-ravaged city was ‘painful.’

‘I do my work from Damascus. I am in contact with my vicar, my priests, my friends and my relatives. The closure of Aleppo airport and the dangerous road have prevented my return,’ he said.

‘I have been advised not to travel there despite my strong desire to be with my people,’ he said.

‘A month and 10 days ago in Aleppo, two young priests were kidnapped. Ransoms of 15 million Syrian pounds, or around $150,000, have been demanded,’ he said.Read more.

Flashback: Syria: Islamist Rebel Strength Growing, Historic Evangelical Church Of Aleppo Destroyed With Explosives – “The historic Arabic Evangelical Church of Aleppo, in the Jdeideh district (the old town), was mined with explosives and blown up ‘by armed men, for pure sectarian hatred’: This is what Pastor Ibrahim Nasir, spiritual leader of the Arabic Evangelical Church in Aleppo says, in a statement sent to Fides Agency, referring to the explosion which occurred two days ago. Rev. Ibrahim Nasir expressed ‘bitterness and sadness of all Syrian citizens’ for an act that makes Christians ‘inconsolable’.” Read more.

Flashback: Syria: Christians Falling Into Severe Financial Hardship, Could Now Face Bloodbath From Islamist ‘Free Syrian Army’ – “The streets are most dangerous that is, unless it’s a Friday, when a few Syrian Christians dare to step outside of their homes amidst the persecution of Syria’s Christians by the Islamic rebels of the ‘Free Syrian Army. The Christians in Syria … could be facing a bloodbath. The signs are there right now, and only Russian and Chinese resistance to ‘the West’ is keeping the Syrian church from complete extermination. In many Syrian towns, lawlessness has become the norm. When government forces aren’t present, Muslims have been known to rob churches and kidnap, rape, or even kill Christian women.” Read more.

Flashback: Syria: Islamists Expel 90% of Christians from Homs, Car Bombs in Christian Districts of Aleppo and Damascus Kills Dozens – “Al-Haqiqa has learned from church sources in Homs that the city has been emptied of almost 90% of its Christians. It is expected that a complete ‘cleansing’ of buildings owned by Christians will occur within a matter of days or weeks by armed men from the Wahhabi ‘Faruq Brigade.’ A source in the Orthodox metropolitan’s office told al-Haqiqa that armed men from the Faruq Brigade went to the homes of the Christians, house by house, in the neighborhoods of Hamidiya and Bustan el-Diwan, informing them that they must immediately leave their homes and the city of Homs.” Read more.

  1. alakhtal
    03/24/2013 at 5:02 PM

    Chaldean Catholic bishop of Aleppo, Antoine Audo must be joking, 30,000 Christians ain’t truckload to flee. Its large town inhabitants. As matter of fact Chaldeans had been trying for the past 2000 years to leave Syria. They have been running booze & brothels. Now it is about time to see the world. Good Luck for them. 65 years of Israel proved that they are egomaniac minorities of planet earth. Moshe Yaalon is an exception here to share the ditches hand-in-hand with McCain Germs to end Assad Regime while rest of Arab world watched Hezbollah, Maronite Phalangists, Alawites, Iranians; Shiites & Kurds commit genocides and devastate millions. Now that Assad shot by his own Iranian Bodyguard Mehdi Jakoby. He’s currently hospitalized, between life and death. Dc ain’t prepared for it. Be patients the news will be killed for now. After all Aljazeera ain’t happy of such precedent. They need Assad alive to commit genocides to post. Israel, Saudi & Iran love stalemate. It’s a field day for failing Photoshop and doctored videos to keep Assad alive for the time being to devastate McCain Germs. Bye Basher.


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