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Mideast Caliphate Storm Clouds Darken (And What It Potentially Means For Israel Isn’t Good)

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By Joel Richardson, WND – “Turkish Foreign Minister Davutoğlu calls for a new regional neo-Ottoman order

For the past several years, Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu, the chief architect of Prime Minister Erdoğan’s ruling Islamist Justice and Development Party, has repeatedly denied the Turkish government’s regional ‘neo-Ottoman’ plans. In 2009, Davutoğlu determinedly repudiated all claims that he was leading Turkey back to the Ottoman era. Against the mounting charges made by various political analysts and journalists, the FM protested, ‘When others use [this term], I have always warned that we do not count it correct.’

But like so many double-speaking ‘progressive’ politicians here in the U.S., Davutoğlu has suddenly changed his tune and is now all in for Turkish neo-Ottomanism. In a recent meeting with American Secretary of State John Kerry – the U.S. senator who was against funding the war in Iraq, until he was for it – Davutoğlu seems to have come down with an acute case of Kerry’s flip-flopism. According to the foreign minister, neo-Ottomanism is now the coming new order for the whole Middle East. As reported in Al-Monitor, Davutoğlu said that, ‘Last century was only a parenthesis for us. We will close that parenthesis.’

So last century was a mere ‘parenthesis’ that will soon be closed. Under Davutoğlu and Erdoğan’s direction, Turkey will return the region to its previous Ottoman order. The period of Kemalism and secularism in Turkey is coming to a close. Davutoğlu continued, ‘We will do so without going to war, or calling anyone an enemy, without being disrespectful to any border.’

According to the FM, Turkey will bring about a new regional order, complete with Turkish leadership, of course, without any war ‘or calling anyone an enemy.’

Unless, of course, we are speaking of neighboring Syrian President Bashar Assad, whom Erdoğan recently called ‘a mute devil’ who must be ousted.

Or unless we are speaking of Kurdish separatists, roughly 500 of whom Erdoğan recently bragged of killing via the Turkish military within a few days.

Or unless we are speaking of those who espouse the concept of Israeli self-determination knowns as Zionism, which Erdoğan recently compared to fascism and called it ‘a crime against humanity.’

Davutoğlu’s comments continued Read more…

Texas: Quiz Given Fifth-Graders Blames U.S. For 9/11 Attacks

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Something is wrong deep in the heart of Texas …

Family Security Matters – “A Texas mother is outraged by a school quiz given to her son that seemingly blames the United States for the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks that killed nearly 3,000 people.

Kara Sands posted the test her son received in fifth grade at the Flour Bluff Independent School District in September on her Facebook page, which attracted more than 1,600 users in support of her concerns. Sands told that she was most dismayed by a question that asked why the U.S. may be a target for terrorism. Her son chose the correct answer to the test that covered material from a video students watched in class: ‘Decisions we made in the United States have had negative effects on people elsewhere.’

‘I’m not going to justify radical terrorists by saying we did anything to deserve that; over 3,000 people died,’ Sands told the station.

Sands later met with the school’s principal, her son’s teacher and contacted the video’s distributor, Safari Montage, whose representatives stand behind the video but have already changed the corresponding quiz.

School officials said Safari Montage representatives apologized for the wording of the question, saying it was not their intent to blame the United States for the terror attacks.” Source – Family Security Matters.

Flashback: Texas: Muslims Rally For Islam In Austin, Boldly Claim ‘We Are Above The Law Of The Land’ – “A leader for the Texas branch of the Council on American Islamic Relations has told a crowd at a rally for Islam that members of the faith really shouldn’t be bound by American law. ‘If we are practicing Muslims, we are above the law of the land,’ said Mustafa Carroll, the executive director of the Dallas-Fort Worth CAIR branch, a keynote speaker as the recent rally.” Read more.

Flashback: Non-Muslim Students Made To Wear Muslim Burqas … In Texas – “There’s a new controversy in Texas involving the online public school curriculum called CSCOPE, which already has been the subject of heated debate and state legislative hearings. There are reports now that students were made to wear Muslim burqas as part of their public school lessons. CSCOPE has been facing criticism over its alleged Islamic and anti-American bias. It is a ‘curriculum management system’ now used in 80 percent of Texas classrooms …” Read more.

Flashback: Texas: Curriculum Under Fire For Teaching ‘Allah Is The Almighty God’, Calls Boston Tea Party ‘A Terrorist Organization’ – “In the 70 percent of Texas public schools where a private curriculum has been installed, students are learning the ‘fact’ that ‘Allah is the Almighty God,’ charge critics of a new online curriculum that already is facing condemnation for its secrecy and restrictions on oversight… Other reports previously have raised alarm over the curriculum’s depiction of the Boston Tea Party as a terrorist act on par with the 9/11 attack.” Read more.

Mysterious ‘Booms’ Heard Across Southern Illinois Puzzles Experts, Residents

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By Gina Blankenship, Daily American News – “Social media was abuzz this weekend following what is begin described as a ‘loud boom’ that was heard all over Southern Illinois Saturday.

The source of the noise is unknown and, according to some, has been recurring for the past several weeks.

Loud and mysterious booms are being heard and felt around the region. For more than a month, the noise has been compared to a sonic boom, tannerite, shotgun, dynamite or cannon. The theories surrounding the source of the ‘loud bangs’ range from fracking to supersonic jets, meteors and even the end-times. However, an official explanation has not been given, leaving residents baffled. Wanting answers, many have turned to their local media.

‘The first time I heard it, I waited to hear sirens. I dismissed it assuming I would find out what happened later on the news,’ said Lori Wharton Libby. An accident was not to blame for the noise that day nor was anything on the news regarding what she heard.

Libby, who is a secretary for Cornerstone Community Church, started a thread on the WSIL News 3 Facebook wall asking for answers. Her inquiry resulted in more than 200 comments from people who have also heard and felt the noise.

Many have experienced it frequently over the past several weeks.

‘We tried to put the facts together,’ said Libby. ‘We knew it wasn’t a gun or cannon. The noise is loud enough to scare our dog under the bed. People from as far east as Harrisburg and north of Mt. Vernon have heard and felt the same noise that I described.’

The West Frankfort Police Department said that they have not received any complaints regarding the issue.

Further investigation finds these unidentified noises are taking place all over the country. Around the beginning of January people from Utah, Massachusetts, Alaska, Tennessee, Indiana and Florida have been contacting their local authorities and news media outlets regarding unexplained loud booms.

One website, has links to several news and police reports around the country wherein noises and vibrations identical to those being heard and felt in our area have been reported. Still an official explanation has not been given.

‘At this point, nobody seems to know,’ said University of Evansville physicist, Jeffrey Braun, PH.D. ‘The geologists say it’s not in the ground. The Air Force says it’s not in the air. The astronomers say it’s not from space. So we are running out of options.'” Read more.

‘Super Bright’ Meteor Sightings Reported From Florida To Massachusetts, Reports Of Crash Near Delaware-Maryland Border

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By Melanie Eversley, USA Today – “A possible meteor has been spotted streaking through the sky over the East Coast, The American Meteor Society and Twitter users are reporting.

‘It basically looked like a super bright shooting star,’ said Robert Lunsford, fireball coordinator for the society, based on the reports coming in to the organization’s website. ‘I saw some people mentioning fragments and naturally every color of the rainbow.’

The society, based in Geneseo, N.Y., was researching about 400 reports received as of about 10 p.m. ET Friday from nine East Coast States and Canada of sightings that took place somewhere shortly before 8 p.m. ET through shortly after 8 p.m. ET, Lunsford said. The number of reports marked a possible record over the number of reports the group received about a fireball that streaked over Baltimore on Halloween several years ago, Lunsford said.

Late Friday, NASA said the incident was consistent with a ‘single meteor event.’

‘Judging from the brightness, we’re dealing with something as bright as the full moon,’ Bill Cooke of NASA’s Meteoroid Environmental Office said Friday. ‘We basically have (had) a boulder enter the atmosphere over the northeast.’

Twitter exploded Friday evening with reports of meteor sightings from the South to New England.

Some Twitter users also reported that the meteor crashed somewhere near the Delaware-Maryland border, but the society had no information on that, Lunsford said. (@breakingweather) tweeted that there have been several unconfirmed reports of a large meteor being spotted from Florida to Massachusetts between 7:55 p.m. and 8:03 p.m. ET.

Reports of a fireball that streaked over the Albany, N.Y., area shortly before 8 p.m. headed south or southeast was reported by” Read more.

NASA: Large Asteroid Heading To Earth? Pray … – “NASA chief Charles Bolden has advice on how to handle a large asteroid headed toward New York City: Pray. That’s about all the United States – or anyone for that matter – could do at this point about unknown asteroids and meteors that may be on a collision course with Earth, Bolden told lawmakers at a U.S. House of Representatives Science Committee hearing on Tuesday.” Read more.

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The Spring Equinox Has Come And Gone … Has The 1260 Day Countdown Begun?

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Here’s an update on this story. The Spring Equinox has come and gone without any obvious fulfilment of the theory set forth by 119 Ministries in their “End of Days” teachings series, specifically part 4 of the series titled “Daniel Unsealed“. Though I strongly disagree with some of the teachings set forth by 119 Ministries, they admittedly offered a number of compelling reasons why the final 1260 days leading up to the Second Advent could begin around March 21st or 22nd, 2013. But it didn’t happen. Now, does this mean that Christ will not return in 2016 as 119 Ministries and others have theorized? No, of course not. Although most of us view the 1260 days as literal days, which they very well could be (a view that I still hold myself), we need not turn a blind eye to the possibility that they were intended as days of years, more along the lines of an historicist view of Church history (albeit non-papal). If that is the case, then we could still be well on our way to witnessing the glorious return of our Saviour and King in a few short years. As always, test all things and let us not sleep as others do, but let us continue to watch …

119 Ministries Statement: “Shalom to those who love YHWH and all of His Word,

It is with mixed feelings that 119 acknowledges that the seemingly compelling data points brought forth in the teaching ‘Daniel Unsealed’ resulted in no substantial and quantifiable edifying value.

From the beginning, we admitted that possibility, and firmly stated that ‘Daniel Unsealed’ was either one of 119’s most important teachings, or the least important. We are sad to say that reality proves that it was 119’s least important teachings.

This by no means reflects negatively on our Creator. He is in control of all things, and though His prophecy is perfect, those that make every humble attempt to interpret it are by no means perfect, including us. We pray that this does not reflect negatively on 119 Ministries, though we understand that there will be those that consider this as a mark against 119 Ministries. For those that share that sentiment, we apologize deeply for any disappointment or frustration that may have resulted from our decision to share what we considered to be a prophetic possibility.

We by no means regret our decision to create and publish the teaching, but regret any way that we may have fallen short to mitigate any ill feelings toward the fact that the data proved inconsequential. The data was compelling, and should have been interpreted as a Read more…

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