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Libya Arrests More Egyptian Christians, ‘Those Detained Are Being Held Because They Are Christians’

By Luiz Sanchez, Daily News Egypt – “The Maspero Youth Union (MYU) confirmed on Saturday that four Egyptian Copts were detained at a checkpoint on Friday in the Libyan city of Misrata. MYU claims that those detained are being held because they are Christians.

Beshoy Tamri, a member of MYU, said the Egyptian government must do more to protect the rights of its citizens abroad. ‘We think that if our government was serious about protecting our people there, they would send lawyers to help,’ Tamri said. ‘The truth is that our country does not respect Egyptians living abroad.’

The Libyan embassy in Cairo, meanwhile, has announced it is suspending all services indefinitely but has not provided a reason.

In response to the arrests, Pope Tawadros II met with several Coptic movements on Friday, the MYU political bureau member Mina Magdi El-Qess said. He added that the pope is in contact with the Minister of Foreign Affairs Mohamed Kamel Amr, and is exerting all possible efforts to release the four detainees.

Magdi El-Qess said that the MYU will do what they can to show support.

The National Salvation Front (NSF), Egypt’s largest opposition bloc, condemned the arrests and similar incidents of assault on Egyptians in Libya. In a statement released on Saturday the NSF said it was worried about the repeated attacks on Copts and Christian places of worship.

‘Egyptians are also being deported from Libya in a humiliating manner far from humanitarian standards and without taking the appropriate legal action or guaranteeing the rights of Egyptian workers,’ the NSF statement read.

The statement said the NSF is keen to preserve the historical relationship with Libya, and called on authorities to take responsibility and defend the rights of Egyptians working in the country.

The NSF said they are surprised and displeased by the Egyptian authorities’ slow response to the situation. The NSF said the government is behaving in a similar fashion to the Mubarak regime, referring to the swift reaction of the presidency in sending delegates to negotiate the release of Muslim Brotherhood members in the United Arab Emirates whilst ignoring Egyptians in Libya.” Read more.

Egyptian Christians Describe Torture At The Hands Of Libyan Captors – “A group of Egyptian Christians who were detained in Libya where they had gone for work say they were tortured to the point they wanted to die. The Copts, who were swept up last month in a raid on a Benghazi market and held on charges of proselytizing because they had Christian symbols on their stalls, told MidEast Christian News the para-police organization the Ansar el-Sharia forced them to make pro-Islam declarations and insult the late Coptic Pope Shenouda. The claims came a day after another Copt arrested in the roundup was buried after dying while in Libyan custody. His family says he was tortured, as well.” Read more.

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