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CPAC Speakers Warn Of Loss Of Religious Freedom In America, Sees ‘Disturbing Parallels’ Between 1930’s Germany And America Today

By Napp Nazworth, Christian Post Reporter – “Ben Carson and Eric Metaxas, who both gained notoriety for their speeches at a National Prayer Breakfast, appeared together Saturday and warned about a loss of religious freedom, at the Conservative Political Action Conference in National Harbor, Md.

The controversy over the Obama administration’s birth control mandate is about religious freedom, not contraception, Metaxas argued.

Paraphrasing how he views the government’s position, Metaxas said, ‘We will force you to violate your conscience. Why? Because we can. We have the power and you Catholics are just the backward religious minority.’

Metaxas’ most recent book is a biography of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, a Christian theologian who opposed Hitler during Nazi Germany. Because of Bonhoeffer, Metaxas said, he found himself thinking more about religious freedom in America. He believes there are some ‘disturbing parallels’ between what was taking place in Germany in the 1930s and the United States today on the issue of religious freedom.

‘When a government bullies a minority, instead of protecting a minority,’ Metaxas said, ‘that is the beginning of the end of America.'” Read more.

Flashback: Obama Administration Paves The Way For Sharia Law In America – “The most terrifying danger Americans face from a second Barack Obama term isn’t the economy, which is scary enough. The most harrowing prospect is the Obama Administration’s passivity in the face of attempts to introduce aspects of sharia law into our legal system. Now there is strong and open evidence of the Obama administration collaborating with Islamist activists to ensure the path toward sharia law is accelerated.” Read more.

Flashback: Obama’s Department Of Justice Will Not Confirm If Free Speech Towards Religion Will Remain Legal In America – “Recent calls by various leaders throughout the Islamic world to criminalize any and all speech that speaks out against Islam and its prophet make the video below all the more disconcerting. In July of this year, US Congressman Trent Franks posed a very simple and straightforward question to Assistant Attorney General Thomas Perez, asking him to confirm that the Obama Administration’s Department of Justice would never ‘entertain or advance’ any proposal criminalizing speech against any religion. Here was his ‘reply’ …” Watch video.

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