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Multiple Earthquakes Strike Southern California, ‘Could Be The Foreshock Of Something Larger’

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Fox News – “Three earthquakes have shaken Southern California, Reuters reports, citing the U.S. Geological Survey.

The USGS’s monitoring system places the epicenter of the earthquakes in the desert near Anza, about 100 miles southeast of Los Angeles.

One quake struck at 9:55 a.m. Monday and was initially estimated at magnitude 5.1 but that was quickly downgraded to 4.7. The other two were magnitude 4.6 and 3.0, according to the USGS.

The earthquakes were felt sharply in the local area and also rolled through downtown Los Angeles, San Diego and in Orange County.

Palms Springs police Sgt. Harvey Reed says the department has received no reports of damage or injuries.

There are no other immediate reports of damage in the region.” Source – Fox News.

Today’s Quakes ‘Could Be The Foreshock Of Something Larger’ – “It happened along the San Jacinto fault between the San Andreas and the Elsinore faults.This is a fault famous for big earthquakes according to retired geology professor Pat Abbott, Ph.D. ‘There’s always that slight chance – slight chance now – that this could be the foreshock of something larger. Probably not. Usually this is just an event all by itself,’ Abbot said. ‘It doesn’t hurt to keep it in mind, in the next 72 hours in particular,’ he said. ‘If a larger one is going to occur it would probably be during that three-day period.'” Read more.

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‘A Gruesome Warning’: Islamist Video Titled ‘The Killing Of Seven Christian Hostages In Nigeria’ Confirms Murder Of Foreigners

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By JON GAMBRELL, Associated Press via CTPost – “A video posted online appears to show the corpses of some of the seven foreign hostages abducted by Islamic extremists in northern Nigeria and later killed, a gruesome warning of the growing dangers in the region.

The video, viewed by The Associated Press on Monday, matched still images released earlier by the Islamic extremist group Ansaru when it claimed the killings. The face of one of the corpses in the video also resembled that of one of the hostages already named by authorities.

European diplomats said Sunday that the hostages had been killed.

On Monday, Nigerian Interior Minister Abba Moro told the BBC’s Hausa language radio service that those nations said that it was ‘likely’ that their citizens had died in the attack.

‘We hope they’re alive,’ Moro said. Moro did not respond to requests for comment Monday from the AP. Nigerian officials often speak to the BBC Hausa service, as it is viewed as one of the dominant independent news sources in Nigeria’s predominantly Muslim north.

In the video, a gunman stands in sand, holding a rifle near what appears to be dead bodies. A later shot in the video shows three male corpses, one of whom appears to have been killed by a gunshot wound to the head from a high-powered weapon.

The video has no sound. An accompanying caption for the video in Arabic calls it: ‘The killing of seven Christian hostages in Nigeria.'” Read more.

Egyptian Christian Accused Of Spreading Christianity Dies In Libyan Prison

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By AYA BATRAWY, Huffington Post – “An Egyptian Foreign Ministry official says a man suspected of trying to spread Christianity in Libya has died in prison there.

The diplomat says Ezzat Atallah, who suffered from diabetes and heart ailments, likely died of natural causes. He spoke anonymously Sunday in line with regulations.

Atallah was among five Evangelical Christian Egyptians detained in Libya for allegedly proselytizing in the predominantly Muslim nation.

Last week, Egypt’s Foreign Ministry intervened to win release from Libya of 55 Egyptians who were also suspected of proselytizing. Thirty-five of them were deported for illegally entering the country, while 20 were cleared to stay in Libya.

Also, four foreigners under investigation for alleged espionage and proselytizing remain in a Libyan prison. They are a Swedish-American, a South Korean, a South African and an Egyptian.” Source – Huffington Post.

Mass Arrests Of Christians, Reports Of Torture, Inconsistencies In Official Statements – ‘What Is Going On In Libya?’ – “What is going on in Libya? What is going on is Islam. Islam means ‘submission‘ and what we are witnessing is nothing more than complete submission to the will of ‘Allah‘ and his beast religion, something that we will continue to witness in increasing measure until our Deliverer comes to rescue all those who belong to Him …” Read more.

Unprecedented: Firebombs On Temple Mount, Events ‘Worse Even Than Those That Took Place During The Great Terror War That Began In 2000’

03/11/2013 5 comments

By Gil Ronen, INN – “Jewish Temple organizations demanded Sunday that the Prime Minister immediately establish an official commission of inquiry into Friday’s events on the Temple Mount and the way the Temple Mount police handled them.

Friday’s events were worse even than those that took place during the Great Terror War that began in 2000, the groups said. For the first time ever, they said, fire bombs were thrown at police on the Mount, and one policeman caught fire and miraculously suffered only slight wounds.

Police knew in advance of the intention to carry out severe violence but did not limit the age of worshipers allowed to enter or stay on the Mount, even after violence had broken out, the groups charged.

Videos posted by Muslims show police refraining from quelling the violence, the Temple groups said. In private conversations, policemen described feelings of humiliation and betrayal by their commanding officers, the temple activists added.

Source – INN.

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