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Israel Turns Back Egypt’s Plauge Of Locusts That Blackens Southern Sky, ‘I’ve Lived Here For 30 Years And We Have Yet To See Anything Like This’

Fortunately, a cold front is moving in, driving the cloud of locusts south and away from central Israel’s major population centers …

Update: Winds have changed, locusts reach Tel Aviv

By Aaron Kalman and Ron Friedman, The Times of Israel – “Israel’s spraying of agricultural fields in the south of the country Wednesday morning succeeded in turning the tide in a millions-strong locust invasion from across the Egyptian border. The Agriculture Ministry said that thanks to the crop-dusting, the locusts weren’t flying or able to lift off from the ground.

Two planes, assisted by ground crews and trucks, on Wednesday sprayed with pesticides the migrating insects that had settled in the area the day before. The teams sprayed a swath of 1,850 acres, beginning the procedure at 6 a.m and continuing into the early afternoon.

‘It’s like an insect cemetery down here,’ Omri Eytana, a farmer from Moshav Kmehin the Nitzana area, told Army Radio a little after 10 a.m. ‘There are [only] hundreds of locusts in the air, and they’re still spraying.’ He said his tomato crops were unharmed, because they are protected under nylon covers. Potato crops in the area were badly damaged, though, he said.

Shmuel Turgeman, who heads a government-run fund that organizes insurance for farmers, said the situation was ‘under control.’ Inspectors were out in the field gauging the extent of the damage to potatoes and other crops.

Though the locusts were moving northward, they were not expected to reach central Israel’s major population centers because of a cold front that was predicted to drive the insects to the south.

Southern Israel’s skies were blackened Tuesday by the wings of millions of the locusts as the largest infestation to hit the country in decades swarmed across the Egyptian border and settled to chow down on the crops of local farmers.

Local residents were instructed to stay indoors and close their windows and blinds.

‘I’ve lived here for 30 years and we have yet to see anything like this,’ said Yankale Moskovich, a farmer from Ramat Negev.” Read more.

  1. 03/07/2013 at 12:26 AM

    Poor things! Even the locust want to flee Egypt and the Muslim Brotherhood!


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