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‘The Loss Of Jewish Sovereignty On The Mount’: Violent Muslim Mob Prevents Jews From Visiting Temple Mount

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Inscribed: "God is only one God.  Far be it from his glory that he should have a son."

Inscribed: “God is only one God. Far be it from his glory that he should have a son.”

By Ryan Jones, Israel Today – “Groups of Jewish visitors were prevented from ascending the Temple Mount (Judaism’s holiest site) by a mob of hostile Muslim women on Wednesday morning.

Like [every] day, the Jewish groups lined up below the Temple Mount’s Mughrabi Gate, where police checked to make sure they weren’t committing the heinous crime of trying to bring a Bible into the premises. The Muslim authorities forbid the presence of Jewish and Christian holy items, and, out of fear, Israel plays along.

As the groups began to move through the gate, a group of Muslim women blocked their path and began hurling insults at the Jews. Police officers managed to disperse the women, only to then be confronted by an even larger group of angry Muslim men.

In order to avoid any violence, Israeli police decided to close the Temple Mount to non-Muslim visitors and ordered the Jewish groups to leave.

A similar incident occurred on Monday, when new Knesset member Moshe Feiglin (Likud) attempted to use his parliamentary immunity to enter the Temple Mount, but was turned away by security officials afraid of a confrontation with the Muslims.

Feiglin said it was ‘a clear admission of the loss of Jewish sovereignty on the Mount.’

In related news, Arab Muslim leaders have again warned US President Barack Obama to avoid visit the Temple Mount during his upcoming trip to Israel. Obama would almost certainly ascend the holy site with Israeli representatives or security, and Muslim leaders say this would legitimize what they call the Israeli ‘occupation’ of the Temple Mount.

‘We warn Obama not to cause damage to Palestinian interests or our holy sites,’ said a representative of the local Islamic Movement.” Source – Israel Today.

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Israel Turns Back Egypt’s Plauge Of Locusts That Blackens Southern Sky, ‘I’ve Lived Here For 30 Years And We Have Yet To See Anything Like This’

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Fortunately, a cold front is moving in, driving the cloud of locusts south and away from central Israel’s major population centers …

Update: Winds have changed, locusts reach Tel Aviv

By Aaron Kalman and Ron Friedman, The Times of Israel – “Israel’s spraying of agricultural fields in the south of the country Wednesday morning succeeded in turning the tide in a millions-strong locust invasion from across the Egyptian border. The Agriculture Ministry said that thanks to the crop-dusting, the locusts weren’t flying or able to lift off from the ground.

Two planes, assisted by ground crews and trucks, on Wednesday sprayed with pesticides the migrating insects that had settled in the area the day before. The teams sprayed a swath of 1,850 acres, beginning the procedure at 6 a.m and continuing into the early afternoon.

‘It’s like an insect cemetery down here,’ Omri Eytana, a farmer from Moshav Kmehin the Nitzana area, told Army Radio a little after 10 a.m. ‘There are [only] hundreds of locusts in the air, and they’re still spraying.’ He said his tomato crops were unharmed, because they are protected under nylon covers. Potato crops in the area were badly damaged, though, he said.

Shmuel Turgeman, who heads a government-run fund that organizes insurance for farmers, said the situation was ‘under control.’ Inspectors were out in the field gauging the extent of the damage to potatoes and other crops.

Though the locusts were moving northward, they were not expected to reach central Israel’s major population centers because of a cold front that was predicted to drive the insects to the south.

Southern Israel’s skies were blackened Tuesday by the wings of millions of the locusts as the largest infestation to hit the country in decades swarmed across the Egyptian border and settled to chow down on the crops of local farmers.

Local residents were instructed to stay indoors and close their windows and blinds.

‘I’ve lived here for 30 years and we have yet to see anything like this,’ said Yankale Moskovich, a farmer from Ramat Negev.” Read more.

Syrian Rebels: Conflict With Hezbollah Has Now Grown Into Hostility Against All Of Lebanon

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NOW – “The Free Syrian Amy said that the conflict they have with Hezbollah, which is allegedly fighting against them in Syria, has now grown into hostility against all of Lebanon.

‘[Our problem] today has become with Lebanon as a state, it is no longer solely with Hezbollah. It has… turned into an Arab, regional and international issue,’ the Anadolu Turkish news agency quoted the FSA as saying in a statement released on Tuesday evening.

The statement also warned that the ‘future’ of the Lebanese-Syrian border ‘is at risk… in case the attacks on Syrian territory and civilians do not stop.’

The FSA fired further accusations against Hezbollah, claiming that the Lebanese Shiite party is to send ‘between four and five thousand fighters’ to Syrian territory near Homs during the upcoming days.

The rebels also claimed that on Sunday, Hezbollah trained several of its members near the Lebanese town of Mashghara in West Beqaa ‘in order to send new [militants] to fight on Syrian soil.’

The statement added that the Shiite party established monitoring sites near Syrian border towns in an attempt to ‘control the international Damascus-Homs Highway.’

Moreover, the statement accused Hezbollah of carrying out ‘displacements and sectarian cleansing in a number of border towns… and burning many houses.'” Read more.

Video: Dutch Muslim Youths Praise Hitler For What He Did To The Jews

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Hadith, Sahih Muslim, 41:6985, “The Day of Judgement will not come about until Muslims fight the Jews, when the Jew will hide behind stones and trees. The stones and trees will say O Muslims, O Abdullah, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him …”

By Shoebat Foundation – “This is an incredible piece of video taken from an interview between a man and several Dutch Muslim youth. The hatred for Jews expressed by these boys is breathtaking. It never ceases to amaze that being likened to Hitler or Nazis is typically considered insulting and usually represents the end of any rational argument. Yet, these youths invoke Hitler’s name as if he was a hero. Meanwhile, Geert Wilders (also Dutch) is the one fighting charges of racism and intolerance.” Source – Shoebat Foundation.

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Al-Qaeda Studying IDF Patrols On Israeli-Syrian Border, ‘Decades Of Relative Quiet For Israel … Are Coming To An End’

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By AARON KALMAN, The Times of Israel – “Al-Qaeda operatives fighting the Syrian regime have been watching and studying IDF patrols along the border with Israel, from only meters away on the other side of the fence.

Members of the al-Furqan group — affiliated with the global al-Qaeda organization which has acted in Yemen and Iraq — were filmed close to Israel’s border, out in the open, in footage screened by Israel’s Channel 10 on Tuesday night.

In a number of videos uploaded to the internet, the fighters can also be seen holding various munitions, including old anti-tank rockets and heavy machine guns.

Sources in the IDF believe the gunmen affiliated with these and other terror groups are currently preoccupied with fighting President Bashar Assad’s regime, and that if they plan on turning their focus on Israel they won’t do so before they have more control in Syria, the TV report said. Plainly, though, it added, the decades of relative quiet for Israel on its border with Syria are coming to an end, and a year from now, Israel might have to brace itself to thwart cross-border attacks.

The latest reports confirm a Times of Israel story last week which said Assad’s forces have largely left the Syrian side of the Golan Heights. The footage screened on Tuesday included film taken in the Quneitra area of the Golan, the TV report said.

Though the ongoing fighting in Syria is not directed at Israel, the IDF and Israeli security officials are keeping a close watch on the situation in the neighboring country, preparing for any development …” Read more.

Flashback: Syrian Rebels: After Assad ‘We Have A Big Fight Against The Jews Ahead Of Us’ – “What will happen in Syria? The answer to that question holds immense significance for Israel. Yet, preoccupied with Iran’s nuclear program, Israel is neglecting the more immediate threat to its security that’s crystalizing on the other side of the Golan Heights… Bashar Assad, like his father Hafez, was never a friend of Israel’s – but nor was his worldview shaped exclusively by antagonism toward the Jewish State. The foreign fighters seeking his ouster, on the other hand, receive sustenance from a medieval theocracy that, in the words of John R. Bradley a preeminent Middle East expert who predicted the Egyptian revolution as early as 2009 ‘spews out a kind of anti-Semitic hatred not known since the Nazis.’” Read more.

Flashback: US: Obama Officially Recognizes Syrian Rebels, They’re ‘Reflective And Representative Enough Of The Syrian Population’ – “The West once again willingly lies in bed with Islamic fundamentalism, and once again Obama has done nothing but embolden, encourage and empower one of the greatest destroyers of peace that the world has ever known. If he was perfectly satisfied with the ‘destroy-Western-civilization-from-within‘ Muslim Brotherhood takeover of Egypt, then why not also be perfectly satisfied with anti-American jihadists in Syria who would love nothing more than to see the complete downfall of freedom as we know it?” Read more.

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