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Israel: Security Forces Clash With Violent Palestinian Protesters On Temple Mount, ‘What’s Taking Place Now … Is The First Sign Of A Third Palestinian Uprising’

According to Israel Radio, US President Barack Obama’s upcoming visit next month is also being cited as a reason for these new violent Palestinian protests. Seems like everything Obama does (or doesn’t do, depending on how you look at it) always somehow manages to inspire those of the Islamic faith to demonstrate to the world just how serious they truly are when it comes to their Allah, his Qur’an, and the “perfect man” responsible for all of it …

By Yoel Goldman and Stuart Winer, The Times of Israel – “Palestinian protests in Jerusalem and the West Bank turned violent on Friday, with demonstrators throwing stones at Israeli security forces at several locations.

At the Temple Mount in the capital’s Old City, Palestinians exiting Friday prayers hurled stones at security forces stationed near the Mughrabi Gate. Israeli forces stormed the area, entering the Temple Mount compound, and used stun grenades to disperse the protesters.

‘Our forces at the Mughrabi Gate [leading up to the Temple Mount compound] were hit by hails of stones,’ said Jerusalem District police chief Yossi Pariente. He said one policeman was lightly injured.

In Hebron, dozens of Palestinians attacked security forces with stones in the city’s Jewish quarter. A Border Police officer was lightly injured when hit by a brick hurled by protesters. He received initial medical treatment on the scene before being transferred to a hospital.

Hundreds of protesters also gathered at the Beitunia military checkpoint near the Ofer Prison outside Ramallah, where several Palestinian inmates are on a hunger strike. Dozens of them threw stones at IDF and Border Police stationed at the post.

In Nabi Saleh, also near Ramallah, security forces used live fire to disperse protesters.

Palestinian sources claimed dozens of people were lightly injured by tear-gas inhalation at the various demonstrations.

Israeli security forces had been placed on high alert ahead of the anticipated protests, following escalating demonstrations in recent days.

Senior PLO official Hanan Ashrawi told Channel 10 News that, for now, things are under control, but that ‘if something happens to any of the Palestinian prisoners, especially the hunger strikers, it will raise the ire of the public and lead to acts of retribution.’

Some Israeli experts believe the Palestinian Authority is using the issue of the hunger strikers to try to foster a first intifada-style Palestinian uprising.

Palestinian organizations in Gaza were carefully watching events unfold. Islamic Jihad official Habed Habib said ‘What’s taking place in the West Bank now is the first sign of a third Palestinian uprising. The Israeli occupation must be uprooted.’…

US President Barack Obama’s upcoming visit to Israel was also cited as a reason to draw protests, according to Israel Radio.” Read more.

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