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Irony: Former Egyptian Minister Who Says ‘We Should Use Our Brains’ Blames 9/11, Arab Spring And Sadat’s Assassination … On Jews

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Apparently this “we-should-use-our-brains” politician has lost his mind. But then again, such is the Islamist mindset

Former Egyptian Housing Minister Hassaballah El Kafrawy, 2/15/2013: “We should use our brains. We all remember what happened to the World Trade Center in New York. Was it Bin Laden who carried it out? The Jews left the building before the explosion. The airplanes were equipped with all possible monitoring devices, yet the attack was attributed to Islam… [The Arab Spring] began with Tunisia, then continued with Egypt, then Libya, then Bahrain, then Syria, and Iraq before all of them. Was all this coincidental, or was it premeditated? I say to those who claim that it was coincidental: No way. With all due respect, it was premeditated. It was all premeditated, in the interest of… I have a book called The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Get it?… When values are shaken to the core, along comes someone and boasts that he killed Anwar Sadat. I swear to God, Sadat was killed by the Jews, by Israel …”

Russian Meteorite 1,000 Times Larger Than Originally Thought, ‘This Event Was So Much Bigger Than Anything We’ve Seen’

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By Jeremy A. Kaplan, FoxNews – “It turns out the meteor that landed in Russia last week was a bit bigger than the 10 tons first reported. About 1,000 times bigger.

When a hunk of rock raced out of the morning skies over Russia on Friday and exploded with nearly 500 kilotons of energy, early size estimates from the Russian Academy of Sciences that were carried by the Associated Press, Reuters and other news wires pegged it on the small size, with a weight of about 10 tons.


Later in the evening, after studying infrasound data from stations around the world, NASA released a new estimate revising that first guess upward by a thousand-fold: The meteorite actually weighed closer to 10,000 tons, scientists said — approximately as much as 170 M1 Abrams tanks.

‘My guess is that someone eyeballed the videos and made an educated guess,’ said Margaret Campbell-Brown, associate professor in the department of physics and astronomy at the University of Western Ontario. ‘This event was so much bigger than anything we’ve seen on video that it doesn’t surprise me the guess was off by three orders of magnitude.’

That poor estimate underscores the daunting task scientists face today: While NASA’s Near-Earth Object Program currently tracks about 10,000 objects through the heavens, there are far, far more smaller objects that are simply too tiny to track.

‘If you think about objects the size of the one that came into Russia, you’re probably looking at 100 million up there. Of those likely to intersect Earth, there’s less, maybe 100,000,’ said K.T. Ramesh, director of the Hopkins Extreme Materials Institute and a professor of mechanical engineering at Johns Hopkins. ‘Space is pretty big.’

And the size of those smaller objects — whether they’re 10 tons or 10,000 tons — makes them impossible to track with current technology, he said.” Read more.

NASA Scrambles For Better Asteroid Detection – “NASA, universities and private groups in the US are working on asteroid warning systems that can detect objects from space like the one that struck Russia last week…  It is financing to the tune of $US5 million a project at the University of Hawaii called Atlas, or Asteroid Terrestrial-Impact Alert System. Researchers say ATLAS, which will monitor the entire visible sky every night, will be able to detect objects 45 metres in diameter a week before they hit our planet. For those measuring 150 metres in diameter, the system – which could be operational in late 2015 – will give a three week heads up.” Read more.

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Connecting The Dots: North Korean Nuke Test Was Attended, And Paid For, By Iran

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I’m not gonna say I told you so

World Tribune – “All intelligence indicators received and processed by GIS/Defense & Foreign Affairs show that the nuclear weapon tested by the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea) on Feb. 12, was paid for, and intended for, the Islamic Republic of Iran.

It was, in essence, a test of an Iranian nuclear weapon, and involved scientific as well as financial involvement by the Iranian government.

Moreover, the weapon was not — as some media reporting has averred — a ‘step toward’ a North Korean or Iranian nuclear weapons capability: it was in fact a demonstration of a common North Korean and Iranian operationally-ready nuclear weapon.

Just as North Korean officials indicated long before the first North Korean nuclear weapons demonstration on Oct. 9, 2006, that the North Koreans had effectively tested its weapons and proven their design in the May 1998 Chagai-I series of tests by Pakistan, so the North Korean tests — particularly the February 12, 2013, test, were to prove Iranian weapon design efficacy. However, given the commonality of the payload ‘nipple’ on the Iranian and North Korean missiles, it seems likely that the nuclear weapon design tested would be the baseline system for both countries.

North Korea on Feb. 12, 2013, at 03.57hrs GMT detonated its third nuclear explosion, a miniaturized warhead, at an underground site at Punggye-ri. Even by Feb. 14, 2013, there was no detectable aerial evidence of the test, so well protected was the test site.

However, seismic data indicated — through two different methods — that the warhead yield was at least double that of the second nuclear test on May 25, 2009, and was either six to seven kiloton yield or 10 kiloton yield, and was from a warhead sufficiently small to fit into the nose compartment already in service on the North Korea’s Taepo-Dong 2 and Iran’s Shihab 3D intermediate-range ballistic missiles.” Read more.

Iranian Nuke Chief Was In North Korea For Atomic Test – “The man whom Western intelligence agencies say may very well be the head of Iran’s clandestine nuclear weapons program was present as an observer last week when North Korea carried out a critical nuclear test, The British Sunday Times reported. According to the report Sunday, Mohsen Fakhrizadeh-Mahabadi very rarely leaves Iranian soil due to fear that Israel’s Mossad will make an attempt on his life, following an alleged pattern of previous assassinations of Iranian nuclear scientists. Fakhrizadeh-Mahabadi is currently pursuing technology that would enable his country to assemble a nuclear warhead compact enough to be fitted to the ballistic missile technology in its possession, Western intelligence sources reportedly said.” Read more.

‘I Saw Flames Coming From It As It Was Falling’: Orange And Red Fireballs Light Up The Night Sky Over Florida

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Don’t worry. Nothing to see here. This “rare sight” happens all the time …

By Daily Mail – “Residents in south Florida spotted something in the horizon that they described ‘as orange or red fireballs in the sky,’ according to officials.

Amanda Mayer, of the West Palm Beach area, told reporters that she noticed the bright flare in the night sky on Sunday and thought it was somebody flashing a light.

Mayer said she hit the record button on her camera just in time to capture the rare sight.

‘I was like, ‘Wow! That’s weird,’ said Mayer. ‘I just started videotaping, and that’s when it happened.’

The bright flare that many saw was likely a sporadic meteor, said Coast Guard Petty Officer 3rd Class Sabrina Laberdesque.

A sporadic meteor is a rocky object that comes from the asteroid belt, Mike Hankey, operations manager for the American Meteor Society in New York, told NBC News.

He said that his organization received 27 reports within about the first two hours of the incident, an unusual amount for what he called a ‘common’ event.

‘This is a lot of reports to come in quickly,’ Hankey said.

Gauging by those reports, the meteor passed somewhere over the ocean, he noted.

‘These fireballs are common,’ Hankey said. ‘It’s rare for any one person to see one more than once or twice in their lifetime. But on any given night, it might happen somewhere in the globe a few times in a day.’

‘People should not be scared of the sky falling,’ he added.” Read more.

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Egypt: Muslims Attack Church Again During ‘Reconciliation Meeting’ After Christians Plead For Justice Following First Attack

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By Mary Abdelmassih, AINA – “Hundreds of Copts rallied on Sunday evening against the torching of St. Georges church in Sarsena on Friday (AINA 2-16-2013), as well as the escalation of destruction of churches by Muslims. Several Coptic rights groups organized a march from Shubra, a densely populated area in Cairo, to the High Court building in downtown Cairo, to ‘demand justice’ as the organizers said.

Demonstrators demanded the Sarsena church be rebuilt and the perpetrators be prosecuted, in addition to the assailants of previous attacks on the churches during the last two years since the ousting of Mubarak. They also demanded an end to the customary “reconciliation” meetings forced on Copts by the authorities, in which Copts lose all their rights.

‘We are going down to the streets for the church torched in Fayoum,’ said Yvonne Mosad, PR of Maspero Coptic Youth Union, ‘and against the customary reconciliation meetings held every time something takes place against the Copts. We want the application of the law.’

The Coptic demonstrators included a large number of children accompanying their parents. A large number of liberal Muslims joined the demonstration.

The marchers chanted ‘Maspero, Maspero,’ calling for the completion of their march to the State radio and TV building in Maspero, the site of the massacre that killed 24 Copts and injured over 300 (AINA 10-10-2011).

According to officials, the attack on St. George’s Church was triggered by a Muslim family living next to the church, who complained about the sound coming from the church during mass on Fridays and Sundays. The Muslim family has been living next to the church for 15 years and had not complained previously. During the attack on Friday, Muslims voiced the real issue, which was the church is ‘an unlawful neighbor to the Muslims who live adjacent to it and must therefore be moved.’ …

A customary ‘reconciliation’ meeting was held on Saturday evening, which many found to be unfair and humiliating, like all such previous meetings forced by authorities. The meeting was attended by seven Copts without the presence of the clergy, four of whom were chosen by the Muslims, the Muslim neighbor family that complained, four Muslim arbitrators and the heads of the security and Chief of Detectives in Tamiya.

The church was attacked once again by Muslims While the meeting was in progress. Molotov Cocktails and stones were hurled at the church while Muslims shouted ‘We do not want the church.’ Some Muslims climbed up the church to completely destroy the remains of the wooden dome.” Read more.

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