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Tanzania: Christian Pastor Beheaded By Angry Muslim Mob Demanding That All Christian-Owned Meat Shops Be Closed

By Meddy Mulisa, allAfrica – “Bukoba — A PASTOR with the Tanzania Assemblies of God (TAG) Church at Buseresere has been beheaded during religious-linked conflicts at Buseresere town, in Geita Region.

A spokesperson for the Geita Regional Police Commander’s Office, Mr Denis Stephano, identified the deceased pastor as Mathayo Kachili.

He said conflicts had been boiling for quite a while now in the area where a section of what are believed to be Muslim leaders had demanded immediate closure of butcheries owned by Christians.

He said that a group of youths believed to be Muslims assaulted several Christians using sticks and machetes and attacked a butchery owner at Buseresere town. During the confrontations pastor Kachili was beheaded.

According to Mr Stephano, several people are believed to have been injured, some in critical condition and were admitted to Buseresere hospital to receive treatment. He said the Chato District Commissioner (DC), Mr Rodrick Mpogolo, visited the scene and called for calm and religious tolerance among believers of the two faiths.” Read more.

Flashback: Tanzania: Mob Of Islamists Destroy Dozens Of Churches, ‘We Want The Heads Of All The Church Pastors’ – “Dozens of Christian worship places have been destroyed by Islamic extremists in Tanzania and church leaders are fleeing its heavily Muslim island of Zanzibar, as the persecution of Christians spreads throughout East Africa… a mob of Muslim protestors carrying clubs, swords and machetes invaded two churches shouting ‘We want the head of Bishop Shayo’ … When they failed to break into the church, the mob moved on to the Anglican church of Reverend Emmanuel Masoud where the crowd broke windows and were seen hacking at the doors while chanting: ‘We need the head of Masoud!’ and We want the heads of all the church pastors in Zanzibar!’” Read more.

Flashback: Tanzania: Muslim Mobs Torch Churches, Seek To Behead 14-Year-Old Christian Boy After Allegations Of Qur’an Desecration – “Violent clashes erupted in Dar es Salaam’s Mbagala suburb yesterday when scores of Muslim youth stormed a police station and demanded that a 14-year-old boy accused of urinating on the Quran be handed over to them. In the aftermath of the confrontation, at least five churches were attacked, several car windows smashed and passersby injured as the angry mob moved from street to street at Mbagala Kizuiani protesting the desecration of the holy book… The incident turned deadly after the angry Muslims mobilised more support during Friday prayers, reportedly in an attempt to grab the boy from the police station and behead him.” Read more.

  1. 02/14/2013 at 12:45 PM

    Jihad is spreading rapidly through Africa.


  2. 02/14/2013 at 7:36 PM

    I am so sick of this. Where are the Christians rights?


  3. Joseph Rashid (left islam)
    02/21/2013 at 8:51 AM

    ISLAM IS Savage by origin, Allah calls for such activities to no believers himself. SO LET US COME TO TERMS AND THAT IT IS THE REALITY FROM THE KORAN IT SELF. THERE IS NO Islamic extremists at all, a moslem is a moslem, there is no moderate or extremist, unless there is a moderate Koran and a savage KORAN. THERE IS A MUSLIM AND INFIDELS ACCORDING TO ALLAH. SO WAKE UP.

    Now, let us have a closer look at what the Koran says about the infidels:-

    • Slay the unbelievers wherever you find them(2:191)
    • Make war on the infidels living in your neighboorhood (9:123)
    • When opportunity arises, kill the infidels wherever you catch them (9:5)
    • Kill the Jews and the Christians if they do not convert to Islam or refuse to pay Jizya tax (9:29)
    • Any religion other than Islam is not acceptable (3:85)
    • The Jews and the Christians are perverts; fight them (9:30)
    • Maim and crucify the infidels if they criticise Islam. (5:33)
    • The infidels are unclean; do not let them into a mosque (9:28)
    • Punish the unbelievers with garments of fire, hooked iron rods, boiling water; melt their skin and bellies
    • Do not hanker for peace with the infidels; behead them when you catch them (47:4)
    • The unbelievers are stupid; urge the Muslims to fight them (8:65)
    • Muslims must not take the infidels as friends (3:28)
    • Terrorise and behead those who believe in scriptures other than the Qur’an (8:12)
    • Muslims must muster all weapons to terrorise the infidels (8:60)

    The Qur’an certainly proclaims that when the time is appropriate, Muslims must use force to convert the unbelievers to Islam. For the non-Muslims, the alternative to this is to pay the humiliating protection money (Jizya tax) or be killed (by beheading, of course). A militarily dominant Islam, without doubt, precludes the peaceful co-existence with the unbelievers if the Muslims have to abide strictly by the unalterable stipulations of the Qur’an.


  4. mathew george
    02/21/2013 at 9:48 AM

    Why Muslims Kill so Much

    Scientific breakthrough: Islamic TERRORISM is not impulsive or race related but systematically passed on through the Q’URAN, Imitation of mohammad and islamic culture.

    Turns out: IDEAS, WORDS, and BELIEFS precede and determine actions. Moreover, 99% of domestic and international terrorism stems from Muslims sincerely and faithfully obeying “divine and perfect” Q’uranic Commands and emulating, propagating and condoning the violence, murder, rape and pedophilia evinced in Islam’s quintissential role model: Mohammad. Muslims who regard the Q’uran as the unalterable word from Allah have, by definition, one goal: to obey the Q’uran as exampled by Mohammad’s life well documented in the Q’uran, Hadith and Sira.

    As one cannot be a true and saved Christian without obeying and imitating Christ, so Muslims cannot be true and saved unless they obey Mohammad’s command and example found in the Muslim Holy Texts of Q’uran, Hadith and Sira. Here is the salient point: Mohammad’s behavior is thought to be perfect and obligatory behavior for all Muslims. The problem is Mohammad’s list of brutalities, war mongering, torturing and crucifying people, beheading, stoning, amputating, burning and then gouging out eyes is held to be evil by sane people. But if Mohammad practiced it, to Muslims, it’s not evil but beautiful and the only path to a paradise full of lusty virgins and rivers of liquor.

    Studies have shown that when Muslims leave Islam and convert to Christianity, secularism, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism or ANY OTHER WORLD VIEW – they seem to stop killing. Most conclude this is because the ex-Muslim no longer feels obligated to obey Mohammad’s Q’uranic commands to exterminate or subordinate all infidels and conquer the world by abolishing every government and religion and making all people submit to Islam and Sharia Law.
    Mohammad and the Q’uran teach Muslims to Behead People

    Now that extensive research and observation have made this clear, security forces can concentrate on Muslims and spare Baptists, Jews, Christians, Atheists, Country Music Fans and all the rest who DO NOT ADHERE TO IDEAS WORDS AND BELIEFS based on Mohammad’s violent teachings.
    For those who haven’t studied the Q’uran, Mohammad’s teachings are the OPPOSITE OF JESUS’ teachings: Love your enemies and pray for them vs Islam’s dictim to kill one’s enemies and ask Allah to burn them in Hell forever.

    In Islam an enemy is ANY NON-MUSLIM, whom the Q’uran villfies with the derisive slur of Kuffar.

    Mohammad instructs ALL MUSLIMS TO TERRORIZE AND MURDER EVERY JEW, CHRISTIAN AND INFIDEL until they are submissive to Islam.

    Read it here: Mohammad says KILL!

    I was skeptical when I first heard this and called the person who told me a bigot and racist, pointing out that Western Muslims were often friendly to adulterers, atheists, prostitutes and gays.

    But then I realized that Islam is not a race but a group of people who feel obligated by Allah to OBEY AND IMITATE Mohammad and that Muslim Sharia law commands all Muslims to hang gays and stone women in countries where Islam is practiced unfetterd by the Christian values held dear in the West: love, grace, mercy and forgivness. I decided to research Islam further.

    Turns out, Mohammad murdered sassy women, skeptical critics and Muslims who missed Friday prayers were burned alive, in addition to the regular beheading of Jews, Christians and infidels.

    The reason is Mohammad heard a voice he thought was the angel Gabriel who said the greatest sin is disobedience to Islam and so any form of slaughter, rape or torture toward Kuffars, that is unbelieving infidels, was noble and good because, most people, when given a choice of being beheaded or converting to Islam – choose Islam.

    To the Muslim – terrorism is a win win, because the Q’uran is VERY CLEAR that Muslims get to keep the booty of decapitated infidels and raping the surviving daughters and wives is a Muslim perk but more importantly, those who see their relatives impaled on poles quickly became Muslims!!!
    In India alone, Mohammad’s immediate successors killed 200 million Hindus, destroyed all their temples and much of the country converted to Islam as a result.

    Modern terrorism, Islam and Muslim culture focuses on the examples Mohammad set. Once Mohammad took a hot iron and burned out the eyes of men who stole his camels. He then gouged out their eyes, cut off their hands and feet and placed their still alive bodies on scalding hot black desert rocks. The screams could be heard for a mile. Then he crucified them. Read it in the Holy Muslim Texts here:

    Mohammad Burned out Human Eyes

    Mohammad said the angel Gabriel told him to kill atheists, Hindus, Jews and Christians.

    Mohammad talked about peace early in his career when he was powerless in Mecca, but when he had his own army, he preached about killing the Jews who rejected him as their prophet and Allah as their god. This is called abrogation in Islam: later verses obviate and nullify earlier verses.

    In the Q’uran, Mohammad teaches all Muslims to make mortal war against every unbeliever until they SUBMIT TO ISLAM. Islam means submission.


    If only we had someone NOT CORRUPTED BY POLITICALLY CORRECT LIES willing to act responsibly according to what we know about terrorism:

    1. 99.9 % of Terrorists are MUSLIMS of Arab descent.
    2. Muslims are compelled to emulate Mohammad who was a sadist, murderer, pedophile and terrorist.
    3. Mohammad ADVOCATED TERRORISM in the Q’uran.

    Since the above is true, here is what should happen at the airport:

    1. Are you a Muslim? Yes? FULL SECURITY SCAN.
    2. Are they of apparent Arab descent? Yes? FULL SECURITY SCAN.

    Presently EVERYONE must endure the shame belonging to Islamic terrorists. This plan will eliminate 99% of present costs and inconvenience while catching 99% of the trouble makers.

    But do those committed to Mohammad’s way of life merit special treatment?

    When any human openly confesses support for the Q’uran that INSTRUCTS MUSLIMS EVERYWHERE TO WAGE MURDEROUS VIOLENT TERRORIST JIHAD AGAINST ALL INFIDELS, that person earns a rightful, reasonable, good, appropriate and just scrutiny.
    What is the cost of this plan?

    A few Muslims who propagate Mohammed’s teachings of murder, Jihad and stoning women, apostates and critics are scrutinized. Anyone who thinks it’s right to bury a woman up to her neck in dirt and throw rocks at her face until death muffles her screams, in the year 2010, DESERVES MORE TROUBLE THAN THIS.
    A few non Muslim Arabs are subjected to the rigor that ALL PEOPLE now face.

    The benefit?

    Lives are saved as we target the overwhelming demographic responsible for never ending Islamic terrorism. If JUST ONE LIFE IS SAVED, it’s worth it. Anyone who PLACES POLITICAL CORRECTNESS over life is self condemned.

    THE MAJORITY OF PEOPLE WHO ARE NOT DISCIPLES OF A MURDERER are spared the ignominy rightfully belonging to those idolizing a pedophile raping murderer


  5. Ahmed Simon
    02/21/2013 at 9:56 AM


    By Ahmed Simon


    Warning – This article is for men, women and children who have the ability to think.

    Human beings are born free, are Free to talk, Free to choose our friends and free to do whatever we THINK we want to do. Our laws are enshrined with all these cardinal points of various individual freedoms, especially in non-Muslim nations. And above all, the greatest freedom we have is the freedom of thought. Absolute followers cannot and will never be freethinkers. Just like sheep, they need only brainlessly follow like morons. The choices rational human beings make, are based on their individual capacity to THINK for themselves. Freedom in thought to believe in anything we want, is our greatest asset. If we think something is not to our needs, we can rethink and are free to change our minds. It is up to the rational thinking person to THINK and come to a conclusion and act as concluded. From the creation of man, God gave us the brain to THINK critically and held us responsible for our actions from the very beginning of the human race. The true genuine nature of God demands and expects rational thinking of his created humans.

    In Islam, Allah (Muslim God) demands believers (Muslims) to surrender to him completely and to obey his every command in the Quran in its totality. Allah states in the Quran that everything recorded in the Quran are of his own words. Allah’s unconditional demands in the Quran to his followers are absolute. Muslim scholars of more then 200 Islamic sects, agree, confirm and believe this is absolutely true, and it is mandatory to obey Allah’s commands in the Quran, with no reservation of any kind by every Muslim. (No ‘buts’ allowed).

    1. The Quran is a book of an imperfect scripture (with errors, contradictions, stupidities, historical inaccuracies and with only 114 chapters against the Bible’s 1,179 chapters). The chapters of the Quran are not arranged in importance, continuity, sacredness, biography, chronology, significance or sequence of any sort, but are arranged simply by length – the longest chapter, followed by the next longest chapter and the last chapter with just 6 lines. Verses are disorderly arranged and jumbled up in unrelated subjects/topics. Christians will be horrified to know that there is no prophecy, no chronology, no geography, no biography of anybody (not even Muhammad), no ministry, no history, no proverbs, no parables, no miracles, no psalms, no sequence of any sort in the Quran; and generally is just do’s and don’t, like an instruction book of a vacuum cleaner; and with punitive punishments, reprisals and rewards specified. In stark contrast, the Bible is the only religious scripture in this entire world (which contains everything the Quran does not have, as mentioned above, and which begins chronologically with the creation of this universe and the human race; and ends with the universe and the human race. No other religious Scripture, anywhere in this world, can categorically state such a Complete Testimony of the universe and the human race and that too in an accurate chronological setting from the beginning to the end. The Quran is not a book for the intelligent and the rational thinking person, as I will prove its illogic, fraud and stupidity in the following items, which makes it a fake.

    2. In view of Allah’s demand on believers for absolute and unconditional obedience, Allah states categorically, (Sura 33.36) [“And it becometh not a believing man or a believing woman, when Allah and his messenger have decided an affair (for them), that they should (after that) claim any say in their affair; and whoso is rebellious to Allah and his messenger, he verily go astray in error manifest.”] So believers (Muslims) have no right to think independently in their own affairs, because Allah and his messenger have already done the thinking for them, and all the Muslims are required to do is, to just obey (like sheep) their Allah’s words as in the Quran, and becoming totally obedient morons. If Muslims do not obey and follow, they will be considered by Allah as rebellious and face the consequences. But, in the same breath (Sura) Allah also demands Muslims to obey his human messenger (giving equal status as mentioned) with Allah? No other religion on earth demands absolute and unconditional obedience to a human messenger. This is unique only in Islam and defies all logic. In stark contrast, the Christian Bible in the words of the Lord, demand followers to have independent rational thinking and to even test/question/challenge all prophets rationally for the truth. Why shouldn’t Muslims use their God-given brains for independent rational thinking in their own affairs, as the Christians do? Like a magician, once he gets people to believe in his optical illusions, he has complete control of everything he wants people to believe. By taking control of your mind, and getting other believers to force those not in control, is this not depriving Muslims from questioning and leaving Islam if the need be? Either you believe or are forced by believers to conform and hold the grip. Almost everything in Islam is forced upon, with no choices, and against rational thinking people’s will. Exceptional rewards are promised to believers, to keep Muslims within Islam’s grip. Islam is sure a trap with no way out, and if a Muslim tries to get out, will be killed as an apostate (Sura 4:89). Isn’t this why Muslims dare not criticise Muslims who commit murder, bombings, etc? So, with no rational thinking allowed, Islam has proved itself to be a trap. Is this from God or a fake religion?

    3. Once someone gets control of believers in an ideology, then it will work its way up, just like communism did; who got control of half the world at one time. People who got thinking rationally, and wise to communism and its propaganda of claims, and it eventually fell to obscurity. Truth always has a way of emerging victorious in the end. In the same light, Allah claims in numerous verses that all Jewish prophets are believers in Islam and ‘confirms’ these Jewish prophets to be ‘Muslims’. But the problem here is that Allah did not say in his Quran, who all these Jewish prophets were, to inform his believers who are in the dark now. There is no complete list of these Jewish prophets, in the Quran; leave alone proof of them being ‘Muslims’; and that too even before the Quran was invented? Are those Jewish prophets who are not mentioned in the Quran, (but mentioned in the Jewish/Christian scriptures) part of Allah’s Scripture or not? And how did these Jewish prophets know about Allah/Islam, when the Quran did not exist yet (which was invented only after (at least) 786 A.D. 154 years after Muhammad was poisoned to death in 632 A.D.; (see “The Invention of Islam”)? Whereas, Jesus was recorded by the Apostles who lived with him (and the Quran/Allah have the cheek to claim the bible is corrupted). There is not a single acceptable historical record of any Jewish Prophet having been a Muslim. Just claiming does not make them ‘Muslims’, does it? Of all the people, Jews/Jewish prophets really accepting Islam? Jews are laughing at these claims, and wondering why Muslims are making claims on Jews (like Abraham, Noah, etc), which even astounds Christians. The Jews are so passionate of their Jewishness that the majority of Jews did not even accept Jesus, a Jew; just because Jesus removed the barbaric Jewish beliefs of the previous era and made it obsolete, which the Muslims have blindly copied and are following, even today. Would the Jews accept Muhammad, an Arab, or any Arab for that matter? It’s not even remotely possible, right? Because of all these, it is a fact that Allah/Quran is lying and Islam is a fake.

    4. Allah claims in Sura 3:50 that he revealed the Torah and in Sura 5:48 Allah claims he revealed the Gospel and the Torah. So was Allah revealing to Jesus the Gospel – about his trial in front of Pontius Pilate, whispering in Jesus’ ears of all the happenings around the fourteen Stations of the Cross, about Jesus’ shout to God, the torn temple curtain, the earthquake, the breaking open of graves, the Roman army officer’s response, about the Romans fleeing; and foretelling Jesus in ‘detailed whispers’ of all the numerous events to follow, while Jesus was bleeding in agony? These are all part and parcel of the Gospel. So did Allah reveal this entire Gospel to Jesus as Allah claims? It does sound absurd, ridiculous and plain stupid, doesn’t it? Allah further claims All Jewish/Christian Scriptures came from him, but he mentioned only the Torah and the Gospel in the Quran. The problem here is that the Torah is only 5 out of the thirty-nine books – just 12.8% of the total Jewish Scripture (Judaism counts them as 24 books only, because they join some together in the Tanakh). For the Bible, Allah mentioned just an Injil (Gospel). But there are four Injil (Gospels). In Sura 5:46 Allah clearly claims he revealed the Gospel (Not in the plural form) to Jesus. So which Injil (Gospel) did he refer to? Because the Quran says baby Jesus talked in his cradle, from this, we can assume it was the Gospel of Luke, since only Luke’s gospel described the birth of Christ. But there is a problem here, because less than 10% of this very Gospel is in the Quran. (But the Allah’s ridiculous tale of baby Jesus talking in his cradle – is a laughable joke to Christians?) Even if we take one whole Gospel, from a total of 66 books – it is just 1.5% of the Bible only. The Torah is NOT the Jewish Scripture, but just a very small part; and the Gospel of Luke is NOT the Christian Scripture, but just a tiny part of it. And this Allah has the cheek to claim ALL scriptures of Judaism and Christianity to be in his Quran – Where? (Is it in invisible ink, because I don’t see it in the Quran?) It is no wonder that so little of the Torah and the Gospel of Luke are mentioned in the Quran leaving out most of the prophets from the Bible and that too inaccurately. The Quran is relatively a small scripture book; that one will need three Qurans to transfer everything from one Jewish scripture; leave alone the Bible, which is even more voluminous. It is clear and obvious this Allah doesn’t know ALL the scriptures of Judaism and Christianity, which he falsely claims he revealed, but is obviously lying wholesale, to ignorant Muslims. It is also obvious that only some parts of the Torah and Gospel of Luke were plagiarized/copied. How did Jewish prophets become Muslims in pre-Islamic times and that too before the Quran was invented is a ridiculous claim? If this Allah is God, shouldn’t he have known all this? So, isn’t this Allah not a God – but a fake; a non-existent creation of Muhammad? Since Allah is a fake, doesn’t it confirm that Islam is a fake?

    5. In Islamic Sects, a religious structure does not exist or even specified anywhere in the Quran, Hadiths or Sunna. Unlike Christian Sects, who all have a proper structural hierarchy with leaders/representatives? But in Islam, the Sunni sect, has no leader for all Sunni followers or the Shia (Shiite) for all their followers, and so forth. Why did Allah leave this state of chaos in Islam? Couldn’t he have anticipated or foretold that Muslims will end up killing (even in mosques) each other from different sects, like it is happening now in Indonesia, Bangla Desh, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, etc. Why did Allah fail to see this happening? Even if Allah failed, why couldn’t and do not Muslims themselves get together to have a leader/representative? A Sunni Muslim cannot even lead/represent/talk for all Sunnis. Why cann’t Muslims solve this problem, even today? Let me tell you why – because Islam is a fake.

    6. Arabs in front of the Kaaba in Mecca, were initially facing it for all prayers in pre-Islamic times. Arabs beyond did not have to, as per the Hindu practice of respect. (As for facing the Kaaba – the Hindus always show respect in facing their respected/venerated as it was in pre-Islamic times). Then comes Allah demanding ALL Muslims to face only Jerusalem instead, for all Muslim prayers (as in Sura 2:142-145). Hundreds of years later, Allah changed his mind and demanded all Muslims to face only the Kaaba to pray, all over again, when the Quran was finally invented. During the time the Muslims were facing Jerusalem, the Muslims in between these two cities were showing their backsides to the Kaaba. Why did Muslims disrespect the Kaaba in this way on Allah’s orders? Was Allah’s first command wrong? Why was this Allah so fickle minded? Why should All worldwide Muslims, face the Kaaba to pray in the first place? Or for that matter if God is everywhere, why face only in one direction to pray? Is Allah squatting only in the Kaaba? How did this come about? From pre-Islamic rituals – In Hinduism it is disrespectful not to face someone/something in holiness or to a person in high regard, like a king, parents, grandparents, etc when in communication (See “the Invention of Islam”). Thus, Hindus who are in front, face them in respect, – never the back towards them. See next item.

    7. In sura 15:19 Allah says that the Earth is flat (and not a sphere) “ the earth spread out (like a carpet)” and to drum this “scientific Islamic theory of a flat earth” into the believers (Muslims), it is also repeated in 20:53 as a bed, & 43:10 as a resting place, & 78:6 as an expanse, & 84:3 spread out, & 88:20 spread. As if that is not enough stupidity, Allah goes further and confirms in Sura 18:87 the sun sets everyday in a muddy spring water on the earth, and people living there. How one would get a huge sun to land on such a relatively tiny planet like earth, sends all logic out the window. The burning fires of the Sun (thousands of degrees centigrade) will set the whole earth into a ball of fire and disintegrate it in just a millisecond, even before it gets within 1 Million Kilometers of earth. Where this spherical world has “its setting-place”, defies all logic and is sheer stupidity by this Allah, or is it actually this Muhammad speaking that Sura, on his behalf? The sun being a ball of fire and cannot even come a little bit closer, does not seem to have dawned on this Allah YET, since the Quran is meant for all time, so technically, even now Allah thinks the earth is flat and the sun sets everyday on earth. This Allah thought he was cleverer than the Hindus and decided to be one up on them and made it compulsory for ALL the Muslims to face the Kaaba to pray (or was it this Muhammad, actually?). And why not, he thought; since he imagined the world is as flat as a carpet and a bed. But when the world is a sphere as it actually is, the Muslims have ended facing the outer space instead, due to this Allah’s stupidity, and it makes a mockery of all believers (Muslims) trying to strain their necks round the spherical world. This has become a comic of errors with Muslims straining everyday (5 times each day) to face the Kaaba and failing to do so. So isn’t Allah a fake, especially, if he ‘claims’ he created it? Or is it Muhammad and his cronies, who actually invented the Quran, who not only thought the earth is flat, but his other “Scientific Islamic theory” of the Sun revolving round the earth in sura 39:5 – how ‘scientific’ all this Allah’s Quranic knowledge sounds, especially to the nut-cases? With so many illogical and stupid verses in the Quran, I cannot imagine anyone saying that Islam is from a true God. In other words, Islam is a fake.

    8. The Quran was at the least, a minimum of 154 years in the making, AFTER Muhammad died (In the maximum – it could have even been hundreds of years in the making –see the Invention of Islam). But what is known for sure; is that there were many people involved and coined verses; in the making of the Quran (Muhammad and his 700 companions, Muhammad’s wives, concubines, temporary wives, slaves, relatives, friends, scribes – (at least one was a Christian, who the Arabs accused of inventing the Quran for Muhammad), two caliphs, and Zayed Ibn Thabit who compiled, recompiled and re-recompiled, and edited and reedited and even withdrew the initially distributed Qurans under Abu Bakr, and had them burnt. Is it because Satan had a hand in the making of the Quran as admitted in Sura 22:52? How much is Satan’s part in this Quran is left to the One True God? Wasn’t Allah strong enough to thwart Satan’s work in the very first instance? All this is confirmed as proof, by none other than Allah himself, in his own words, in the Quran. In Sura 2.106 Allah clearly states [“Such of Our revelations as We abrogate (cancel)(Naskh) or cause to be forgotten, we bring (in place) one better or the like thereof. Knowest thou not that Allah is Able to do all things.”] Now if this Allah ‘is able to do all things’, then why didn’t this Allah get it right the very first time, (as the Christian Bible) instead of canceling and replacing lots of Sura? Why did this Allah write a sura and then replace it with a better sura? By replacing with a better sura, Allah is admitting all his initial sura were not ‘better’? And what does “cause to be forgotten” got to do with canceling and replacing some sura? As if this is not deceitful enough; Allah has to repeat this deceit in Sura 16:101 saying, [“And when we put a revelation in place of (another) revelation, – And Allah knoweth best what He revealeth – they say: Lo! Thou art but inventing. Most of them know not.”] So it is obvious from this Sura, that there were Arabs already saying this is a deceitful inventing, right? So even the Arab people of Muhammad’s time knew Islam is (artificially) being invented. If “Allah knoweth best” his words sure don’t show it by his own admissions? Even Allah doesn’t dismiss all of those Arabs who saw through this deceit, but says only “most of them”, he doesn’t say ‘all of them’, does he? That leaves Allah to admit to some of the Arabs, of his deceitful and fake Islam. Why did this Allah waste so much time writing, canceling, rewriting; writing, replacing, rewriting, – did this Allah have nothing else useful to do? Or is it not a ‘God’ who is admitting all this, but just an ordinary man, as this self-appointed prophet (with no witnesses to his prophetship) of Islam or is it all the other people who had a hand in the making of the Quran? I know why these admissions were made because; people knew the Quran was changed and corrupted from the initially distributed Qurans and some admission became necessary to justify its corruption and changes. So Islam confirms itself to be a fake by its own admissions. What more is there to say, except to agree with the Quran’s own admissions, that Islam is corrupted and changed, making it a fake.

    9. As you already know in item 4, Allah claimed that it was he who revealed the Jewish and Christian Scriptures to the Jews/Christians. But, in Sura 2:159 Allah says, [“Those who hide the proofs and the Guidance which We had made it clear in the Scriptures: such are accursed of Allah and accursed of those who have the power to curse.”] Now there are a lot of questions here unanswered with this Sura. 1. Why did Allah want the scriptures he supposedly gave to the Jews/Christians? 2. If Allah was indeed a God, couldn’t he, by just flicking his fingers, taken the scriptures back? 3. Were the Jews and Christians so powerful to hide their scriptures from this Allah? 4. In the same tone, was Allah so weak in comparison with the Jews/Christians? 5. Since he claims, it is he who gave the Scriptures, isn’t there anything left of it, in his memory? 6. What kind of a God is this Allah, if the Jews and Christians can hide something from him? 7.Why is this Allah cursing the Jews/Christians for hiding their own scriptures? 8. If this Allah “made it clear” surely he should be able to reproduce it, instead of cursing. Or did he want it to plagiarize/copy in full into the Quran? So who is this powerless Allah? Is it this Muhammad himself who is saying all this? Whatever the answers, and whether it is Allah or Muhammad speaking, it surely, without a doubt, indicates that Islam is a fake. Probably, who ever was inventing this Quran, might not have been able to proceed properly without plagiarizing/copying from the Jews/Christians. Like in Sura 2:140, [“Or say ye that Abraham and Ismael, and Isaac, and Jacob, or the tribes were Jews and Christians? Do ye know best, or doth Allah? And who is more unjust than he who hideth a testimony, which he had received from Allah? Allah is not unaware of what ye do.”] Here again Allah/Muhammad is threatening the Jews and Christians for hiding their own testimony (Scriptures)(Hiding scripture also repeated in 3:187). Why do they need the scriptures if not to copy into the Quran? So by killing and wiping out the Jews and Christians in Saudi Arabia, there ended a situation, with no one with knowledge or possession of the Scriptures of the Jews and the Christians. So Muhammad’s savage misdeeds backfired on him for his new religion and he paid the price for it. But, think about it, the possibility would have been there, when Muhammad and his 700 companions raided innocent Jewish and Christian Villages and robbed their properties, there could have been the Jewish and Christian Scriptures among them. Can you imagine what would have happened if they did manage to copy/plagiarize everything into the Quran (other than the Quran being bloated 10 times in volume). It is very unlikely, that the more than 150,000 Jews and Christians living in Saudi Arabia before Muhammad, would not have had their scriptures with them. The irony is that none of Muhammad and his companions could read or write – So even seeing them, would not have known, that what they were looking for all along, was destroyed by their own hands by the spirit of our Lord’s intervention, so burying Islam as a fake cult to the stupidity it contains, today.

    10. The Muslims are quick to condemn the Jewish and Christian scriptures as changed and corrupted. This theory has been laughed at, mocked, made fun of, scorned and condemned in the Maddrassahs by Muslims for Muslims. But when one questions a Muslim clergy what part or the specifics of the corruption, they suddenly fall into a trance and become instantly dumb. Their clergy, to cover up the mistakes/contradictions and stupidities in the Quran, tell almost all Muslims this theory in their Islamic education from childhood and repeated and repeated over and over again. This is to keep the Muslims from giving up Islam, if they knew the truth of the Quran being changed and corrupted. The best way of defense is to go on the offensive, right? To cover up the Quran’s corruption, what better way, to lie and condemn the others in defense of their Allah? So the Muslims shamelessly perpetuate this lie, time after time with no proof of any Jewish and Christian Scripture’s corruption. The Quran states in Sura 10:64-65, [“Those who believe and keep their duty (to Allah). Theirs are good tidings in the life of the world and in the Hereafter – There is no changing in the words of Allah (in the Quran) – That is the supreme Triumph.”] No changing in the words of Allah? Lets look at another verse; in Sura 6:34, [“… There is none to alter the decisions of Allah.”] Allah goes further and commands Muhammad in Sura 10:95, [“And is thou (Muhammad) art in doubt concerning that which We reveal unto thee, then question those (Christians) who read the scripture (that was) before thee (Bible). So be not thou of the waverers.”] >From this Sura we can see that Allah is asking Muhammad to ask Christians, whenever, he is in doubt about the Quran. So here you have a so-called ‘prophet’ who is told by a so-called God, to learn from ordinary Christians, to clear his doubts. So what kind of a ‘prophet’ is this Muhammad, when even Allah wants him to seek the Christians’ help for Islam? Now we come to the coup de grace for the faux pas. In the Arabic Quran, Sura 27:91, reads [“I am commanded only to serve the Lord of this land which he had Hallowed, and unto him all things belong. And I am commanded to be of those who surrender.”] Now if all the words in the Quran are from Allah, then ‘I’ refers to Allah. So the Question is, who has commanded Allah according to this sura? And is this Allah serving a Lord? If this Sura is true, then Allah is not God, because a True God does not have to serve anyone, right? Why then is the Quran declaring Allah is not a God? Obviously, this proves Allah is a fake, which makes the Quran/Islam a fake. I must also point out that the most recognized English translation (recognized by the OIC) is the M.M. Pickthall Quran. He must have been horrified to recognize this corruption in the Quran and he cleverly tried to cover this up, by adding the word ‘Say’ as though Allah is telling Muhammad to say and Muhammad’s name in brackets, to imply as though, “(Say): I (Muhammad) am commanded only to serve the Lord…” But M.M. Pickthall was not clever enough for his deceit to cover up for Allah. Because if it is Muhammad speaking, then it would contradict Sura 10:65 and Sura 6:34 as mentioned above; wherein Allah says his words in the Quran cannot be changed. And in Sura 10:39 [“Or say they: He hath invented it? Say: then bring a surah like unto it, and call on all ye can beside Allah, if ye are truthful.”] This Sura confirms that only Allah speaks in the Quran. For the skeptics, let me give another example as in 19:64, [“We come not down save by commandment of thy Lord. Unto him belongeth all that is before us and all that is behind us and all that is between those two, and thy Lord was never forgetful – “]. M.M. Pickthall solved this problem in the Quran by deceitfully adding the word ‘angels’ in brackets, thus; [“We (angels) come not down save by commandment of thy Lord…”] But the problem is that it is confirming the Angels are the ones speaking in the Quran, right? This completely changed the connotation/dynamics of this Sura. The question here needs answering, is the Quran only the words of Allah, or is it a free for all, to state their views? As there are a number of Angels, Muhammad, Allah, etc speaking in the Quran, right? Or if Allah was the speaker of these Sura, then it is wrong, as he is not the God he claimed to be. If someone else is speaking these Sura, it is also wrong, because then the words in the Quran are not ONLY from Allah, as claimed by the Quran. It is a catch-22 situation, where the Muslim scholars cannot deny neither solve. The Muslims are themselves, trapped with so many of such sura in the Quran. Either way or whichever way, one interprets these Sura; the fact remains THE QURAN IS CORRUPTED/CHANGED, AND SO IS ISLAM/ALLAH A FAKE. This is an undeniable truth. These numerous deceits in Islam, especially when perpetrated on its own believers (Muslims) are despicable, false, wicked, shameful, disgraceful and plain EVIL. All these prove without a doubt, ISLAM IS CORRUPTED AND A FAKE. I rest my case.

    Dear Readers, please send this article to as many people as possible, to keep them informed. Thank You.

    For information or comments, write to Feedback@IslamReview.com


  6. Godson Zakayo
    02/22/2013 at 6:07 AM

    What the Quran says about Jihad

    The Muslims are commanded to wage an everlasting war against the unbelievers and are assured victory in the struggle. To realize the significance of this statement, one ought to read the following from the Koran itself (SURAS IN BRACKET):

    1. On unbelievers is the curse of Allah. (The Cow: 161 )

    2. Allah is an enemy to unbelievers. ( The Cow: 15 )

    3. The worst of beasts in Allah’s sight are the ungrateful, who will not believe. (Spoils of War: 55)

    4. Oh ye who believe! the non-Muslims are unclean. (Repentance:17)

    5. Oh ye who believe! Murder those of the disbelievers and let them find harshness in you. (Repentance: 123)

    Christians clearly stop thinking that they worship the same God with Moslems, Allah was and still is the moon god of the Pagan quraish meccan people Mo CHEATED them so that he become aka ALLAH, all that he borrowed correctly or incorrectly from other beliefs of his time has nothing todo with YAHWEH. When he died ALLAH died with him.



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