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Former FBI Agent: Barack Obama’s Nominee For CIA Director Converted To Islam While In Saudi Arabia

02/09/2013 4 comments

Nominating John Brennan to be the next Director of the Central Intelligence Agency makes total sense … if your name is Barack Hussein Obama

By Shoebat Foundation – “John Guandolo is not just some guy with an opinion; he’s a guy with sources who have access to the highest levels of government; he’s a guy who has a resume that is beyond impressive; and he’s a guy who claims to know people with firsthand accounts who say they witnessed John Brennan – Barack Obama’s nominee for CIA Director – convert to Islam while in Saudi Arabia.

Guandolo was also one of the people who worked on the Team B II Report.

During an appearance on Tom Trento’s radio show on February 8th, Guandolo made it very clear that Brennan should be considered a potential threat to the Republic if what his sources tell him is true. Fast forward to the 10:50 mark and watch until the 52:00 mark to see the interview. At some point, Americans will have to face the reality that they continue to ignore and the longer they refuse to do so, the more dangerous it will be to confront.” Read more.

Flashback: The Consequences Of Obama’s Love Of Islam, ‘The Only Religion On Earth That Advises Its Followers To Lie About Being A Muslim’ – “I have never entertained the idea that Obama was a Muslim and always believed he was a socialist. But Obama’s behavior over the last four years regarding Islam has convinced me that Obama has a Socialist/Islamic centered world view – a combination that is not uncommon in many parts of the Muslim world.” Read more.

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