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Egypt: Entire Family Sentenced To Prison For Converting To Christianity

AsiaNews – “The criminal court of Beni Suef (115 km south of Cairo) has sentenced an entire family to prison for converting to Christianity. Nadia Mohamed Ali and her children Mohab, Maged, Sherif, Amira, Amir, and Nancy Ahmed Mohamed abdel-Wahab will spend 15 years in prison. Seven other people involved in the case were sentenced to five years in prison.

The case of the family of Nadia Ali Mohamed began in 2004 when, after the conversion, she and her children decided to replace their Muslim names on their identity cards with their Christian names and city of residence change. To do this she was aided by seven Registry office employees e. Born Christian, she had changed her religion to marry her husband Mustafa Mohamed Abdel-Wahab. After the man’s death in 1991, Nadia decided to return to her religion of origins and to push her seven children to convert. In 2006, one of the boys was arrested by police in an information center in the city of Beni Suef. Suspicious of the young man from the documents he as carrying, where he had changed its name to Bishoy Malak Abdel-Massih, police agents interrogated him for hours until he confessed his conversion to Christianity as desired by the mother. The judges then decide to stop not only the woman, but all of her children and seven clerks from the registration office, responsible for changing the documents.

An individuals religious faith is listed in Egyptian identity cards. Christians, converted to Islam for various reasons that attempt to return to the religion to which they belong have enormous difficulty in correcting their names on the documents. This leads many people to forge them, risking prison. The reverse process, ie the transition from Christianity to Islam is not hindered, and in many cases is favored by the very Registry officials.” Source – AsiaNews.

Flashback: Egypt: Islamist Group Forbids Eating Tomatoes Because They Are ‘Christian’ – “‘Allah’ — the alleged creator of all things in Islam — creating food with crosses, not to mention ‘Zionist’ snowflakes? Oh, the humanity! I wonder how they feel about the fact that the universe itself exists as a ‘Trinity’ of time, space and matter, which are themselves comprised of past-present-future, length-width-depth, and solid-liquid-gas? Will they begin forbidding any discussion about the nature of the universe due to the fact that it was created as ‘Trinities within a Trinity’?” Read more.

Flashback: Egyptian Sheikh: Chevrolet’s Logo Resembles Christian Cross, Issues Fatwa Forbidding Muslims from Buying or Driving Chevys – “If the ‘Cross of Chevrolet’ had anything to do with Christianity, then General Motors wouldn’t have needed to be saved by the Federal Government. After all, the Cross is the only thing that can bail us out. No word yet on whether or not a fatwa will be issued against Mercedes-Benz for being pro-Trinitarian. In the meantime, maybe the Sheikh will recommend a Lamborghini for all Muslims. He obviously has no problem with that logo …” Read more.

  1. admin
    01/14/2013 at 2:05 PM

    I am not sure all Muslims who convert are really Christians. It’s sometimes used as a tool or excuse to gain asylum elsewhere, or to try and get attention from international organizations. At present thousands of “Christian” Muslims are being rescued with asylum to Canada, the U.S., Britain and Australia. There will be a lot of extremists following along in this net. Immigration will often fail to ask the right questions.

    One example of fake Christianity is this case:

    Egyptian lawyer Nagla Al-Imam suggest rape of Israeli women – gets assaulted and suddenly converts to beg asylum as a “Copt”


    • Mike
      01/14/2013 at 8:50 PM

      This is entirely consistent with the historically Islamic practice of “taqiyya”, where Shiites would lie about their Shiite identity in order to avoid Sunni persecution.


      • 01/15/2013 at 7:26 AM

        If it were to avoid persecution it would be understandable. However, the real reason that they lie is to advance the cause of Allah, and taqiyya is practiced by both Sunni and Shiite
        alike, and it is sanctioned by the unholy koran. Obama is a muslim through and through. He lies with unbridled ease, it’s the truth that he has difficulty with.


  2. ICA
    01/14/2013 at 2:53 PM

    I’d say that fake conversions to Christianity are extremely rare in nations where there’s a strong possibility that you may be severely beaten or even killed for leaving Islam before being granted any asylum in a non-Muslim country, not to mention the fact that many Western countries are just as likely to grant entry to a Muslim just as much as any Christian, if not more so.


    • admin
      01/14/2013 at 3:35 PM

      In this particular case she is reverting back to her original religion. But there are many fake asylum cases claiming to be Christians. Yet they know absolutely nothing about Christianity.


      • 01/14/2013 at 5:11 PM

        Sadly, many Christians don’t know much about Christianity either. I’m not kidding! They think that if they mumble some short prayer accepting Jesus, that’s it, they are saved. Ask them why they are not sharing the gospel; all I hear is….”It is not by works, but by faith that you are saved.” That is it! The entire Christian gospel. They don’t want to hear about prophecy, especially the book of Revelation, and what ever you do, do not mention sin!


  3. 01/14/2013 at 3:27 PM

    And their refusal to disavow their fake faith, and to instead, choose to sit in a prison cell, is what? Good political theater?


  4. Mike
    01/14/2013 at 8:52 PM

    Predictably, Obama will be silent on the issue of Egyptian Islamist persecution of Christians…..but he will agree to send, at the expense of US taxpayers, weapons to Egypt that will eventually be used against Israel.


    • 01/15/2013 at 7:14 AM

      All of those who think that they are getting over on the US taxpayer will be caught in the same snare that they are setting for others. Afterwards, they will face the wrath of an angry G-d!


  5. 01/20/2013 at 9:55 PM

    The “civil rights” era the American media wished to present to the world during the Egyptian uprising has run amuck it seems. Of course, many of us knew it would. That is those who choose not to live in the 60s.

    Interesting they thought the Chevrolet Logos was thought to be a Christian fetish. What do they have? Elephant dung beetles?

    I’m a Ford person myself. Never had one with the wheels on top yet.


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