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The Perfect Solar Storm? Sun Eruptions To Peak In 2013

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By Gene J. Koprowski, FoxNews – “Sunny, with a mild chance of catastrophe?

A massive solar storm, like the one that knocked out radio communications all over the U.S. in 1958, is coming, and this time the devastation could total as much as $2 trillion, experts told Call it the perfect solar storm.

Wireless networks that power Blackberrys and iPhones here on earth, as well as GPS satellites that help pilots navigate planes in the skies, could be blacked out. And electric grids that power neighborhoods and whole cities could temporarily go down, said Professor Jose Lopez, a physicist at Seton Hall University.

‘The concern of a strong solar flare in the direction of Earth is legit. The possibility that such a Sun burst could hit Earth could cause extensive damage as it would charge-up our electrical equipment and destroy them,’ Lopez told

What starts as a multimillion-degree blast of fire from the sun cools over the vast distances of space. But what remains is a wave of energy that leaves satellites ‘highly charged’ and damages components with its high current. Electronics are also damaged by high-energy particles that penetrate them and interfere with transmissions, as are electronics on Earth.

Solar maximum in 2013

The sun has an activity cycle, much like the hurricane season here on Earth, scientists tell And as it reaches a peak in activity, more solar flares and plasma will be hurled our way.

‘The ramped up solar activity is to be expected through 2013, as it’s the peak of the Sun’s current 11-year cycle,’ Lopez explained.” Read more.

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Man Of Steel: US Pastor Jailed In Iran Stands Firm In Christ Despite Torture, Death Threats

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Mohabat News – “According to CP , In his letter, written from the notorious Evin Prison in Tehran and addressed to his wife Naghmeh, the 32-year-old pastor said he was uncertain about his fate.

‘This is the process in my life today: one day I am told I will be freed and allowed to see my kids on Christmas (which was a lie) and the next day I am told I will hang for my faith in Jesus,’ Abedini wrote. ‘One day there are intense pains after beatings in interrogations, the next day they are nice to you and offer you candy.’

However, the pastor sees God’s hand in the midst of persecution. ‘I always wanted God to make me a godly man. I did not realize that in order to become a godly man we need to become like steel under pressure. It is a hard process of warm and cold to make steel,’ he said, referring to the mixed responses he is receiving in prison. ‘These hot and colds only make you a man of steel for moving forward in expanding His Kingdom.’

Abedini’s letter, which has been posted on the website of Assemblies of God USA, also speaks about torture.

‘When for 120 days you are asleep in a room with one big light that is constantly lit and does not separate day or night and when you can only see true sunlight for a few minutes a week, that’s when you are becoming His Workmanship and you can be a vessel in bringing His Kingdom in a dark place and you are able to share the Gospel of Peace and Life to the dying world,’ wrote the pastor ‘in chains for our Lord Jesus Christ.’ ‘And this is where you learn you can love your enemies with all of your heart.’

The American Center for Law and Justice, which is representing Abedini’s family in the U.S., has also said the pastor’s life is ‘in grave danger,’ as he is facing one of Iran’s notorious ‘hanging judges,’ Pir-Abassi, known for issuing death sentences.

‘And now facing one of Iran’s most notorious judges, Pastor Saeed is in a real sense an American abandoned in Iran. The U.S. State Department has done very little to help this U.S. citizen,’ ACLJ Executive Director Jordan Sekulow said in a report shared with The Christian Post. ‘When you read Pastor Saeed’s own words, you understand that Iran has absolutely no regard for human rights and religious freedom.’

Abedini’s case has been transferred to Branch 26 of the Tehran Revolutionary Court, and he is now in the hands of Judge Pir-Abassi, who was named in 2011 by the European Union as an individual subject to sanctions for human rights violations. The judge has reportedly presided over a number of cases against human rights activists, often handing down long prison sentences and even several death penalties.

Despite the hardships he is facing, Abedini remains strong in his faith.

‘Saeed’s letter is nothing short of a modern-day Pauline epistle,’ AG General Superintendent George O. Wood said on the church’s website. ‘As I read his letter through several times, I could only marvel at how God’s faithfulness transcends time as the same Holy Spirit that was with Paul in his times of desperation is fully evident in the words of our brother Saeed.'” Read more.

Egypt: Entire Family Sentenced To Prison For Converting To Christianity

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AsiaNews – “The criminal court of Beni Suef (115 km south of Cairo) has sentenced an entire family to prison for converting to Christianity. Nadia Mohamed Ali and her children Mohab, Maged, Sherif, Amira, Amir, and Nancy Ahmed Mohamed abdel-Wahab will spend 15 years in prison. Seven other people involved in the case were sentenced to five years in prison.

The case of the family of Nadia Ali Mohamed began in 2004 when, after the conversion, she and her children decided to replace their Muslim names on their identity cards with their Christian names and city of residence change. To do this she was aided by seven Registry office employees e. Born Christian, she had changed her religion to marry her husband Mustafa Mohamed Abdel-Wahab. After the man’s death in 1991, Nadia decided to return to her religion of origins and to push her seven children to convert. In 2006, one of the boys was arrested by police in an information center in the city of Beni Suef. Suspicious of the young man from the documents he as carrying, where he had changed its name to Bishoy Malak Abdel-Massih, police agents interrogated him for hours until he confessed his conversion to Christianity as desired by the mother. The judges then decide to stop not only the woman, but all of her children and seven clerks from the registration office, responsible for changing the documents.

An individuals religious faith is listed in Egyptian identity cards. Christians, converted to Islam for various reasons that attempt to return to the religion to which they belong have enormous difficulty in correcting their names on the documents. This leads many people to forge them, risking prison. The reverse process, ie the transition from Christianity to Islam is not hindered, and in many cases is favored by the very Registry officials.” Source – AsiaNews.

Flashback: Egypt: Islamist Group Forbids Eating Tomatoes Because They Are ‘Christian’ – “‘Allah’ — the alleged creator of all things in Islam — creating food with crosses, not to mention ‘Zionist’ snowflakes? Oh, the humanity! I wonder how they feel about the fact that the universe itself exists as a ‘Trinity’ of time, space and matter, which are themselves comprised of past-present-future, length-width-depth, and solid-liquid-gas? Will they begin forbidding any discussion about the nature of the universe due to the fact that it was created as ‘Trinities within a Trinity’?” Read more.

Flashback: Egyptian Sheikh: Chevrolet’s Logo Resembles Christian Cross, Issues Fatwa Forbidding Muslims from Buying or Driving Chevys – “If the ‘Cross of Chevrolet’ had anything to do with Christianity, then General Motors wouldn’t have needed to be saved by the Federal Government. After all, the Cross is the only thing that can bail us out. No word yet on whether or not a fatwa will be issued against Mercedes-Benz for being pro-Trinitarian. In the meantime, maybe the Sheikh will recommend a Lamborghini for all Muslims. He obviously has no problem with that logo …” Read more.

‘They Were Everywhere’: Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dead Fish Reported On Masonboro Island, North Carolina

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By Chris Phillips, WWAY – “State environmental officials report hundreds of thousands of dead Atlantic menhaden fish this week at Masonboro Island off of Wrightsville Beach.

If you are a coast watcher, you know the scene is always changing, but the changes at Masonboro Island were destructive.

‘I saw all these birds. More than I’ve ever seen,’ Richard Johnson said. ‘I took video of it. It was unbelievable, and when I got to shore, I understood why. There was about a million little menhaden fish in the water sunk. On the shore, they were everywhere.’

Johnson keeps close tabs on Masonboro Island. It is a passion. He is with, the group dedicated to keeping the island clean.

‘, we’re here because we want to keep the island open, public access, but to do that, we have to keep it clean. We’re the guys that clean the island every 4th of July. We had 50 volunteers last year. We removed 4,000 pounds of trash, so we’re out there to keep our island open,’ Johnson said.

While there has been dredging in the area, it is always hard to pinpoint the cause of a fish kill. North Carolina Coastal Reserve and Marine Fisheries are looking into the fish kill.

‘They’re studying it. They’re trying to figure it out. They’re taking samples. Maybe it’s chemical. It might come down to no one really knows,’ Johnson said.” Source – WWAY.

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Barack Obama Interested in ‘Allah-Is-God’ Curriculum

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By John Griffing, WND – “CSCOPE, the controversial online curriculum that taught ‘Allah is God’ and currently is used in 80 percent of Texas school districts, has caught the attention of the Obama administration’s Department of Education.

A source in the Texas education system has told WND that Common Core operatives in the U.S. Department of Education are actively pursuing CSCOPE as a way around the Texas legislative process.

Texas is one of the few states still resisting implementation of Common Core, Obama’s national standards initiative, which many feel is a transparent attempt to nationalize education and progressively control classroom content with minimal parental oversight.

Implementation of Common Core is known to have been made a condition of school systems’ receipt of federal dollars under Obama’s ‘Race to the Top’ program.

CSCOPE recently has come under fire for evidence of what sources claim to be radical content and secrecy. Now new information of such a radical agenda has surfaced showing CSCOPE connections to Obama mentor and self-acknowledged terror group member Bill Ayers.

WND has documented a strong link between Ayers and CSCOPE heavyweight and Common Core advocate Linda Darling-Hammond. An unrepentant terror group member (and known Obama supporter, financier, and ghost-writer), William ‘Bill’ Ayers was part of the notorious Weather Underground which attempted to bomb the Pentagon in the seventies. After 9/11, Ayers was interviewed by the New York Times, and was quoted as saying he had ‘no regrets.’

Ayers gave Darling-Hammond an enthusiastic endorsement for education secretary when Obama was first elected. Ayers has worked extensively with Darling-Hammond on many of the same projects, even editing her work. Both are part of what some education experts have termed the ‘small schools movement,’ which allegedly emphasizes ’emotional’ responses and output over factual mastery.

Darling-Hammond is mentioned throughout CSCOPE literature, has given innumerable lectures on behalf of CSCOPE, and was part of Obama’s educational transition team. She is a primary advocate and proponent of Common Core in Texas, and observers see the acquisition of CSCOPE by the U.S. Department of Education as a logical next step.

This scenario has alarmed those concerned about classroom content accountability. Previously, WND reported how CSCOPE lessons promote Islam, teaching conversion methods and presenting verses from the Quran that denigrate other faiths. In CSCOPE curriculum, the Boston Tea Party is likened to Read more…

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