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Muslim Brotherhood Member: Drowning-In-Debt America Is ‘Marching Towards Its Death’ … Because Of The Jews

The Muslim Brotherhood’s own stated goal is to destroy Western civilization from within. Yet this particular member is only capable of denigrating those evil Jews even while, according to him, destroying Western civilization from within is apparently part of their own “thieving” Jewish nature. If he actually believed his own blather, you’d think he’d be praising the Jews for doing what the Muslim Brotherhood has so far failed to do …

Mahmoud Khalil, Egypt TV 9/11/2012: “America is marching towards its death. It has the greatest debt in the world. The US debt amounts to 32 million miles of $100 banknotes. Its debt consumes 102% of its Gross National Product… America will disintegrate. This is inevitable… America is over. It is a thing of the past… The Jews brought their thieving (nature) to America. They have used all methods of global criminality… The Jews are money merchants. Throw a Jew into the sea, and he will emerge with a fish in his mouth… They successfully infiltrated the US political decision-making centers, and then they gained control of the world’s gold or money through the economy.”

  1. 12/16/2012 at 9:14 PM

    So, it’s nice to know that we’re all huge cow’s with only our own selfish interests at heart. This man knows just enough to make him stupid. I’m sorry, that wasn’t very christian, but it’s the truth.


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