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The Word Of Allah Has Spoken: New Kuwaiti Law Imposes Death Penalty For Cursing Allah, His Prophets, Or The Qur’an

In other words, if you fail to worship the image of Islam, you may be killed …

NSS – “Kuwaiti MPs this week approved a law with a death penalty for Muslims who curse God, the Koran, all prophets and the wives of Islam’s Prophet Mohammed. Non-Muslims who commit the same offence face a jail term of not less than 10 years, according to the bill.

Defendants who repent in court will be spared capital punishment but will get a jail sentence for five years and a fine of $36,000 or one of them, while repentance by those who repeat the crime is not acceptable, the bill says.

‘We do not want to execute people with opinions or thought because Islam respects these people… But we need this legislation because incidents of cursing God have increased. We need to deter them,’ opposition MP Ali al-Deqbasi said during the debate.

Shiite MPs also demanded that the bill impose the death penalty on anyone who curses their sect’s 12 revered Imams, but the Sunni-dominated parliament rejected their request.

The bill becomes effective after the government accepts it, the emir signs it and it is published in the official gazette within one month.” Read more.

Flashback: Islamic Clerics In Kuwait Declare Building Churches In Muslim Countries Must Be Forbidden – “A group of Islamic preachers claimed that churches should not be built in Islamic countries particularly in the Arabian Peninsula following the issuance of an approval for constructing a church in Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh… giving excuses such as it is a matter of human rights and international norms to build it, is not acceptable, as Islam comes first, and people should respect religion first before serving humanity or anything else.” Read more.

Flashback: Kuwait: Islamists Experience Overwhelming Gains in Parliamentary Elections, Women and Liberals See Dismal Losses – “Kuwait has become the fourth Arab country in as many months to see overwhelming gains for Islamists and dismal losses for liberals in parliamentary elections. It also saw a new exclusion of women from the 50-seat parliament after none of the 23 women candidates, including the four incumbents, could secure enough votes to win even though women made up around 54% of the voting bloc. Overall change to the parliament composition over the latest one, which was dissolved in December following bitter clashes with the government, was about 54 per cent as 27 new lawmakers made their way to the green seats. The Islamists have now 22 seats from the Salafist and Muslim Brotherhood movements as well as independent MPs.” Read more.

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  1. 12/13/2012 at 11:24 PM

    Still not as tyrannical as the US where the Kenyan Kingcan kill your for NOT cursing Allah or any other reason he wants to make up.


  2. 12/14/2012 at 7:17 AM

    As long as I can draw a breath, I will praise the God of Israel, and curse the god of Islam, and it its false prophet.


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