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Obama Adminstration ‘Ally’ In Libya During Rebellion Against Gadhafi Says Osama Bin Laden Was A Great Man

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With friends like these …

By John Rosenthal, WND – “While Obama administration sources continue to suggest that the Sept. 11 anti-American attacks in Benghazi were the work of a ‘rogue’ Libyan militia with links to al-Qaida, a new French documentary reveals just how thoroughly and openly the mainstream of last year’s Libyan rebellion was inspired by al-Qaida and its founder, Osama bin Laden.

Filmmaker Kamal Redouani’s ‘The Arab Spring: Springboard for Radicals?’ was first aired in late October on the French pay channel Canal+ and was recently rebroadcast by the Belgian public broadcaster RTBF.

The film documents the resurgence of radical Islamic forces in three of the main countries of the so-called Arab Spring – Tunisia, Libya and Syria – as well as in Lebanon.

As part of the film, Redouani traveled to the Libyan city of Derna, some 150 miles east of Benghazi. While Benghazi was the political capital of last year’s rebellion against the rule of Moammar Gadhafi, Derna was in the many ways the military epicenter of the rebellion. It was in Derna that a leading rebel commander by the name of Abdul-Hakim al-Hasadi is known to have assembled a battalion of some thousand rebel fighters in the early days of the rebellion.

Al-Hasadi was commonly described in American publications, like the New York Times, as the rebel commander in charge of the ‘defense’ of Derna. The description is odd, since Derna was well behind the frontlines for the entirety of the conflict.

The many European reporters who crossed paths with al-Hasadi during the war discovered a different reality: the rebel commander was using Derna as the staging grounds for offensive forays further to the West. On at least two occasions, for instance, al-Hasadi’s forces seized control of the strategic coastal town of Ajdabiya – namely, after NATO bombing had driven back Gadhafi-loyalist Libyan army troops.

According to Kamal Redouani, Derna is today run by al-Hasadi and his family as an Islamic emirate. On arriving at the outskirts of Derna, Redouani and his team were stopped at a roadblock by armed men making sure that no alcohol or unveiled women entered the city.

Redouani was accompanied into town by none other than Read more…

Potential Mass Genocide Threatens Sudanese Christians

12/01/2012 1 comment Free Press – “The threat of genocide looms in Sudan as Christian and non-Arab communities in three regions have been targeted by President General Omar al-Bashir, a notorious leader well known for the systematic slaughter of those who oppose Islamisation.

When the mainly Christian south seceded from the predominantly Islamic north in 2011, the government of Sudan began to persecute ‘southerners’ (those who are politically and culturally aligned with the south) living in the north, stripping them of their citizenship and denying them rights (for more, click here).

The attempts by the Khartoum government to drive out the ‘infidels’ or ‘blacks’ (as it refers to them) from the oil-rich areas of Abyei and South Kordofan, in which tens of thousands were killed in 2011, appear to be continuing. Recent aerial bombardments have completely demolished homes and farms (including crops) in these predominantly Christian areas. Hundreds of thousands have been displaced, acute malnutrition and famine have become widespread, and access to humanitarian aid has been denied.

Please pray that these victims of injustice and cruelty will be sustained with supernatural strength and peace, as well as the miraculous provision of food and medical aid. Also pray that the government will cease in its systematic persecution. During these very troubling times, may the Sudanese believers remain faithful and demonstrate Christ to the world through their love and forgiveness.

For more information on persecution in Sudan, visit the Sudan Country Report.” Source – Canada Free Press.

Flashback: Sudan Imam: ‘We Will Never Forgive Christians For Not Being Muslims’, Suggests That Christianity Must Be Eliminated Throughout The North – “Students and administrators at Gerif West Bible School in Sudan have yet to fully recover their losses from the April 21 attack, but the source said classes resumed on Oct. 15 even as area Muslims vie to take school land and anti-Christian messages emanate from a nearby mosque loudspeaker on most Fridays. Muslim leaders have been asserting through the mosque loudspeaker that Christian institutions should not be permitted in Sudan, as the country should be a ‘purely Islamic state’ since the secession of South Sudan on July 9, 2011, he said. ‘We are expecting the level of persecution to rise in Sudan in the coming days,’ a pastor who works at the Bible school told Morning Star News by phone, adding that hostilities against churches and Christians were intensifying.” Read more.

Flashback: Sudan: Christianity No Longer an Accepted Religion, Muslims Attack Christians Trying to Rebuild Church – “Emboldened by government calls for a Sudan based on Islamic law since the secession of South Sudan, Muslims long opposed to a church near Khartoum have attacked Christians trying to finish constructing their building, sources said. The Sudanese Church of Christ (SCOC) congregation in Omdurman West, across the Nile River from Khartoum, has continued to meet for Sunday worship in a building without a roof in spite of opposition from area Muslims and local authorities, the sources told Compass. Claiming that Christianity was no longer an accepted religion in the country, Muslims in the Hay al Sawra, Block 29 area of Omdurman West on Aug. 5 attacked SCOC members who were constructing the church building, the sources said.” Read more.

France: Muslim Mother Sends Son Named ‘Jihad’ To School With Shirt Reading ‘Born On 11 September’ And ‘I Am A Bomb’

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No need to be concerned. The mother says it wasn’t meant to be provocative. It was for peaceful purposes …

child_sacrificeThe Sun – “A MUM who sent her three-year-old son named ‘Jihad’ to nursery school wearing a top bearing the words ‘I am a bomb’ is to go on trial in France.

Beneath the boy’s name on the back of the jumper were the words ‘Born on the 11 September’ – the date of the 9/11 terror attacks on New York’s twin towers.

The muslim mum was reported to police by the boy’s outraged teacher and has now been charged with supporting a terrorist act.

Thierry Lagneau, the mayor of the southern French town of Sorgues, said: ‘We fully support charges being brought against this woman for provoking hatred and terrorism in one of our schools.

‘This was an utterly irrespoinsible act by the boy’s mother, who used their son to promote a violent political belief of her own.’

The divorced mother said the jumper was a gift to her from the boy’s uncle and has insisted the message on the top was not meant to be provocative.

She also told police her son’s genuine birthdate was September 11, 2009.

The 32-year-old woman will appear in court in Avignon on December 19, when she faces a suspended prison sentence and fine of up to 800 pounds.” Source – The Sun.

Flashback: Imams’ Indoctrinating French Muslims With Culture Of Hate, Racism – “… French Jewish artist Ron Agam told the Algemeiner that, ‘It is about time now for the French authorities to radically search for these Imams and put a stop to the brainwashing on tens of thousands of Muslim kids in France.’ ‘It is unacceptable that this culture of racism and antisemitism is being tolerated by a significant number of the Muslim community, this culture must stop,’ he concluded.” Read more.

New Jersey’s Attorney General Apologizes To Muslims For NYPD Counter-Terrorism Efforts

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In other words, he’s apologizing that law enforcement had the audacity to somehow conclude that the number one religious ideology responsible for the vast, overwhelming number of terrorist acts in the world could have possibly been harbouring any potential would-be terrorists at any of its places of worship or study in a country like America. What could possibly have given those crazy officers such a crazy idea? … Press – “NEWARK, N.J. — New Jersey Attorney General Jeffrey Chiesa quietly visited a Newark mosque Friday that had been listed in a secret report by the New York Police Department, and he reassured worshippers that New Jersey officials do not believe certain groups of citizens have lesser rights than others.

Chiesa attended prayer services at Masjid Ibrahim, a modest, single-story mosque set up inside a ramshackle former commercial space in Newark. The mosque was among several in the report by the NYPD, which conducted surveillance of Muslims in New Jersey and elsewhere.

‘It is not tolerable here in New Jersey for us to have people treated differently in this state — period,’ Chiesa said.

The attorney general’s visit was part of an ongoing effort by his office to repair relations between Muslims and New Jersey law enforcement after The Associated Press uncovered the NYPD spying. The NYPD has said its actions were legal and it has the right to travel to other cities in carrying out its duties.

Explaining to mosque-goers that he had only been in office about a month when the NYPD spying came to light, Chiesa said he was there to listen and answer questions from the community. He said he understood how badly he and his family would feel if they had been subjected to spying at their church or made to feel they could not freely practice their religion.” Read more.

Flashback: New Study Shows That 80% of Mosques in America Teach Jihad Violence and Islamic Supremacism – “… Then there was the Center for Religious Freedom’s 2005 study, and the Mapping Sharia Project’s 2008 study. Each independently showed that upwards of 80% of mosques in America were preaching hatred of Jews and Christians and the necessity ultimately to impose Islamic rule. And now comes yet more confirmation that mosques in the U.S. are teaching these things, and again the percentage is remarkably similar: around 80% of mosques are found to be teaching jihad warfare and Islamic supremacism.” Read more.

Arizona Newspaper Speaks The Truth About Egypt’s Morsi (While Obama Chooses To Ignores It)

12/01/2012 Leave a comment Jonah Goldberg – “What do you call a leader of a theocratic and cultish movement with a deep and clear disdain for democracy who suddenly assumes dictatorial powers?

A ‘moderate,’ of course.

Ever since the Muslim Brotherhood broke its promise to stay out of Egypt’s presidential election in the aftermath of the revolution, many Western observers have been in denial about what has been going on. In less than half a year, Mohammed Morsi has deftly built the foundation for despotism.

Much as the Nazis brilliantly cast themselves as reformers sweeping away the corruption of the Weimar Republic, Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood have been using the effort to clean up the detritus of Hosni Mubarak’s dictatorship as an excuse to consolidate power.

In August, when Islamists attacked Egyptian soldiers in the Sinai in an apparent effort to force Egypt into a confrontation with Israel, Morsi used the incident as an excuse to replace Mohamed Hussein Tantawi – a Mubarak-era holdover who headed the military and guarded its independence – with officers more pliable to the Brotherhood.

‘Are we looking at a president determined to dismantle the machine of tyranny,’ Alaa Al Aswany, a democratic activist, asked at the time, ‘or one who is retooling the machine of tyranny to serve his interests?’ That question quickly became, at best, rhetorical.

Morsi proceeded to purge scores of newspaper editors and publishers, declare himself in charge of the drafting of the new constitution and all but wore a sandwich board with the words ‘I’m becoming a dictator!’ on it.

As if to hammer it home, Morsi last week announced that his rule was immune to judicial oversight of any kind. He used the failure of the courts to adequately punish Mubarak-era holdovers as an excuse. It was just that – an excuse, not an explanation.

Morsi softened his language Monday, but aides insisted his edict stood. And the Brotherhood’s position remains clear. ‘If democracy means that people decide who leads them, then (we) accept it; if it means that people can change the laws of Allah and follow what they wish to follow, then it is not acceptable,’ the Brotherhood explained on its website in 2005.

Morsi did have another excuse for seizing power: The timing was good.” Read more.

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