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Addicted To Love: Two Men Behead 15-Year-Old Afghan Girl For Rejecting Marriage Proposal

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And it isn’t the love of one another that they’re addicted to. Where Islam rises, so too does the number of abused and murdered women. And it’s always the woman’s fault

Qur’an Sura 4:34a, “Men have authority over women because [Allah] has made the one superior to the other… Good women are obedient… As for those from whom you fear disobedience, admonish them and send them to beds apart and beat them…”

Daniel 11:37a, “Neither shall he regard the God of his fathers, nor the desire of women …”

“KUNDUZ, Afghanistan (CBSDC) — Afghan police arrest two men for allegedly beheading a 15-year-old girl after her father turned down a marriage proposal.

According to BBC News, the two men who proposed the arranged marriage and attacked her are relatives of the girl.

‘Our investigation shows those who killed her were people who wanted to marry her,’ a Kunduz province police official told the BBC.

The father did not want his daughter to get married because she was ‘too young to be engaged.’

CNN reports the girl was killed near her family’s home while bringing back water.

According to The Washington Post, dozens of Afghan women kill themselves each year in order to avoid arranged marriages.” Source – CBS DC.

Flashback: ‘Beating, Forced Marriages, Murder And Rape’: Violence Against Women In Afghanistan Hit 550 Cases Last Month – “Afghanistan’s Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC) on Wednesday said that it recorded 550 cases of violence against women in the last month, showing a remarkable increase from previous months. ‘In the last month, 550 cases of violence against including, beating, forced marriages, murder and rape – most of them happening in the remoter provinces of the country – have been recorded at the Human Rights Commission,’ AIHRC Women’s Rights Coordinator Latifa Sultani said.” Read more.

Flashback: Covered, Confined, Cursed: The Place Of Women In Islam – “There are two men in Islam that are indisputably the greatest in the annals of this religion. They are Imam al Ghazzali and Jalaleddin Rumi, both Persians… [Ghazzali] warns all men to be careful of women for their ‘guile is immense and their mischief is noxious; they are immoral and mean spirited’. Ghazzali states ‘It is a fact that all the trials, misfortunes and woes which befall men come from women’.” Read more.

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Gaza: Islamic Jihad Says Truce With Israel Will Be Short Lived, Promises A ‘More Savage And Bloody Round’ Is Coming

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Yet the Palestinians continue to assert that it’s Israel who doesn’t want peace …

By John Rossomando, IPT – “A leader of the third-largest Palestinian faction told the Egyptian newspaper El-Balad Thursday that the truce with Israel will be brief and that Palestinians are braced for a ‘more savage and bloody round’ of fighting with Israel.

‘We are preparing for a new, more savage round,’ Dr. Mohammed Al-Hindi, a leading Palestinian Islamic Jihad figure told the newspaper. ‘We are in a short truce (hudna), the Israeli enemy is preparing for further rounds of war in Gaza.’

The ‘resistance factions’ must be prepared for the next battle, which will be more violent and ‘start the curve of the collapse of the Israeli occupation,’ Al-Hindi said Wednesday night at a ceremony honoring journalists working in the Gaza Strip.

The remarks underscore concerns that the Egyptian-brokered cease-fire will be temporary and that renewed violence is ahead.

Al-Hindi also told El-Balad that implementing the truce last week was delayed for hours because a Palestinian negotiator rejected Israel’s demand that a sentence be included stating that the Palestinian terrorists ‘stop the attacks from the Gaza Strip.’

‘We will not accept any political solution that does not achieve the minimum demands of the Palestinian people,’ he said.” Source – IPT.

Flashback: Palestinians Itching For Another Fight With Israel, Don’t Want Long-Term Gaza Ceasefire – “According to a survey conducted by the Palpress Arabic-language website, the Palestinians are itching for another fight with Israel, less than a day after the Jewish state agreed to prematurely halt its campaign to eliminate the Gaza missile threat… it appears groups like Hamas will only use the days and months of calm ahead to prepare for the next round of violence. And they will apparently have majority support among the public for doing so.” Read more.

Flashback: Gazans Empowered By Latest Truce, Believe Latest Fight Is ‘The First Nail In The Coffin Of Israel’ – “In Gaza, they have been treating the end of the latest bloody clash between Israel and Hamas as a Palestinian victory. Of that they have no doubt… The sense of triumph and elation came despite the loss of 162 Palestinian lives, the wounding of more than 1,000 and the destruction of hundreds of buildings… a Hamas sheikh began his eulogy of Mohammed Jamal. He praised his martyrdom, saying the dead man and his family would be guaranteed a place in heaven. And the latest clash with Hamas’s enemy had been a great victory, he said, ‘the first nail in the coffin of Israel’.” Read more.

UN Recognizes ‘Palestine’ As Non-Member Observer State, Canada: This Is A Bad Move

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Despite Obama’s “opposition”, Palestine has now gained the status of a non-member observer state, just like Obama promised. This is not a step toward peace. It is a step toward disaster …

By Elad Benari, INN – “As expected, the United Nations passed a resolution on Thursday evening recognizing Palestine as a non-member observer state.

138 countries voted in favor of the resolution, nine countries voted against it, and 41 countries abstained.

Shortly before the vote, Palestinian Authority (PA) Head Mahmoud Abbas addressed the United Nations Thursday, in his bid to gain recognition for the PA as a non-member observer state. This status has only been accorded to the Vatican until now.

As he took the stage, Abbas launched his usual attack on Israel, accusing the Jewish State of attacking PA Arabs and carrying out ethnic cleansing.

As usual, Abbas did not condemn the rocket fire by Gaza terrorists on southern Israel.

‘Palestine comes today to the General Assembly because it believes in peace and because its people, as proven in past days, are in desperate need of it,’ he said, insisting that recognizing ‘Palestine’ as a non-member observer state is ‘the last chance to save the two-state solution.’

‘We have heard and you too have heard specifically over the past months the incessant flood of Israeli threats in response to our peaceful, political and diplomatic endeavor for Palestine to acquire non-member observer state in the United Nations,’ said Abbas. ‘And, you have surely witnessed how some of these threats have been carried out in a barbaric and horrific manner just days ago in the Gaza Strip.’ …

‘We will accept no less than the independence of the state of Palestine, with east Jerusalem as its capital, on all the Palestinian territory occupied in 1967, to live in peace and security alongside the state of Israel, and a solution for the refugee issue on the basis of resolution 194, as per the operative part of the Arab Peace Initiative,’ he stressed.” Read more.

Gaza Terror Groups: There Will Be No Peace With Israel – “According to Bethlehem-based news service Ma’an, Hamas top terrorist Ismail Haniyeh said that Hamas was in favor of the bid. ‘Nobody is against statehood, and (my government) supports any political movement to establish a Palestinian state on the occupied Palestinian territory,’ Ma’an quoted Haniyeh as saying. ‘Our vision is to have a state based on inalienable Palestinian principles, and a state on the pre-1967 borders does not mean ceding the rest of Palestinian land.'” Read more.

Canada: Nothing Good Will Come Out Of Approving Palestine As Non-Member State – “Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird was in New York Thursday to argue Canada’s position in a largely symbolic speech, because the outcome of the vote was never in doubt. ‘This resolution will not advance the cause of peace or spur a return to negotiations,’ he said. ‘Will the Palestinian people be better off as a result? No. On the contrary, this unilateral step will harden positions and raise unrealistic expectations while doing nothing to improve the lives of the Palestinian people.'” Read more.

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