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Malaysia: Politician Asks Authorities To ‘Take Stern Action’ Against Those Who ‘Belittle Or Tarnish The Image Of Islam’

Bernama – “KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 28 (Bernama) — A Puteri Umno delegate today called on the authority to take stern action against the individuals who belittle or tarnish the image of Islam in the country.

Terengganu Umno Religious Bureau chairman Laila Daud said this was because that individuals could also tarnish the country’s sovereignty, shake the political stability and threaten national security.

She said there were political parties, including PAS, which had been manipulating Islamic religious issues, including the proposed hudud laws, just to get the people’s support as they knew that the issues were close to the Malays’ hearts.

Laila said Umno, on the other hand, had been consistent in upholding Islam even since the pre-Independence era by implementing various physical and spiritual development programmes.

‘I truly believe that Umno is the party that has done so much in upholding Islam than PAS,’ she said when debating the religious motion at the Puteri Umno General Assembly 2012 at Putra World Trade Centre here today.

At the end of her debate, Laila also prayed that leaders of PAS would join their counterparts in Umno in upholding Islam.” Read more.

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Flashback: Malaysia: Rise of Strict Islam Exposes Fears and Tensions, ‘If You Don’t Follow the Mainstream You Will Be Lynched’ – “Muslim women without headscarves are a common sight on the streets of the Malaysian capital, Kuala Lumpur. But engaging them in a discussion about the hijab is difficult. Norhayati Kaprawi is a Malaysian activist whose recent documentary Aku Siapa (Who Am I) deals with the issue of how women in Malaysia should dress. She found some women unwilling to show their faces in her film – not on religious grounds, but becasue they feared reprisals. This is a damning reflection on Malaysia’s Muslim society, says Ms Norhayati.” Read more.

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