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Missouri: Scientists Baffled By Mass Deaths Of Birds In Springfield

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By Aaron Boll and Ben Knaup, KSPR News – “Springfield, MO–‘I can’t think of any explanation for what happened.’ says Judy Carmicheal who lives just about a hundred feet from where a flock of starlings died. On Saturday she came out to see the birds dead in the road on Fremont and Erie Street away from power lines and trees.

‘None were on the sidewalk. There weren’t any in the grass. They were just all right there and I just about counted everyone.’ says Carmichael. She counted about 100 birds. Garrett Lane works along the intersection and when he showed up some of the birds were still alive.

‘Most of the birds were standing right here just leaning up against the wall so when I walked up they wouldn’t fly away so that was kind of odd to me. Why aren’t the birds flying away–they just weren’t able to fly.’ says Lane. There were no dead birds on his lawn. He doesn’t know what happened to the birds that couldn’t fly.

Biologist with the Missouri Department of Conservation said in the winter starlings are usually in a flock for protection but they don’t know what happened. ‘When a bad event happens it impacts the whole flock and in this case the mystery is what was that event.’ says Francis Skalicky with the Missouri Department of Conservation.

The event couldn’t have been weather related since on Saturday morning conditions were mild and calm with a lot of sunshine. Theories are a truck could have hit the birds that were in the road. Also, something could have messed with a protective layer of oil on the bird’s feathers. ‘If something gets on the feathers, it can disperse that oil and it can cause them to get hypothermia and die.’ says Skalicky.

Other theories are the birds could have died from exhaustion while migrating. These ideas are just speculations. The experts we spoke to disagreed with each other on what could have caused the deaths.

‘If they were sick, they wouldn’t all just die right then and there.’ says Carmichael.” Read more.

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Fast & Furious On Steroids? Islamist Rebels In Syria May Be Using American-Provided Weapons To Slaughter Christians

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Here’s an update on this article from November 9th. There’s the possibility that the weapons used to execute the group of Christians may have come from the CIA, not to mention those used to kill US Ambassador Stevens in Benghazi, Libya on the anniversary of 9/11 …

Description: “As if ‘Benghazi-gate’ was not sufficiently horrific, in a cruel twist of fate, American-backed Islamic insurgents in Syria are now thought to be using their CIA-supplied weaponry to kill Christians.

Video footage of a November first attack posted on YouTube shows members of the ‘Free Syrian Army’ executing 28 men that were initially claimed in French Press reports to be members of the Syrian army. However, the President of the US-based, Christian relief group, the Religious Freedom Coalition, William Murray, claims to have positively identified at least two of the victims as belonging to the Syrian counterpart of his relief ministry, a claim supported by an independent human rights activist. Murray says those executed did not have weapons, and were not members of the military. As for the identities of those in the firing squad, Murray says they fly the black flag of jihad and Al Qaeda.”

At Least 20 Rockets Fired Against Israel After ‘Cease Fire’ Takes Effect

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Isaiah 48:22, “‘There is no peace,’ says the LORD, ‘for the wicked.’”

By YAAKOV LAPPIN – “Rockets fired from Gaza continued to land in Israel on Wednesday night following the commencement of the US-Egyptian brokered cease-fire between Israel and Hamas. Some ‘Code Red’ sirens sounding in the South appear to be set off by celebratory rocket fire in Gaza, Channel 2 News reported. Israel Radio reported that some 20 rockets were fired from Gaza since the announcement of the cease-fire.

Prior to the announcement, Gazans fired over 80 rockets at various cities and communities in the South on Wednesday, as the IAF continued to strike terror targets in the Strip.

Four IDF soldiers were lightly injured after a mortar shell exploded in the Eshkol Regional Council area Wednesday evening. The IDF announced hours after the incident that a reserve officer was critically injured in the attack as well.” Read more.

Cease-Fire Between Israel and Hamas Off To A Shaky Start – “A cease-fire between Israel and Hamas was announced Wednesday after days of bloody fighting and deaths on both sides. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and Egyptian Foreign Minister Mohamed Amr announced the cease-fire, which took effect at 2 p.m. ET. However, it appeared that the cease-fire got off to a shaky start. Five minutes after it took effect, four Grad rockets were fired at the southern city of Beersheva. Within minutes, rockets were also fired at other southern towns and cities.” Read more.

Will Israel-Hamas Cease-Fire Hold? – “Any cease-fire agreement that requires Hamas to stop rocket fire from Gaza into Israel will be tenuous because rival militant groups will try to shatter it, Middle East analysts say. Palestinian groups such as Islamic Jihad, the Popular Resistance Committee and others ‘are Iranian sponsored and will undoubtedly try to scuttle this’ by firing rockets into Israel, says Jonathan Schanzer, a former terror financing analyst at the Treasury Department and now vice president of research at the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies, a Washington think-tank.” Read more.

Norway: Muslim Politician Wishes Hitler Could Come Back And Finish The Job

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No need to call upon Hitler. Devout Muslims are already hard at work trying to finish what Hitler started

Nazi Salute of Hamas

Nazi Salute of Hamas

By Nettavisen (Translated) – “Jews are being harassed on facebook by AUF members (Youth Labor Party) and AP politician Khalid Haji Ahmed because of the escalating conflict with Hamas.

On Monday afternoon, an AUF member shared this message on Facebook, according to Hamar Arbeiderblad.

‘Damn Jew whores (…) wish Hitler could come back and shower you a little more.’

The Facebook entry is a response to the escalating conflict between Israel and the Palestinians in Gaza.

The comment provoked a strong reaction, especially when AP-politician Khalid Haji Ahmed decided to join the debate. Instead of reprimanding the Labor youth politician who posted the harassment, he wrote a flippant, slightly sarcastic comment back to one of the participants in the discussion.

When asked why Ahmed did not take more distance from harassment, says Labor politician to Nettavisen that he often uses humor to promote/prove a political point.

Lighted torches for all victims

– I know the young people, and in dialogue with young people use their language. I tried to say ‘Oh, good luck, then, if you want to do silly things,’ says Ahmed.

Ahmed says that he feels misunderstood, and that he really talked to the youngsters, but in a private chat, and not on his facebook wall. He also says to Nettavisen that the youth who posted the harassment is no longer a member of the Labor youth.

Nazi Salute of Hezbollah

Nazi Salute of Hezbollah

On Saturday, Ahmed participated in a ceremony where they lit torches for the 71 victims that had been killed in the ongoing conflict between Palestinians and Israelis.

– Three of the torches were for those who died in Israel, he said.

Khalid Haji Ahmed says he strongly opposes what was written on the facebook status

He says that he thinks it is wrong to judge people based on what religion they belong to, whether they are Muslim, Jew or Christian.” Source – TT.

Report: Israel And Hamas Agree On Cease-Fire Deal

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A “cease fire” with Islamic terrorists has never been, and will never be, a permanent peace. If reports of a possible cease-fire deal come to fruition, all this means is that Israel has decided to back down, effectively giving Hamas a chance to once again lock and load …

Update: Israel agrees to truce, but does not lift blockade of Gaza as part of the deal …

Update 2: According to the text of the ceasefire agreement, “Opening the crossings and facilitating the movements of people and transfer of goods and refraining from restricting residents’ free movements and targeting residents in border areas and procedures of implementation shall be dealt with after 24 hours from the start of the ceasefire.”

The Jerusalem Post – “Israel and Palestinian groups have agreed to a truce to end the Gaza conflict, an Egyptian official told Reuters on Wednesday.

Asked whether a cease-fire deal had been reached, the official said: ‘Yes, and Egypt will announce it.’

There was no immediate official confirmation of the news, which came on the eighth day of intensive Israeli fire on the Gaza Strip and rocket attacks out of the Palestinian territory.

According to Israeli sources, Israel has agreed to a truce in the Gaza Strip, but will not lift its blockade of the Palestinian territory, declining to give further details of any deal.

Shortly before, a Palestinian official with knowledge of Egyptian mediation between the two sides told Reuters that there was a ceasefire agreement to end eight days of fighting in Gaza that has killed more than 140 Palestinians and five Israelis.

Israel’s Channel 2 television said a ceasefire would be announced in Cairo later in the evening by US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

The cease-fire reports followed Israel’s diplomatic and security cabinet meeting on Wednesday discussing the latest cease-fire initiatives with Hamas, as international leaders continued to press for an end to the hostilities in Gaza.

The London-based Al Hayat newspaper, citing Hamas and Islamic Jihad, said Israel wanted a 90-day period to determine ‘good intentions’ of the movement before discussing Gazan demands.” Read more.

Iran Confirms: ‘We Are Proud to Defend Hamas’ Militarily – “Iran has sent financial and military aid to Hamas in Gaza in an attempt to boost the efforts of the terrorist group as it continuously and unremittingly launches attacks against the Jewish state, parliament speaker Ali Larijani said on Wednesday. ‘We are proud to defend the people of Palestine and Hamas … and that our assistance to them has been both financial and military,’ he said without elaborating, in remarks reported by parliament’s website,, according to AFP.” Read more.

Egyptian Child Preacher Longs To Fight Alongside The Palestinians And Die ‘A Thousand Times’ For The Sake Of Allah

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Isaiah 5:20-21, 24, “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness… who are wise in their own eyes and clever in their own sight… as tongues of fire lick up straw and as dry grass sinks down in the flames, so their roots will decay and their flowers blow away like dust …”

Egyptian Child Preacher Ibrahim Adham: “Oh Zionists, we love death for the sake of Allah, just as much as you love life for the sake of Satan. We long for martyrdom for the sake of Allah just as much as you hate death, oh enemies of Allah. I am just a child, but nevertheless, I pray that Allah will allow me to lead the prayer in the Al-Aqsa Mosque… If it were up to me, I would come to you (Palestinians), and I would fight alongside you in the battlefield, even if I am killed a hundred — nay, a thousand — times.”

Israel: Hamas Praises Tel Aviv Bus Bombing Injuring 27, ‘Allah Willing We Will Soon See Black Body Bags’

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The Associated Press – “TEL AVIV, Israel — A bomb exploded aboard an Israeli bus near the nation’s military headquarters in Tel Aviv on Wednesday, wounding 27 people, delivering a major blow to diplomatic efforts to forge a truce to end a week of fighting between Israel and Gaza’s militant Hamas rulers. Thousands of Palestinians fled their homes in Gaza fearing Israeli airstrikes.

Hours after the bus blast, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who is shuttling across the region in truce talks, arrived in Cairo and met with Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi, who is mediating between Israel and Hamas to end the fighting that has killed more than 140 Palestinians and five Israelis.

The blast, which left the bus charred and its windows blown out, was the first bombing in Tel Aviv since 2006. It appeared aimed at sparking Israeli fears of a return to the violence of the Palestinian uprising last decade, which killed more than 1,000 Israelis in bombings and shooting attacks and left more than 5,000 Palestinians dead as well. Hamas has carried dozens of suicide bombings that have killed hundreds of Israelis.

Although Hamas did not take responsibility for the attack, it praised the bombing.

‘We consider it a natural response to the occupation crimes and the ongoing massacres against civilians in the Gaza Strip,’ Hamas spokesman Fawzi Barhoum said.” Read more.

Video: Hamas TV After Tel Aviv Bus Bomb: ‘Allah Willing, We Will Soon See Black Body Bags’ – “I pray to Allah the exalted that we see body bags in a short while… Right now in these moments, the mosques in the Gaza Strip — their minarets are loudly sounding cries of ‘Allahu Akbar’ and cries of joy, and the residents of the Gaza Strip are bowing down to Allah for this offering…”

Turkish PM Accuses Israel Of ‘Ethnic Cleansing’ In Gaza, ‘Sooner Or Later Israel Will Answer For The Innocent Blood It Has Shed’

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The irrational Prime Minister of Turkey is becoming so invidious, insidious and incitant that even the US could no longer remain silent. We see where Erdogan is willing to take his rhetoric. But the real question now is what is he willing to do about it? …

By Elad Benari, INN – “The United States criticized Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Tuesday, after he once again chose to attack Israel over its counter-terrorist operation in Gaza.

In his latest hateful remarks, Erdogan accused Israel of ‘ethnic cleansing’ in Gaza, saying the Jewish state’s air raids could not be considered self-defense.

‘Israel is committing ethnic cleansing by ignoring peace in this region and violating international law,’ Erdogan said, according to AFP. ‘It is occupying the Palestinian territory step by step.’

He further claimed that Israeli air raids against Gaza could not be deemed self-defense, accusing Western countries of aiding what he called a ‘terrorist state’ by condoning its violence in the Middle East.

‘Sooner or later, Israel will answer for the innocent blood it has shed so far,’ he said.

Erdogan also said that Turkey, Egypt and the Gulf countries, particularly Qatar and Saudi Arabia, had to take their own initiative, accusing the United Nations Security Council of doing nothing to save Gazans.

‘It is against them today, tomorrow it will be us, keep that in mind,’ he said. ‘If we are going to die, let’s go down with decency. Keep that in mind too.’

The United States in turn criticized Erdogan’s harsh words, AFP reported.

‘Some of the extremely harsh rhetoric coming from Turkey we do not consider helpful at all,’ said State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland, according to the report.

‘Of course we don’t agree with some of these very difficult statements that have been coming there. And we’ve made those views clear to the Turks,’ she added.

Nuland said that State Department officials have ‘made clear … to the Turkish government our concerns that this kind of rhetoric is not helpful.’

On Monday, Erdogan called Israel a ‘terrorist state’ that ‘massacres innocent children,’ and accused the United Nations of failing to act over Israel’s Operation Pillar of Defense.

He accused the UN Security Council of ‘turning a blind eye’ to the suffering of Muslims across the world and called for ‘sincere action’ to end Israel’s strikes on Gaza.

The international community is watching ‘as Israel violently massacres innocent children in Gaza,’ Erdogan said in an address to religious leaders of Muslim countries gathered in Istanbul, labeling Israel ‘a terrorist state’.

On Saturday, Erdogan said that Israel was ‘making an international racket’ over civilians killed by Hamas rockets.” Read more.

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