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The Anti-Semitic Bizarro World Of Turkey’s Prime Minister Erdogan

By Joel Richardson – “In early October, when a single mortar shell launched from Syria missed its target and reached Turkey’s borders, Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan, was enraged.

In referring to the mere possibility of an attack launched from within Syria, Erdogan declared, ‘If there is a terror operation, if an irritant, emerges, then intervention would be our most natural right.’

And just this last month, when terrorists from the Kurdish Workers Party (PKK) launched a series of attacks against Turkish targets, Prime Minister Erdogan swiftly utilized his ‘right’ to respond. When he was done, in the space of just over a couple weeks, 500 Kurds had been killed.

Why, then, is Erdogan not willing to cede similar rights to Israel after she is relentlessly attacked by Hamas?

Consider the depth of hypocrisy here. As of Monday morning, by the time Israel finally responded to the recent rounds of Hamas’ attacks, they had already sustained over 850 jihadi rocket attacks launched into Israel. While the Israeli Iron Dome anti-missile batteries were able to effectively shoot down over 300 rockets heading straight for Israeli neighborhoods, a few dozen were able to penetrate the Iron Dome, landing in civilian areas.

Last week, when one of these missiles penetrated the roof of a family home in Kiryat Malachi (a sister city to Los Angeles) three Israelis were killed.

Surely Israel would now possess the same ‘right’ to respond that Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan has so forcefully claimed and used himself to defend his own country. One would think. But what is clear is that in Erdogan, we are not dealing with a rational player.

Consider just a few of Erdogan’s rabidly delusional anti-Semitic comments made over just the past few days.

As if not a single missile had ever been launched from Gaza, Erdogan has placed all blame on Israel for the latest round of fighting. In a scene taken directly from some bizarro-world comic book, Erdogan angrily pointed his finger at the camera and declared, ‘It’s a tactic of Israel’s to point the finger at Hamas and attack Gaza.’

Even more absurdly, in defending Hamas, Erdogan referred to Israel as ‘a terrorist nation.’

Instead of acknowledging Israel’s legitimate right to respond to the unprovoked and relentless aggression of Hamas, while visiting Egypt this weekend, Erdogan made the following overt threat: ‘Israel must pay a price for its aggression and crimes.’

To the roars of an enthusiastic crowd at Cairo University, Erdogan went on to denounce Israel on every level while belittling the Israeli lives lost. ‘Israel continues to make an international racket with its three dead,’ he said.

Erdogan also praised his fellow Islamist brother, Egypt President Mohamed Morsi, for recalling Egypt’s ambassador from Tel Aviv.

And at a meeting with Arab foreign ministers, Erdogan skirted close to actually beating the drums of war:

“We pledge to the Palestinians in Gaza and everywhere to provide support to confront this aggression and break the siege. … Everyone must know that sooner or later there will be a holding to account for the massacre of these innocent children killed inhumanely in Gaza.”

Of course, it is now a well-known fact, and should be to their great shame before the world, that Hamas has specifically placed many of its missile batteries and assets in close proximity to playgrounds, schools, mosques and residential neighborhoods.

Sadly, this is a well-documented and common tactic of Islamic terrorists who both understand the value Israel’s military places on Palestinian civilian life, as well as much of the Western media’s complicity in misrepresenting Israel to the world.

Just this weekend, both the BBC and CNN were caught utilizing bogus Hamas propaganda in its anti-Israel reporting. First, they were caught using fraudulent footage of a ‘wounded’ Palestinian man. The images are seen below:

Image: Honest Reporting

Image: Honest Reporting

Then, CNN’s Sara Sidner reported from Gaza concerning a Palestinian child who was killed by a missile. The problem is that although Hamas has literally been parading the corpse of this child around for the media, declaring him to be a martyr and victim of Israeli aggression, all evidence now points to the fact his death was the result of a botched Hamas rocket attack directed at Israel – ‘friendly fire.’

By placing its various military targets in close proximity to schools, playgrounds and mosques, Hamas is actively seeking the death of its own people to use for its own propaganda purposes. It may be over 50 years later, but Golda Meir’s words continue to ring out as true as ever: ‘Peace will come when the Arabs will love their children more than they hate us.’ It is obvious that this time has not yet come.

And at the head of the parade of propaganda is PM Erdogan, who continues to rail against Israel and her ‘massacre of children’ – which of course begs the question that none seem to have asked Erdogan: Of the 500 Kurds killed last month by Turkey’s military, how many were women or children? Despite the Turkish media’s fear of their own government, Erdogan’s must be called out for his hypocrisy, anti-Semitism and shameful comments.

By leading the effort to spread demonstrable lies, Erdogan is embarrassing his own people and nation, making himself into the hateful jester of the Middle East. Instead of behaving like the emerging regional leader he seeks to be, Erdogan is acting like so many of the other clownish Islamists to whom he is now choosing to associate himself.

Consider the outright lunacy of the Hamas media machine. Over the past few days, announcers on TV in Gaza have triumphantly asserted the following to its viewers:

Hamas missiles have hit the Knesset;
Tel Aviv is being deeply bombarded;
Tel Aviv’s electrical grid has been destroyed;
Ben Gurion International Airport has been shut down and all flights have been redirected to secret military bases;
An IAF F-16 has been shot down.

The appeal to laughable exaggeration, propaganda, conspiracy theories and lies that has often characterized the Islamist worldview is once again surfacing, not only in Hamas’ media but also on the lips of Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan.

Welcome to the anti-Semitic and irrational worldview of President Obama’s closest confidant, ally and best friend in the region. Welcome to the bizarro world of being Jewish in a region where Islamists now dominate, where only Muslims truly possess rights. Welcome to the triumph of democracy in the land of Islam. Welcome to the new Middle East.

Finally, please pray that in the days to come, those who genuinely seek truth, peace and justice will triumph over the growing army of those who foment demagoguery, lies, hatred and injustice.” Source – Joels Trumpet.

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