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An Obama Nation: Seniors To Suffer As Obamacare’s $716 Billion In Cuts Drive Doctors Out Of Medicare

By Avik Roy, Forbes -“A new survey of physicians has found that 30 percent of doctors in Florida intend to place new or additional limits on accepting Medicare patients, with 27 percent altogether refusing to accept new Medicare patients, because of Obamacare’s impact on the fees that Medicare pays to providers of health-care services. In addition, Obamacare will deeply cut Medicare Advantage for 1.2 million Florida seniors who are enrolled in the program, and drive up the cost of private health coverage, especially for those who buy insurance on their own. Read on for more details…

Obamacare cuts Medicare by $716 billion between 2013 and 2022 in order to pay for part of the law’s $1.9 trillion in new health-care spending for younger people over the same time frame. My co-blogger Robert Book and Michael Ramlet have published a paper for the University of Minnesota showing that Florida’s share of those Medicare cuts is $44.4 billion. This year, Florida has 3,527,830 Medicare enrollees, which means that these cuts amount to $12,584 for every senior in the state.

Robert Book published another paper, this time with former White House budget official James Capretta, detailing Obamacare’s cuts to Medicare Advantage on a state-by-state basis. Robert and Jim found that, in 2017, Obamacare will cut $3,203 in Medicare Advantage services for every Floridian enrolled in the program: a 21 percent cut. 34 percent of Florida’s seniors—1,198,943—are enrolled in Medicare Advantage…

Last month, the Physicians Foundation published one of the largest physician surveys ever conducted in the United States, with 13,575 respondents. They asked physicians a broad range of questions, including several about their views on Obamacare. 67 percent of Florida physicians said that the Affordable Care Act made them ‘less positive about the direction and future of healthcare in America.’ Only 12 percent said it made them feel more positive.

If Medicare fees decrease by ten percent or more—as the Affordable Care Act will require—30 percent of doctors in Florida say that they will place ‘new or additional limits’ on accepting Medicare patients. 27 percent say they’ll stop accepting Medicare patients altogether.” Read more.

How Obamacare’s $716 Billion in Cuts Will Drive Doctors Out of Medicare – “There are 600,000 physicians in America who care for the 48 million seniors on Medicare. Of the $716 billion that the Affordable Care Act cuts from the program over the next ten years, the largest chunk—$415 billion—comes from slashing Medicare’s reimbursement rates to hospitals, nursing homes, and doctors. This significant reduction in fees is driving many doctors to stop accepting new Medicare patients, making it harder for seniors to gain access to needed care.” Read more.

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