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Slip Up: Obama Admits He Sent Susan Rice On Mission To Tell America That Benghazi Was A Result Of The Anti-Mohammed Film

The Commander-in-Chief just stepped into a bit of a mess. During Obama’s press conference today he essentially admitted that Susan Rice was telling the American people what had been “provided to her” by the White House. Odd, isn’t it, that what was provided to Susan Rice was a narrative insisting time and time again that the attack against Benghazi was nothing more than a spontaneous protest over an anti-Mohammed film. If the “intelligence” that was provided to Susan Rice five days after the attack indicated that it was “in fact a spontaneous” event and not an act of terror, then why did Obama claim during the second Presidential debate that he told the American people it was a terrorist attack four days earlier? …

"Uhhhh ...."

“Uhhhh ….”

By DANIEL HALPER, The Weekly Standard – “President Barack Obama revealed at his press conference this afternoon that he is responsible for sending U.N. ambassador Susan Rice to speak to the American people a few days after the September 11 Benghazi terror attack.

‘As I said before, she made an appearance at the request of the White House in which she gave her best understanding of the intelligence that had been provided to her,’ Obama said at the press conference, defending the statements the ambassador to the U.N. made regarding the Benghazi attack.

Rice has been widely criticized for giving misleading statements about Benghazi. She maintained that the killing of four Americans stemmed for a spontaneous protest that got violent.

Later evidence, however, revealed that U.S. officials had real-time updates from Americans on the ground in Benghazi, and that terrorists were immediately suspected.

‘When they go after the U.N. ambassador, apparently because they think she’s an easy target, then they’ve got a problem with me,’ Obama said today.

Earlier today, Senators John McCain, Lindsey Graham, and Kelly Ayotte said they would oppose any move by Obama to make Rice the next secretary of state. That is what Obama was responding to today.” Source – The Weekly Standard.

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