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Draft Of Egypt’s New Constitution Revealed: Sharia Law In, Women’s Equality Out

The draft promises no discrimination based upon “sex, origin, language, religion, belief, opinion, social status or disability”. But as the world smiles down in adoration, don’t be fooled by it. Religious freedom and gender equality are diametrically incompatible with the teachings of Islam. Even Turkey — which is often hailed as “a useful model for new Arab regimes” — contains similar articles within its own constitution, yet was recently added to the list of worst religious freedom offenders in the world by the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom …

By Elad Benari, INN – “Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood-led government is suggesting that the country’s new constitution be based on the principles of Islam.

The Muslim Brotherhood’s website published on Monday the draft of the new constitution, which was put together by a special committee numbering 100 members, the majority of which are members of the Muslim Brotherhood and the Salafist parties.

According to the draft, translated by Arab affairs expert Dalit Halevi, the main clauses in the new constitution are:

‘[Sunni] Islam is the religion of the state, Arabic is the official language and the principles of Islamic law are the main source for legislation.’

‘The principles of the religion of the Christians and the Jews are the main source of legislation for the personal and religious affairs and for the purpose of choosing their spiritual leaders.’

‘The Al-Azhar (considered the highest authority in Sunni Islam) is an independent Islamic institution … whose purpose is to spread the message of Islam and religion. All residents are equal before the law … there shall not be discrimination because of sex, origin, language, religion, belief, opinion, social status or disability. The state ensures the freedom of religious worship of monotheistic religions in accordance with the law.’

The draft also notes that ‘freedom of opinion is guaranteed, and should not hurt the Prophet of Prophets.’

On Friday, more than 10,000 ultraconservative Muslims demonstrated in Cairo’s Tahrir Square, demanding that Egypt’s new constitution be based on the rulings of Islamic Sharia law.” Read more.

Egypt: Women’s Equality Article Removed From Constitution – “Members of the Constituent Assembly agreed last week to remove a proposed article which provided some constitutional support for gender equality — provided that such equality did not violate the provisions of Islamic Sharia law. The episode showed the ability of both liberals and ultra-conservative Salafis to stamp their mark on a constitution-writing process dominated by the Muslim Brotherhood. Secularists had objected to women’s rights being made conditional on Sharia. This, they argued, would endanger the whole concept of equality, and could be used as a backdoor to strip women of civil and political rights they have already gained…” Read more.

Flashback: Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood Presidential Candidate: There is No Freedom in Islam – “Hazem Saleh Abu Ismail, Egypt’s presidential candidate and a vocal supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood, has said that there is no room for personal freedom in Islam. In a recent television interview translated and reported by Jihad Watch, Ismail said that being a Muslim is like being a member of the military, where one has to go by a dictatorial code of conduct. ‘If you claim that Allah considers it your personal freedom, show me your reference? Nobody has ever said that – except for people have no understanding of Sharia,’ Ismail said.” Read more.

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