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CAIR Poll: More Than 85% Of American-Muslims Voted For Obama

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Barack Hussein Obama was the first American President to bow down to a Muslim king. He was the first to take off his shoes and visit a mosque, invite 50 Muslims to the White House to celebrate Ramadan, to have a pro-Sharia Muslim faith adviser, to appoint a pro-Sharia Muslim US Ambassador to the United Nations and to declare that America was no longer a Christian nation. He was even the first to have scores of known Radical Islamists visit the White House hundreds of times meeting with top administration officials and the first to be officially endorsed by Anti-American pro-Sharia Islamist front groups. I’m surprised this President didn’t receive an even higher percentage of the Muslim vote …

By Penny Starr, CNS News – “The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) released the results of an informal exit poll on Friday that shows more than 85 percent of American Muslim voters picked President Barack Obama in Tuesday’s election.

That number is lower than a similar poll conducted in 2008 that showed 89 percent of American Muslims cast a ballot for Obama.

CAIR conducted the informal survey of 650 American Muslim voters, with just 4 percent of respondents stating that they voted for Mitt Romney.

Poll findings:

  • 95.5 percent of the Muslim voters said they went to the polls on Nov. 6.
  • 85.7 percent cast their ballots to re-elect President Obama.
  • 4.4 percent of respondents said they voted for Mitt Romney.
  • States with the highest number of survey respondents (in descending order) were California, New York, Texas, Virginia, Illinois, Florida, Michigan, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Ohio.
  • 41.5 percent said they consider themselves Democrats. A similar number, 40.6 percent, consider themselves politically independent. Only 7.4 percent said they are Republican.

‘The fact that more than 95 percent of Muslim respondents went to the polls is a clear indication that they are fully participating in our nation’s political process and are part of the fabric of America,’ Nihad Awad, executive director of CAIR said in a press release announcing the poll results.” Source – CNS News.

Flashback: Obama marks Ramadan: ‘Islam is part of the fabric of our Nation’ – “Here in the United States, Ramadan reminds us that Islam is part of the fabric of our Nation, and that—from public service to business, from healthcare and science to the arts—Muslim Americans help strengthen our country and enrich our lives. Even as Ramadan holds profound meaning for the world’s 1.5 billion Muslims, it is also a reminder to people of all faiths of our common humanity and the commitment to justice, equality, and compassion shared by all great faiths.” Read more.

Flashback: Obama Administration Paves The Way For Sharia Law In America – “The most terrifying danger Americans face from a second Barack Obama term isn’t the economy, which is scary enough. The most harrowing prospect is the Obama Administration’s passivity in the face of attempts to introduce aspects of sharia law into our legal system. Now there is strong and open evidence of the Obama administration collaborating with Islamist activists to ensure the path toward sharia law is accelerated.” Read more.

Horror In Syria: ‘Free Syrian Army’ Rebels Executing Soldiers Were Reportedly Executing Christians

11/09/2012 3 comments

I’ve included the video in question at the end of the article. These are the rebels that the Obama Administration is supporting. Caution, this will be disturbing to some. Viewer discretion is strongly advised …

By MICHAEL CARL – “Reports from Syria indicate members of the Free Syrian Army have started executing Christians while claiming they’re shooting Syrian soldiers.

A video of a Nov. 1 attack in which black-clad Syrian rebels reportedly killed 28 men has been posted on An Agence France-Presse story on the attack identified the victims as Syrian soldiers.

But Religious Freedom Coalition President William Murray said two of the victims were associated with his cooperating organization in Syria, which distributes aid.

The victims were not soldiers, he said, but civilians from the same neighborhood, ‘so they were all probably Christians.’

He argued that even a brief review of photos of the attack indicates the victims were civilians.

‘They were not armed and never were combatants,’ Murray said.

A human rights activist working in Syria whose name has been withheld for security reasons said two of the men were Christians.

‘Two of the men I am sure were Christians and were first kidnapped from their neighborhood, then taken out and shot,’ the activist said.

Act for America President and Founder Brigitte Gabriel said it’s well known that the Syrian rebels are executing Christians.

‘The Syrians without a doubt are executing Christians. They are notorious for their tactical torture of their enemies,’ Gabriel said.

‘Those people rising against Assad and being crushed are all Muslim Brotherhood whom Bashir Assad’s father, Hafez Assad, crushed 30 years ago in Hama,’ Gabriel said.

Gabriel added that the rebels feel empowered, which only fuels their hatred of Christians.

‘Now they are feeling empowered after what they saw in Egypt, Libya and Tunisia. They feel this is their opportunity. They despise the Christians living in Syria and would love to either Read more…

The Rise Of The Anti-Crest: France To Begin Producing Halal Toothpaste, Imam Will Ensure It Is 100% Pork Free

11/09/2012 4 comments

This is stealth jihad in action …

Muqtada al Sadr: "Finally!"

Muqtada al Sadr: “Finally!”

By Nicola Hebden – “A factory in the centre of France has been given the green light from Brussels to start producing Europe’s first halal toothpaste, due to be available in shops later this month.

From November 23, the halal toothpaste will be available in specialised shops for €1.45 per tube – until now all halal beauty products in France had been imported from Belgium, Indonesia and Australia.

To obtain the official European halal label, the production and storage areas of the product are inspected by an imam to ensure they are free of any pork produce.

But because of press attention in France, the factory making the toothpaste wanted to remain anonymous, ‘because our other big-name cosmetic clients do not wish to have their brand associated with halal,’ the director told le Parisien.

Halal brand director, Nabil Hadj-Chikh, admits pork-free beauty products are not a big issue for all Muslims in France.

‘Some find this kind of thing is going too far, for others it is a sin to consume pork in any product, especially after we find out pork is in that product,’ he said.

Pork fat, usually in the form of glycerine, is used as the base of a few cosmetics on the market – its use increased after the mad cow crisis, when lipstick and nail varnish manufacturers stopped using beef fat.

According to world market leader Colgate, much of the glycerine used in its products comes from vegetarian sources or beef fat, but pork-based glycerine is sometimes used.

In France, it is estimated about 1 million Muslims buy halal cosmetics. For the factory producing the toothpaste, its biggest source of business will be exporting to Muslim countries.” Source – The Local.

Italy: Muslim Father Kills Children After His Wife Refuses To Wear Islamic Veil And Threatens To Leave

11/09/2012 5 comments

Novopress (Translation) – “It seems that he no longer supported the habits of his wife including the fact that she had decided to no longer wear the veil as dictated by the tradition of the women if their country. This is the explanation given by the Corriere Della Sera.

Their country of course is Morocco, whom originates Mustafa Hajjaji, 44 Years old and his wife, ten years his junior. But the drama took place in the city where they had immigrated, Umbertide in the Perouse province, Ombrie region. It is there that Tuesday night, [Government officials] alerted by the wife, found in the bathroom the cadavers of two of the couple’s children, Ahmed, 8 years old, and Jiahane, 12 years old.

Their father was lying near them after he was transported to the service of reanimation of the hospital of Citta Di Castello, and is now out of danger.

Just a month ago a woman had complained against her husband for threats of being hit and injuries and poor treatment. She had explained to the government officials of Citta Di Castello that her husband had brandished a knife against her. In the past the man had notably threatened on motive that she had stopped wearing the veil.

Before attempting to commit suicide the Moroccan had traced with blood on the walls, inscriptions in Arabic that are barely legible. He has also left a paper. The investigators attempt to decipher and to translate the messages in hope of finding explanations to the double murder. According to the Corriere della Sera, Mustafà Hajjaji wanted to punish his wife perhaps because after stopping wearing the veil, she had decided to leave her husband.” Source – TT.

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Belgium: Muslim Politicians Win Municipal Elections In Brussels, Vow To Turn Belgium Into Islamic State Ruled By Sharia Law

11/09/2012 8 comments

Europe is making its own bed to sleep in, and America isn’t too far behind

By Soeren Kern, Gatestone Institute – “Two Muslim politicians, who just won municipal elections in Belgium’s capital, Brussels, on October 14, have vowed to implement Islamic Sharia law in Belgium.

The two candidates, Lhoucine Aït Jeddig and Redouane Ahrouch, both from the fledgling Islam Party, won seats in two heavily Islamized municipalities of Brussels, Molenbeek-Saint-Jean and Anderlecht, respectively.

During a post-election press conference in Brussels on October 25, the two future councilors, who will be officially sworn in on December 3, said they regard their election as key to the assertion of the Muslim community in Belgium.

‘We are elected Islamists but above all we are Muslims,’ Ahrouch said. ‘Islam is compatible with the laws of the Belgian people. As elected Muslims, we embrace the Koran and the tradition of the Prophet Mohammed. We believe Islam is a universal religion. Our presence on the town council will give us the opportunity to express ourselves,’ said Ahrouch, who refuses to shake hands or make eye contact with females in public.

A one-hour video of the press conference in French has been posted on YouTube. At one point in the video (0:07:40) Ahrouch, 42, says he will strive to make sure that the town council’s ‘motions and solutions are durable and definitive and will emanate from Islam.’

Ahrouch, who was sentenced to six months in prison in 2003 for the assault and battery of his disabled wife, also spends considerable time talking about ethics in politics and ‘respect for the other.’

Elsewhere in the video (0:25:40), Aït Jeddig, 50, commends Islam as having paved the way for ‘the emergence of European civilization.’ (He makes no mention of Europe’s Judeo-Christian or Greek-Roman roots.)” Read more.

Flashback: Belgium: ‘Religion Of Peace’ Leader Arrested After Calling For Muslims To Attack Non-Muslims – “The spokesman of a Belgian radical Islamist group, Sharia4Belgium, was arrested on Thursday for posting an Internet video urging attacks on non-Muslims after a woman was detained in Brussels for wearing a face veil. Fouad Belkacem, also known as Abu Imran, was arrested in Antwerp and remanded in custody on suspicion of breaking anti-discrimination laws and inciting violence. ‘He posted a video message on YouTube in which he called on his brothers and sisters to fight against non-believers,’ said a spokesman for the Antwerp prosecutor.” Read more.

Flashback: Belgium: Authorities Cope To Struggle With Muslim Crime Wave – “New Europe reported a recent incident that occurred on the streets of Brussels which raised questions as to the true integration of the Muslim population in an already divded country. Crime in EU’s capital has been growing as well as minority popoulation. Integration of Muslims into Belgium culture has been extremely difficult. With a rapidly growing population, the capital of Belgium – and of the EU – is already one of the most multicultural in Europe. Muslims are already a majority in some neighborhoods.” Read more.

Syria: Turkey’s Erdogan Thinks He Is The New Sultan Of The Ottoman Empire, ‘In His Heart He Thinks He Is A Caliph’

11/09/2012 5 comments

Russia Today – “In an exclusive interview with RT, President Bashar Assad said that the conflict in Syria is not a civil war, but proxy terrorism by Syrians and foreign fighters. He also accused the Turkish PM of eyeing Syria with imperial ambitions.

Assad told RT that the West creates scapegoats as enemies – from communism, to Islam, to Saddam Hussein. He accused Western countries of aiming to turn him into their next enemy.

While mainstream media outlets generally report on the crisis as a battle between Assad and Syrian opposition groups, the president claims that his country has been infiltrated by numerous terrorist proxy groups fighting on behalf of other powers.

In the event of a foreign invasion of Syria, Assad warned, the fallout would be too dire for the world to bear…

RT: There are many people who were convinced a year ago that you would not make it this far. Here again you are sitting in a newly renovated presidential palace and recording this interview. Who exactly is your enemy at this point?

BA: My enemy is terrorism and instability in Syria. This is our enemy in Syria. It is not about the people, it is not about persons. The whole issue is not about me staying or leaving. It is about the country being safe or not. So, this is the enemy we have been fighting as Syria.


RT:  Why has Turkey, which you call a friendly nation, become a foothold for the opposition?

BA: Not Turkey, but only Erdogan’s government in order to be precise. Turkish people need good relations with the Syrian people. Erdogan thinks that if Muslim Brotherhood takes over in the region and especially in Syria, he can guarantee his political future, this is one reason. The other reason, he personally thinks that he is the new sultan of the Ottoman and he can control the region as it was during the Ottoman Empire under a new umbrella. In his heart he thinks he is a caliph. These are the main two reasons for him to shift his policy from zero problems to zero friends.” Read more.

Tip of the hat to “iamnotashamedofthegospelofchrist” for the link …

A Christian Response To The Obama Victory

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By Joel Richardson – “In light of President Obama’s re-election, it is essential to briefly detail some of the reasons why Christians should rise above the depression and hopelessness that has gripped so many American conservatives.

In the afterglow of Obama’s victory, Ayman al-Zawahiri, Ayatollah Khamenei, Vladimir Putin and Chris Matthews, as well as millions of pot-heads, sodomites, pro-aborts and all common moochers, are sharing a collective thrill. The American people by a clear majority have rejected fiscal responsibility, energy independence, national security, border security, traditional family values, and worst of all, standing with the most defenseless and innocent among us. Barack Obama’s re-election is a complete political, economic, moral, social and spiritual catastrophe.

But despite the very real implications of America’s downfall, Christians have far more substantial hope and reason to remain joyful.

In pondering which portions of Scripture might be encouraging for American Christians at this moment, I was immediately reminded of Hebrews 11, where believers today are encouraged to consider the lives of several faithful saints of old. Some of these men and woman lived very blessed lives and experienced great prosperity. Others suffered terrible hardships. What they all shared, however, was a vision, a hope of ‘a better country,’ a heavenly ‘city.’ Consider what the Bible has to say concerning Abraham:

“By faith he made his home in the promised land like a stranger in a foreign country; he lived in tents, as did Isaac and Jacob, who were heirs with him of the same promise. For he was looking forward to the city with foundations, whose architect and builder is God.” —Hebrews 11:9-10

As sad as it is to watch this great country take such a harsh turn into irresponsibility and outright godlessness, we are reminded that our Read more…

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Iran: Obama Has Been And Will Continue To Be Too Weak To Handle The Emerging Challenges Of The Islamic World

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WND – “Kayhan, a publication that serves as a mouthpiece for the Iranian regime, says Barack Obama is weak, unable to solve challenges and has the same ‘serial crimes’ as the predecessor from whom he inherited the White House: George W. Bush.

‘Obama is too weak to solve the important challenges: The Palestinian question and the security of the occupying regime, the Islamic awakening, and the Iranian challenge,’ the publication said, according to a report today from the Middle East Media Research Institute.

The organization that monitors Middle East media, interprets and reports on the statements has compiled a list of comments from editorials and leaders about Obama’s narrow popular vote margin in the 2012 presidential election.

‘Kayhan expressed its disdain for Obama’s re-election with its November 8 front-page headline: ‘Mr. Change Is Here Again, Four More Years Without Change,’’ MEMRI reported. ‘In its editorial that day, the paper stated that as far as the American voters were concerned, the election was between ‘bad and worse.’’

‘Obama is the same weak Bush. The America of 2012 is the same America of 2001, that has lost its value,’ MEMRI said the newspaper wrote. ‘The sum total of the [U.S.’s] crimes during Obama’s term is no less than that during the Bush term. The traces of the U.S. and its serial crimes can be spotted in all the crises in the region – Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Bahrain, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, and Iraq. It suffered great defeats in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Lebanon, and Palestine…

‘Obama and his administration have nothing new to say – not only to Iran but also to most of the countries of the world, and to Europe as well,’ the newspaper wrote.

Iran President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was in Bali, Indonesia, for a conference and said elections in the West ‘have turned into the scene for the propaganda campaign of the capitalists and huge expenses and many independent, decent and efficient figures do not get the chance to participate in ruling [their countries].’

And judicial chief Ayatollah Sadeq Larijani said that the Iranian people would never forget the crimes of Obama’s sanctions.” Read more.

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