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Terrorism In The United States – Obama Covers For His Friends

The Christian Conservative – “Our government, under the leadership of Barack Obama, intentionally goes to great lengths to cover up or explain away acts of Islamic terrorism in the United States.  On July 1,2010 outside an Army recruiting station in Little Rock, Arkansas two men coming out of the station were gunned down by an Islamic extremist. One man died of his wounds the other recovered. There was almost no coverage of the incident at all . Before that, in November 2009, there was the massacre at Foot Hood where thirteen people died and 32 wounded at the hands of an Islāmic cleric. That was classified not a terrorist act ten months later because the shooter was in the U.S. Army. He falls under military law and information control is much easier in that situation. Most recently, we have the elaborate misinformation campaign surrounding the events in Benghazi, Libya on September 11, 2012 where we lost three citizens, one of whom was our ambassador. One lone incident has no significance, two incidents-well maybe a pattern is emerging, but three incidents closely related in time, motive and means confirm a pattern of terrorism on U.S soil. The fact that we know very little, if anything, about these incidents is proof of the extent to which the Obama administration goes to make excuses for his Islāmic brothers, figuratively and literally.

In his refusal to admit Islāmic terrorism is alive and well in the U.S., the president is complicit in the destruction and loss of life. Mr. Obama clearly has no respect for his oath to protect U.S. life both here and abroad because it was made on the Bible. He respects only oaths made on the Koran. Mr. Obama protects Muslim terrorists by hamstringing federal law enforcement that would investigate them. He gives lip service to protecting Americans but he puts them in harm’s way when it will protect or serve his Muslim brothers. I’m sure, He’s also motivated by the wish to be perceived as a strong president capable of keeping the U.S. safe but that is only an illusion used to maintain the power to further his harmful agenda. Mr. Obama has sure caught a lot of people sleeping. People are completely oblivious to the disconnect between his words and his actions. People seem to be mesmerized by his charisma and his ability to read a teleprompter. The whole nation may pass into obscurity, sleeping or Jesus may return and make lying and deceit things of the past but; until then, conservatives will stand for biblical principles and a constitutional republic. Whether or not there are any conservatives in Congress is yet to be determined. The people have spoken-they don’t care!” Source – The Christian Conservative.

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