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Promoting Lawlessness: Death-Loving Al-Qaeda Chief Calls For More Fighting And Suicide Bombings In Somalia

AP – “Cairo – Al-Qaeda’s leader is urging Muslims to join militants in Somalia in the battle against African Union troops, which he says have been boosted by US support.

Ayman Al-Zawahri says Somalia’s al-Qaeda branch, al-Shabaab, should use guerrilla tactics and suicide bombings to wage jihad, or holy war.

Somalia had been in chaos for years, ruled by warlords and insurgents bent on creating an Islamic state.

The militants, who once controlled nearly all of Mogadishu, have been gone from the capital for more than a year, and in September the African troops booted them out of their last urban stronghold, the port city of Kismayo.

In his seven-minute audio message posted late on Tuesday on militant websites, al-Zawahri says the loss of Kismayo came after ‘clear, direct and flagrant support from the Americans.'” Source – News24.

Flashback: Al-Qaeda Leader To Muslims: Wage Holy War Against The United States And Israel – “The leader of Al Qaeda is encouraging Muslims to wage holy war against the United States and Israel in response to a film that insulted Islam’s Prophet Muhammad. Ayman al-Zawahri, in an audio message released by Al Qaeda’s media arm As-Sahab early Saturday, claimed Washington allowed the film’s production under the pretext of freedom of expression, but added that ‘this freedom did not prevent them from torturing Muslim prisoners.’” Read more.

Flashback: Al-Qaeda Leader Tells All Muslims To Kill US Diplomats, Exploit US ‘Weakness’ To Purify Muslim Countries – “Al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri on Thursday released an audio recording hailing the ‘blessed’ September 11 terror attacks as ‘the greatest blow’ America had ever suffered. He also asserted an Islamic duty to ‘liberate’ every inch of Muslim lands, and called upon Muslims to ‘purify’ their countries of corrupt leaders during what he termed a period of ‘American weakness.’ Muslims should ‘topple the western proxies’ left in their countries ‘and especially the Saud clan and the gulf sheiks in the Arabian peninsula,’ he declared. Al-Zawahiri also urged Muslims to capture citizens of countries that fight Muslims in order to hold them as hostages and force the release of Muslim prisoners.” Read more.

Flashback: Al-Shabaab Claims Responsibility For Church Attacks, Will Continue To Kill Those Who Do Not Worship Allah – “Somalia militia group Al-Shabaab has claimed responsibility for Sunday’s twin attacks on two churches in Garissa County that left 17 people dead… An Al-Shabaab loyalist Sheikh Hassan Takar said that the militia killed people who did not profess allegiance to Allah. ‘The mujahedeen (holy warriors) punished with their hands those believing and worshipping other than Allah,’ he said. ‘The militants will continue until such practice is eliminated.’ He added” Read more.

  1. 11/09/2012 at 9:30 AM

    ICA, I ran across this link this morning, it’s incredible. RT is known for being biased and twisting info, but this is incredible, it’s a video interview with Assad followed by full text. He explains the muslim brotherhoods intentions in coming together with Erdogan to for form the new Ottoman Caliphate. http://rt.com/news/assad-interview-exclusive-syria-265/


  2. ICA
    11/09/2012 at 12:57 PM

    Thanks for the link, I’ll post the article soon.


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