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France: ‘Local Youths’ Arrested After Severely Beating Jewish Family In Marseille, Vow To Come Back And ‘Finish The Job’

By Chana Ya’ar, INN – “The father of a Jewish family was badly beaten and the family home was completely trashed on Sunday by local youths in Marseille, France.

Residents in their Jewish neighborhood are stunned following the incident.

Marseilles is home to some 80,000 Jews – 10 percent of the general population but a small fraction compared to the 250,000 Muslims with whom they also live. It has been relatively quiet France’s second-largest city this year, compared to other areas in the country where violent anti-Semitism has been on the rise.

Last month the SPCJ (Service de Protection de la Communaute Juive) security agency for French Jewry reported a 45 percent rise in anti-Semitic attacks since 2011, mostly by Muslims.

This incident began when two youths parked their car in a Jewish family’s private garage.

When the family saw the unfamiliar vehicle they called police, and the car was towed. Upon finding their vehicle gone and learning it had been towed, the youths became angry.

They returned with a gang of friends to exact their revenge upon the hapless family. The gang broke into the home, severely beat up the father of the family and destroyed the rest of the house.

According to local sources, one of the youths reportedly attempted to murder the father. Neighbors heard the family’s screams coming from the home and called police, who arrested the attackers. Upon leaving the scene, the attackers promised to ‘finish the job,’ according to local media reports.” Read more.

Flashback: France: Marseille Mayor Calls For Military To Be Deployed To Tackle Muslim Gangs In ‘No-Go Zones’ – “I don’t want to say I told you so, so I won’t. And remember, Dhimmedia, don’t point out the fact that ‘Muslims’ are a major contributor to the problem. Because that would be insensitive and Islamophobic. Let’s simply characterize it as ‘gang drug violence’ and look the other way instead …” Read more.

Flashback: Imams’ Indoctrinating French Muslims With Culture Of Hate, Racism – “… French Jewish artist Ron Agam told the Algemeiner that, ‘It is about time now for the French authorities to radically search for these Imams and put a stop to the brainwashing on tens of thousands of Muslim kids in France.’ ‘It is unacceptable that this culture of racism and antisemitism is being tolerated by a significant number of the Muslim community, this culture must stop,’ he concluded.” Read more.

Flashback: Expert: Large European Cities Overwhelmed by Muslim Population – “Muslim population in many big European cities already exceeds 20%, according to Alex Alexiev, an expert in international security and radical Islam and visiting fellow at the Hudson Institute, Washington, D.C. In his words, however, what is especially worrying is that these Muslims are getting radicalized. The expert reckons that almost all Western European countries are marked by a high degree of radicalization.” Read more.

Flashback: France Seeks To Reclaim Muslim ‘No-Go’ Zones – “The French government has announced a plan to boost policing in 15 of the most crime-ridden parts of France in an effort to reassert state control over the country’s so-called ‘no-go’ zones: Muslim-dominated neighborhoods that are largely off limits to non-Muslims. The crime-infested districts, which the French Interior Ministry has designated as Priority Security Zones … include heavily Muslim parts of Paris, Marseilles, Strasbourg, Lille and Amiens, where Muslim youths recently went on a two-day arson rampage that caused extensive property damage and injured more than a dozen police officers.” Read more.

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  1. 11/06/2012 at 11:03 AM

    The portion of islamic population in Marseille is 31%. That percentage in America will rise to the same number after the egregious precedent fulfills its promise to import 100 million ‘oppressed victims’, aka, taqyiyya Christians.
    “No nation can be better than its God: Like god, like people!” Samuel Chadwick, 1943
    Will allah be better than America and her people?
    Albert, wary worried watchman


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