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US General: Barack Obama Is Paraylzed By Fear

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Great article. I recommend reading the whole thing, particularly the last three eye-opening paragraphs …

By Maj. Gen. Patrick Brady, U.S. Army (Ret.) – “Now I understand! For years, many veterans and active military have been alarmed about the idiocy of the changes in battlefield aeromedical evacuation known as Dust Off. For reasons having nothing to do with patient care, Dust Off has been removed from the control of the professionals, the medics, and put under the control of amateurs, aviation staff officers, or ASOs. This is the first such change since the Civil War.

I document the unparalleled excellence of Dust Off, and the effects of the changes, in my book, ‘Dead Men Flying.‘ Needless to say, it was the most outstanding battlefield operating system of that war – some one million souls saved and unprecedented survival rates. No warrior of Vietnam is more revered than the Dust Off crews.

In the words of Gen. Creighton Abrams, former U.S. Army chief of staff and former supreme commander in Vietnam: ‘A special word about the Dust Offs … Courage above and beyond the call of duty was sort of routine to them. It was a daily thing, part of the way they lived. That’s the great part, and it meant so much to every last man who served there. Whether he ever got hurt or not, he knew Dust Off was there. It was a great thing for our people.’

Fast forward to current battlefields. We hear horror stories about patients waiting and dying because Dust Off didn’t launch or came too late. The launch standard in my unit in Vietnam was two minutes; today it is 15 minutes! Can anyone imagine a fire truck taking 15 minutes to get under way? I could go on and on, but one has to ask, why? Why the changes to an excellent, proven system?

The answer is the Obama-Panetta Doctrine. In response to the horrible abandonment of dying Americans in Benghazi, Defense Secretary Panetta said: ‘(The) basic principle is that you don’t deploy forces into harm’s way without knowing what’s going on; without having some real-time information about what’s taking place.’

On its face, that is a remarkable, indeed incomprehensible, change from America’s doctrine in past wars. By that standard, there would have been no Normandy or Inchon. In fact, I can’t think of a war we fought in which we didn’t go into harm’s way without real-time information or to save lives – something the president refused to do in Benghazi. Dust Off would never launch in Vietnam under that doctrine.

To fully understand the doctrinal change, one has to understand President Obama. He has a dearth of understanding of our military and military matters. We hear he is uncomfortable in the presence of ranking military and seldom meets with them. He is not a person who can make decisions, and he takes an extraordinary amount of time to do so, leading to such unseemly labels for a commander in chief as Read more…

‘Time Is Running Out’: US Congressman Asks Why Churches In The West Are Silent On Worldwide Christian Persecution

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I can think of a few reasons why: It’s convenient to ignore an inconvenient topic. It makes many comfortable Christians uncomfortable. And if the truth were made known it could even cause some of them to begin questioning a few of the popular doctrines currently being taught by the church today which are, for many Christians in the West, unquestionable …

By Lillian Kwon, Christian Post Reporter – “Congressman Frank Wolf, who has been a champion of human rights, is hard pressed to understand why U.S. churches are silent when it comes to advocating for persecuted Christians.

The Republican Virginia rep. specifically called out big-name pastors such as Rick Warren and John Piper for their non-activity, especially at a time when Christians and other religious minorities in Syria and Egypt are at greater risk for persecution.

‘The church in the West is relatively silent,’ Wolf said on ‘The Janet Mefferd Show’ this week. ‘Where are the (Dietrich) Bonhoeffers (20th century German Lutheran pastor who stood against Nazi dictatorship)? Where’s Rick Warren? Where’s John Piper? Where are the people? Why aren’t they speaking out on this?

‘I just have a hard time wondering why more in the West are not speaking out.’

Since last year, Wolf has been pushing for a special envoy at the State Department that would focus exclusively on the plight of religious minorities in South Central Asia and the Middle East. While his legislation (H.R. 440) passed in the House last year, it has been on hold in the Senate.

According to Wolf, the State Department urged Sen. Jim Webb (D-Va.) to oppose the Senate version of the bill until a hearing is held.

Wolf said he welcomes the hearing but Sen. John Kerry, chairman of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, has never held it.

‘I am concerned that time is running out – both in terms of the legislative calendar for this year and in terms of the plight of these communities,’ Wolf said in a statement last week.

Some 8 million Coptic Christians in Egypt are living in fear, he said, as the Muslim Brotherhood majority government drafts its new constitution, which is expected to have Islamic Sharia law as its foundation.

Tens of thousands of people have been killed in Syria where Sunni Muslim rebels are targeting Christians, forcing many to flee the region.

‘I’m not surprised that the Obama administration is opposed to this (legislation) but where’s the church in the West?’ Wolf lamented. ‘I would’ve thought the church would’ve just been up in arms.’

‘We have no one advocating for them (religious minorities),’ he added. ‘The Coptic Christian community can’t understand why the West doesn’t advocate.'” Source – Christian Post.

From Darkness To Light: Pakistani Muslim Airforceman Turns To Christ After Encountering The Glory Of God At Christian Church

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John 12:46, “I have come as Light into the world, so that everyone who believes in Me will not remain in darkness.”

By Karen Mudge – “Born into a Pakistani Muslim family, Pastor Siddique Paul struggled from childhood with a secret.

Born Mohammad Siddique, the son of a mosque leader, Siddique was drawn to the Bible as a young boy and a young adult, but kept coming back to the Islamic faith in which he was raised.

But when his wife fell sick in 1997, Siddique had an encounter with the Christian faith that had an ongoing impact. The doctor caring for his wife refused to let Siddique pay for her medicine, saying he’d prefer if Siddique and his wife would visit him once she was well.

‘I was inspired by his kindness and love because the medicine was costly,’says Siddique. So he asked for the doctor’s name. Siddique recalls, ‘In our Urdu language the doctor’s name means ‘servant of Messiah’. I got shocked and thought, ‘he is a Christian’. After that I really showed my heart.’

He begged the doctor to introduce him to a Christian family who were acting on the teaching from the Bible. Siddique enjoyed the Christian family and asked them many questions. The family humbly told Siddique that they were laymen, not scholars, but said to him, ‘Our love is here, if you want to come and visit us again, our house will always be open to you and we will say welcome in Christ’s love.’

Siddique attended church with the family. During the service, he issued a challenge to Jesus regarding his three year old daughter who was very ill. He said to Jesus, ‘You are not here, but if you exist, if your blood has power, if you heal my daughter before I reach home, I will try to think about you. Not believe – just think.’

Returning home to a house silent of screaming and crying, Siddique discovered his daughter had begun to sleep peacefully the very hour he issued his challenge to Jesus. ‘Tears came into my eyes and I tried to hide my face from my wife because she was a Muslim.’

This miracle began to melt Siddique’s heart towards Christianity. From that point, despite what he had been told about the Bible and Christianity’s corruption, he Read more…

Kenya: Islamists Kills 1, Wound 14 After Grenade Attack Against Church In Garissa

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AGENCE FRANCE PRESSE – “NAIROBI: Gunmen hurled a grenade at a Kenyan church in a town near the Somali border yesterday, killing one policeman and wounding another 14 people, the latest such strike in the volatile area since Nairobi sent troops into Somalia to fight Al-Qaeda-linked insurgents.

The attack occurred during morning prayers at the church in the northeastern town of Garissa, which is home to a large number of Somalis and where 18 people were killed in similar grenade blasts in July.

‘We have one fatality,’ said regional police chief Philip Tuimur after a policeman died of his wounds in the attack on the Utawala church at a police camp in Garissa, which lies about 140 kilometers (90 miles) from the Somali border. ‘We have mobilized our officers to track down the attackers,’ Tuimur added, without giving further details.

Kenya has been rocked by a wave of grenade attacks on cities including the capital Nairobi and the key port of Mombasa since the country sent troops into its troubled neighbor in October last year to fight the Al-Qaeda linked Shebab.

Fourteen people were also wounded in yesterday’s attack, which police said was carried out by two armed men. Most of the victims were policemen.

‘We are attending victims mostly suffering from shrapnel wounds and burns, and we are evacuating to Nairobi three of the victims due to the nature of their injuries,’ Dr. Mohamed Sheikh, medical director at the Garissa Hospital said.

The grenade ‘ripped through the roof during prayer session,’ said a police officer who spoke on condition of anonymity, while witnesses cited by police said the attackers also fired gunshots.” Read more.

Flashback: Kenya: Al-Shabaab Claims Responsibility For Church Attacks, Will Continue To Kill Those Who Do Not Worship Allah – “Somalia militia group Al-Shabaab has claimed responsibility for Sunday’s twin attacks on two churches in Garissa County that left 17 people dead. The latest development came even as muslim leaders in Kenya agreed to form self-defence groups to protect churches following the deadly attacks. In a tweet on Wednesday morning, the insurgents said they carried out the attacks in retaliation for Kenya Defence Forces (KDF)’s incursion in Somalia. An Al-Shabaab loyalist Sheikh Hassan Takar said that the militia killed people who did not profess allegiance to Allah.” Read more.

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