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The Telegraph: Christian Persecution Is Increasing Throughout The World, Churches May All But ‘Vanish’ From The Middle East

Matthew 24:22,27, “And unless those days were shortened, no flesh would be saved; but for the elect’s sake those days will be shortened… For as the lightning comes from the east and flashes to the west, so also will the coming of the Son of Man be.”

Colossians 3:4, “When Christ, who is our life, is revealed, then you also will be revealed with Him in glory.”

By Rupert Shortt, The Telegraph – “Imagine the unspeakable fury that would erupt across the Islamic world if a Christian-led government in Khartoum had been responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Sudanese Muslims over the past 30 years. Or if Christian gunmen were firebombing mosques in Iraq during Friday prayers. Or if Muslim girls in Indonesia had been abducted and beheaded on their way to school, because of their faith.

Such horrors are barely thinkable, of course. But they have all occurred in reverse, with Christians falling victim to Islamist aggression. Only two days ago, a suicide bomber crashed a jeep laden with explosives into a packed Catholic church in Kaduna, northern Nigeria, killing at least eight people and injuring more than 100. The tragedy bore the imprint of numerous similar attacks by Boko Haram (which roughly translates as ‘Western education is sinful’), an exceptionally bloodthirsty militant group.

Other notable trouble spots include Egypt, where 600,000 Copts – more than the entire population of Manchester – have emigrated since the 1980s in the face of harassment or outright oppression.

Why is such a huge scourge chronically under-reported in the West? One result of this oversight is that the often inflated sense of victimhood felt by many Muslims has festered unchallenged. Take the fallout of last month’s protests around the world against the American film about the Prophet Mohammed. While most of the debate centred on the rule of law and the limits of free speech, almost nothing was said about how much more routinely Islamists insult Christians, almost always getting away with their provocations scot-free.

Innocence of Muslims, the production that spurred all the outrage, has been rightly dismissed as contemptible trash. What, though, of a website such as ‘Guardians of the Faith’, run by Salafist extremists in Cairo? Among many posts, it has carried an article entitled ‘Why Muslims are superior to Copts’. ‘Being a Muslim girl whose role models are the wives of the Prophet, who were required to wear the hijab, is better than being a Christian girl, whose role models are whores,’ it declares. ‘Being a Muslim who fights to defend his honour and his faith is better than being a Christian who steals, rapes, and kills children.’ Hateful messages breed hateful acts. Is it any surprise that mobs have set fire to one church after another across Egypt in recent years?

The deeper truth masked by all the ranting – and, it should be added, by the blinkers of many Western secularists – is that Christians are targeted in greater numbers than any other faith group on earth. About 200 million church members (10 per cent of the global total) face discrimination or persecution: it just isn’t fashionable to say so. In 2010, I set out to write a chronicle of anti-Christian persecution on several continents. Published in my book, Christianophobia, the results of my research are even more disquieting than I expected.

Abu Hamza, the 7/7 ringleader Mohammad Sidique Khan and other totemic figures were allowed to practise their religion openly in Britain, yet there is scarcely a single country from Morocco to Pakistan in which Christians are fully free to worship without restriction. Muslims who convert to Christianity or other faiths in most of these societies face harsh penalties. There is now a high risk that the Churches will all but vanish from their biblical heartlands in the Middle East.” Read more.

  1. 10/31/2012 at 3:26 PM

    Reblogged this on BPI reblog and commented:
    When are Christians, the west going to wake up.


  2. Mike
    10/31/2012 at 4:26 PM

    Islam has always sought to silence the Christian’s worship of the one, true God and Jesus His Son. Islam has always tried to prevent the Christian personal testimony of Jesus to be shared freely with others. For 1400 years, Christian churches have been destroyed, and under dhimmi status, the ability to share the Gospel publicly is silenced. If the civilized world capitulates to the Islamist demand to limit free speech (to insulate Muhammad from critique – aka to prevent “offensive speech”), then it won’t be much longer afterward that the Christian testimony will be silenced by that same standard, because it is directly opposed to Muhammad and what the Qur’an teaches.

    (Rev 12:11) “And they overcame him because of the blood of the Lamb and because of the word of their testimony, and they did not love their life even when faced with death.

    We cannot afford to have our freedom of speech taken away, because it is the word of our testimony that overcomes evil.

    If Islamists succeed in their demands to limit freedom of speech through appeals to the UN and other means, then free world will have become dhimmis to Islam. Our ability to share the word of our testimony will be silenced.

    My view is, rather than capitulate to political and multicultural correctness, it would be better to have a major campaign to discredit Muhammad. Muhammad needs to be taken down off the throne of legitimacy that he has enjoyed for 1400 years. Being a false prophet, murderous pedophile and womanizing warlord anti-christ, he should be mocked, not given respect that he does not deserve. Mockery of Muhammad needs to be so regular that the politically and multi-culturally correct people (including Christians) will be desensitized to claims of “hate speech” “offensive language” so much that attempts to limit free speech will be laughed at. The popular media and cultural tendency (of even Christians) of calling Muhammad a “prophet” and the Qur’an and Islamic cities being “holy” must be prevented.


  3. Mike
    10/31/2012 at 4:28 PM

    In other words, Muhammad needs to be exposed for the false prophet that he was, and mocked so much that even the thought of being a Muslim will be unappealing.


  4. ICA
    10/31/2012 at 5:27 PM

    People are generally afraid to mock the Islamic prophet. I would say, though, that what would be even better than just simply mocking their prophet (outright mockery generally eliminates any possibility of meaningful dialogue) would be to expose the darkness that permeates the teachings of Islam bit by bit through sound logic and reason. Once a crack or two can be pointed out within Islam’s own religious theology it’ll be much easier to shine the light of truth upon it. I attempted to do this in the preamble or flashbacks to the posts below:

    No Laughing Matter: Somali Comedian Who Poked Fun At Islamists Is Shot Dead

    Signs Of The Times: Extremist Imam To Hold Fundraiser In Florida For America’s First Muslim College

    David Wood On The Corruption Of Islam And The Inferiority Of Its Prophet

    But particularly in the following page as a whole:

    A Few Simple Questions for Muslim Visitors


    • 10/31/2012 at 6:12 PM

      I agree with ICA. I find myself at times thinking Oh, that’s sounded hateful or mocking. 1 Thessalonians 5:15 tells us “Make sure that nobody pays back wrong for wrong, but always try to be kind to each other and to everyone else. This is what separates us from them, the fact that our light shines no matter what darkness they throw at us. Thanks ICA for reminding of that.


  5. Mike
    10/31/2012 at 10:10 PM

    I understand ICA’s perspective, and for purposes of apologetics and evangelizing, I definitely agree. Being active in Christian apologetics, I have never seen a mocking apologist be productive, so I do not include mockery in any apologetic or evangelizing presentation. Likewise, I do not advocate mocking Muslims.

    However, I do advocate wholeheartedly, mocking Muhammad. Muslims are not in spiritual authority. As Christians, WE are in spiritual authority, not the Muslim, because we are in Christ, whom the Father has given all authority. We should not demonstrate acquiescence to Muhammad just because he is “claimed” to be a prophet.

    In the same authority and manner that Jesus called unrepentant Pharisees names like “whitewashed sepulchres” and “brood of vipers”, terms that would have caused offense and public humilliation, (Matt 12:34, 23:13 among others) calling Muhammad a lying, manipulating, murderous pedophile warlord anti-christ is entirely appropriate.

    These were the false teachers of that day and in that Jewish culture. Muhammad is a false prophet of his day and in today’s Muslim culture, which incidentally seeks to impose itself on the rest of the world.

    Jesus reserved those names for those who discouraged people from coming to Him and tried to impede the kingdom of God. Again, I do not call Muslims names. I call Muhammad out for what he really was and what Islam really is. I am not responsible for other people’s responses to truth.

    We should not be so politically and multi-culturally correct that we cannot call out a false prophet for what he really is, publicly. Truth needs to be upheld in the public square with authority and in truth, not acquiescence to Muslim sensitivities for their false prophet that is responsible for 270 million untimely and cruel deaths in the last 1400 years.

    I love you as bro’s in Christ and nothing will change that, no amount of criticism or opposition will remove my love for the brethren. I will understand if you guys disagree with me, and I understand why you do, and I agree to a limited degree.

    And I have not always had this point of view. I once was more interested in being polite, …and I know where that gets Christians. Nowhere. I live in SE asia, Where I live, we are surrounded by hostle Muslim countries. The only reason Muslims near to me are not violent, is because the Christian missionaries are so compromising, so polite, so loving and correct….so much like the church of Pergamum, that Christians there pose no threat. They are essentially dhimmified Christians already. In return, the Muslims take advantage of polite, peaceful, financially generous Christian missionaries. They look at you and smile, and praise allah, saying “allaha akbar” and recite the shahada as they walk away, having received free medical help, food and clothings. There is something very wrong with this picture.

    If you believe as I do, that we are nearing the end times, and that those end times are part of an Islamic end times paradigm, then you must agree that 1400 years of Islamic intimidation must stop. We must have the backbone to stand against what is false. We must put our spiritual armor on, and start walking an talking in the authority that is imputed to us who are in Christ. Entire cultures are plagued with political and multi-cultural correctness, and the UK and other European countries are being brought to their knees because nobody will stand up with authority and call Muhammad out for what he was.


  6. Mike
    10/31/2012 at 10:52 PM

    Edit additon to paragraph second from end….

    “The Christian missionaries here are so “loving”, that they actually dress like Muslims (both men and women), have joint Bible/Qur’an studies together, emphasizing the alleged abundant similarities between the texts, claim that they are like Muslims because they “submit to God” too, participate in Muslim dietary restrictions, have joint Christian/Muslim worship services in mosques, pray on their knees and bow to the floor as the Muslims do…. ” When I confront these compromising Christians, they try to defend Islam, claim the Qur’an defends Jesus’ crucifixion “from the lie of the Jews” and other such nonsense. It is complete dhimmification and an abomination. This is what acquiescence to Islam looks like, in real time.

    Can you guys understand now, how from my perspective, there is a need to stand up, call Muhammad out for what he was…publicly? Or do we just be polite all the time and hope the Muslims do not get upset?


  7. ICA
    11/01/2012 at 12:23 AM

    The Apostle Paul often appealed to logic, to the thinking mind, in presenting the Gospel and why Yeshua was the Messiah, carefully laying out why he believed what he believed in such a way that those to whom he was directly communicating the Message with were more receptive to what he was saying in not being disrespected or derided. That’s the impression I get from his epistles. He told the truth the way it needed to be told, and I think it’s important that we, too, present it in such a way that when the time comes to communicate it with a Muslim we know to mimic Paul’s example.

    I agree that we definitely need to tell the truth to Muslims about Mohammed, absolutely. The truth is, after all, what will set them free. Even though the truth itself will be offensive to many of them, we must be uncompromising in our message, we must be set apart in our walk, we must be faithful in delivering the fullness of the Gospel. Although we are to speak the truth in love, the truth must not be watered down, otherwise it ceases from being truth. We must be mindful not to alter the truth in what we say, but rather to alter how we sometimes say it.


  8. Mike
    11/01/2012 at 3:32 PM

    Yes, we are in agreement on this as far as evangelizing and apologetics, as your example of Paul demonstrates. But I am talking about in the public square, outside of an evangelizing and apologetics context.

    For example, when a news caster refers to the “holy” city of Medina or Mecca, that should be openly, publicly corrected. There is NOTHING holy about Medina or Mecca. When Barack Obama refers to the Qur’an in his speech at Cairo as the “holy Qur’an”, that should be openly, publicly corrected. There is NOTHING holy about the Qur’an. When anyone, including Muslims refer to Muhammad as a prophet of God, that needs to be corrected. The God of Judeo-Christian tradition is not the same as allah, and Muhammad was NOT a prophet of God. It needs to be openly, publicly proclaimed that Muhammad was a lying, manipulative, narcissistic, womanizing, murderous pedophile warlord antichrist false prophet. These are not personal attacks on Muslims. It is the truth about Muhamammad.

    We are fast entering a time and culture where Islam is getting the upper hand. Islam is winning through cultural jihad. The intimidation tactics used have been successful. The deception to the general population has been complete. Until Muhammad is taken down off the pedestal of legitimacy, people will fall for the Islamic deception. I consider apologetics one way to convey the truth about Muhammad, but the general population is not as exposed to Christian apologetics as I wish it was.


    • 11/01/2012 at 4:15 PM

      Mike, believe it or not I actually agree with you to a point. I just cringe whenever, I hear the media describe Jerusalem and they say it is the home of the 3 great religions, Jewish, Christians and muslim. And they refer to the dome of the rock as a holy site. I cringe, and my stomach lurches. Because that is a great abomination, in fact I think it is the abomination spoken of by Daniel. I agree that we need to put out the truth so that more can turn from satan and come to Christ. I pray daily for God to show himself to them. I am not an apologist, I am possibly an experiential apologist, maybe and that’s a big maybe, you see I think the time to defend our faith is past, that said, I tend to rely only on the Holy Spirit for guidance. If I don’t than I tend to do what I want and not what God wants. Oh back to your subject. We agree on alot of points, I even agree that mohammed is a false prophet, Paul and John both tells us how to discern a false prophet. I don’t really know what the answer is, I don’t think public humliation is good for anyone, it will push people the opposite way. So we try to find a happy medium and put out as much info as we can and hope someone finds the truth. John, peter, Timothy, Paul all warn us that in the end times many will fall away, and believe lies, and doctrines of demons. If we openly mock, humiliate etc. than we are no better than them. All we can do is warn them. I also find it repulsive that there are Christians willing to worship with or like the muslims, in fact the Bible say’s this is wrong. God help them. Again, I do understand, and agree with you on alot of points. But the end result is different for me. Jesus commanded us to love one another as we love ourselves, He also told the desciples as they went from town to town, if anyone doesn’t accept you, don’t stay, shake the dust off your feet and move on. Satan is still infiltrating Christianity and he will not stop until Jesus returns, and throws him into the Lake of Fire. God Bless you and I’ll keep you in my prayers.


  9. revparadigm
    11/02/2012 at 1:32 AM

    Personally I believe the “Arab spring” is the anti-Christ spirit moving to reform the Islamic Caliphate, the beast system of Revelation…in which the Mahdi/anti-Christ arises out of. Makes perfect sense for them to drive out all the Christians. They need to “purify” in a negative sense & make ready the land for their counterfeit supplanter.


  10. 11/02/2012 at 8:31 AM

    Exactly! That’s what I have come to believe, I just have something that’s been knawing at my mind, and haven’t really been able to put it to rest or reconcile it. Why did our president, push this so much. Is this our role in end times? Did God use this man and previous presidents to pave the way for the final AC? I know people believe we did this for the oil. If that is the case then it fits with Ezekial 38:13. “Have you come to plunder? Have you gathered your hordes to loot, to carry off silver and gold, to take away livestock and goods and to seize much plunder?” Either way, we are very close to seeing the truth. Just wondered if anyone else had any thoughts about this.


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