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Report: Would-Be Suicide Bomber Boards Nigerian Plane, Attempts To Detonate Bomb In Mid-Air For Allah

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Update: Airline says no bomb found

The Street Journal – “The wave of terror attacks in Nigeria seem took a new turn on Tuesday as reports of a suicide bomb attempt to blow up an Arik Air plane flying from Maiduguri to Abuja jolted Nigerians . A suspected member of the Boko Haram sect who had boarded in Maiduguri, Borno State got up mid-air and told all the passengers to say their last prayers. As he brought out the explosive device, he disclosed that his main targets were the white people in the aircraft.

The explosive device failed to detonate before the plane landed in Abuja. Police bomb experts moved in and the suspected terrorist was arrested when the plane touched down in Abuja. How he passed security checks at the airport with the explosive device remains unknown. Personnel at the local wing of the airport are keeping mum over the issue as no one wants to be quoted.

Nigeria’s Aviation Minister, Princess Stella Oduah denied that there was an attempt to bomb any Arik aircraft. The Minister via her Twitter handle described it as a rumour as she tweeted ‘The alleged Breaking News about a bomb scare on an Arik flight is absolutely false. There is no iota of truth whatsoever in this rumour.’ Five minutes later, she tweeted ‘The flying public should please go about their normal businesses as the airport/airspace is safe. Thank you.’

Arik Air too released a statement denying the attempt. According to Arik Air management, ‘a passenger on board flight W 3 812 from Maiduguri to Abuja caused a scare when he started shouting Allah Akbar shortly before the aircraft landed at the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja. The frightened passengers on board the flight became suspicious thinking the man was about to do something sinister. All the passengers on board the flight, including the man in question, had all gone through the normal security check at the Maiduguri International Airport and nothing incriminating was found on anyone’.

The airline also assured passengers that they have ‘nothing to fear as the airline’s Aviation Security Department is one of the most sophisticated in the industry.’

Street Journal however gathered that the bomber came in as the last passenger in First Class and he spoke Queen’s English and Hausa fluently. He claimed they were three bombers that were supposed to enter the plane but two could not make it due to security. The bomber wired himself and used bandages to cover up. He gave his age as 27 and he identified three members of the Joint Task Force on board by name.

The attempt on the airline has shown the dynamism of the dreaded Islamist sect. Meanwhile, the Joint Task Force had earlier hinted that the sect has plans to launch attacks on Sallah day.” Source – The Street Journal.

Egyptian Cleric: America Is A Cancer, Is The Source Of All Terrorism, Is Satan’s Envoy … But Bin Laden Is A Lion Of Islam

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Thank goodness Barack Obama supported the overthrow of our “stalwart ally” — radical Islamic dictator Hosni Mubarak — and embraced the rise of the “moderate” Muslim Brotherhood, otherwise Egypt would have ended up with some crazy Islamic clerics saying some crazy Islamic things …

Egyptian Cleric Shehab Al-Din Abo Zahw: “Personally, I do not trust any document coming from America. It is the country of heresy, the source of all heresy, the country of terrorism, the source of all terrorism. America is the chief Satan of our times. It is the destroyer of Muslim homes. It is a cancer spreading throughout the body of the Islamic world. America is Satan’s envoy on Earth. It is the sponsor of depravity, heresy, tyranny, and terrorism, which they dress up as democracy, freedom and the like, although they couldn’t be any further from that… Our viewer Abu Amin said that any candidate should be like [Al-Qaeda leader] Sheik Al-Zawahiri, and Sheik Osama Bin Laden, Allah’s mercy upon him. He is a lion of Islam, and even if we disagree with him on several points, he was doing the right thing by confronting American tyranny. We may disagree with him on certain matters, but he is a lion of Islam.”

The Truth About Libya – Obama’s Failed Foreign Policy

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Description: “America was attacked on September 11th, 2012 by Al Qaeda at our consulate in Libya. Our consulate was burned and four Americans including our ambassador were murdered. President Obama and his administration denied it was a terrorist attack for weeks. Since then, Americans have learned that Obama and his administration knew it was an act of terror all along and chose to tell the public it was because of a Youtube video protest. It’s time for Obama to tell the truth on Libya. We can’t afford more apologies, excuses, and weakness.”

Indonesia: Islamic Extremists Set Fire To Protestant Church In Poso In Latest Example Of Anti-Christian Violence

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By Mathias Hariyadi, AsiaNews – “Jakarta (AsiaNews) – The city of Poso, in the Indonesian province of Central Sulawesi, has been the scene of renewed sectarian violence against the local Protestant minority. Overnight on Sunday, unknown assailants set fire to the Madele Pentecostal Church. The quick intervention of the congregation stopped the fire from spreading and spared the building from serious damages. The anti-Christian attack ‘occurred last night around midnight,’ Poso Police Chief Eko Santoso said, confirming the sectarian nature of the incident. Indonesia is the world’s largest Muslim nation, but Poso Regency (District) has a large Christian community. It saw bloody clashes that left thousands of people dead on both sides until a peace deal was struck in 2002.

The fire started when a collection box was doused with petrol and then set alight. Flames eventually spread to the pastor’s residence. Only the intervention of the fire department and volunteers prevented the blaze from causing major damages to the two buildings. Rev Aben thanked villagers, including “some Muslims,” who came to rescue, playing a decisive role in preventing the fire from spreading.

Yesterday, two car bombs also exploded near a police traffic post, wounding three people, including two police agents on duty at the time. Investigators believe the post was the target.

‘The terrorist group used a sophisticated device in which they detonated the bomb remotely through a mobile handset,’ one agent said.

In recent weeks, Poso has been the scene of renewed sectarian violence. The port city has seen attacks against Christian-owned buildings, including places of worship.

Two law enforcement agents have also been murdered under mysterious circumstances. They went missing whilst investigating a recent attack against a prominent member of the Christian community. Their bodies were found after eight days on the side of a road near a training centre connected to an extremist Muslim group.” Read more.

Flashback: Massive Increase of Radical Islamism Spreads Throughout Indonesia, Including ‘Top-Quality’ Universities – “The suicide bombing of a church in Central Java on Sept. 25 pointed not only to a new level of attacks on religious minorities in the world’s largest Muslim-majority country but to a political bent that accommodates Islamist extremism. ‘Radicalization of Islamic teachings and understanding is a problem in Indonesia,’ admitted Dr. H. Nasaruddin Umar, director general of Islamic Community Guidance under the Ministry of Religious Affairs. ‘There’s a need to re-explain the concept of jihad.’ Pino Damayanto, aka Ahmad Yosepa Hayat, who blew himself up wounding over 20 members of the Sepenuh Injil Bethel Church (Bethel Full Gospel Church) in Solo on Sept. 25, apparently believed it was his religious duty to kill ‘the enemies of Islam,’ according to his understanding of ‘jihad.’” Read more.

The Consequences Of Obama’s Love Of Islam, ‘The Only Religion On Earth That Advises Its Followers To Lie About Being A Muslim’

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By Nonie Darwish – “I have never entertained the idea that Obama was a Muslim and always believed he was a socialist. But Obama’s behavior over the last four years regarding Islam has convinced me that Obama has a Socialist/Islamic centered world view – a combination that is not uncommon in many parts of the Muslim world.

Having been a journalist in Egypt for six years in the’70s, I have witnessed socialism with an Islamic twist to be a popular political ideology, especially amongst Arab journalists and intellectuals. Socialism and even communism have managed to survive in the ruthless Islamic political system as an alternative to full-fledged Shariah. The two ideologies blended together in the Baath Party in Syria, Iraq and socialist regimes in Egypt and Yemen. One major difference between the two ideologies is that Islam uses Allah, while socialism uses atheism, to fight the God of Christianity. Free democracies such as the United States are alien to Islam and socialists because they regard government as a servant to the people and believe that human rights are from God and not from government or Shariah.

Having said that, both Shariah and socialism united in their envy of Western society and needed to change it. That is when Obama became the savior of both Islam and socialism. He embodied both ideologies, socialism and Islam, and was groomed for years to help the socialist and Islamic causes inside America. The claim that Obama is a Christian was a silly joke, but a necessary lie for the greater cause of changing America to fit the goals of socialists and Islamists.

Obama became the one, the savior of both Islam and socialists. For that Obama had to deny who he really was. That is why Obama’s actions and words never added up. At the recent Catholic charity dinner speech, Obama did not seem just to be kidding when he said that Romney uses his middle name, Mitt, and ‘I wish I could use my middle name.’ Obama was referring to his Islamic middle name of Hussein. In Obama’s mind he was not ashamed for having deceived America, but he blamed America for putting him in this quagmire of having to deny his true pride in his middle name.

That brings us to an important discovery by WND in an article by Jerome Corsi entitled: ‘Obama’s ring: ‘There is no God but Allah.’’ The article shows close-up photos of a ring still worn by Obama today in the White House and that he has been wearing since his visit to Pakistan as a young man. The ring, which later also became his wedding ring, has very tiny and discrete Arabic calligraphy that means nothing to Americans, but to Arabic speaking people like myself and Dr. Mark Gabriel, means a lot. Such Islamic calligraphy is common all over the gold markets in the Muslim world. I am not a writing expert, but I can clearly see on the ring the word ‘La Ilaha IllaAllah.’ Such a sentence in Arabic has Read more…

Somalia: Al-Shebab Islamists Threaten To Wage ‘Worst-Ever’ Terror Attack Against Britain

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Star Africa – “Somalia’s Islamist Shebab militia have warned Britain it would ‘pay the heftiest price’ for its ‘war against Islam’ and the extradition of radical cleric Abu Hamza to the United States.

In a series of eleven posts written by Shebab’s Press Office on its Twitter page, the radical group threatened to inflict on Britain its worst-ever attack.

‘The nightmare that surreptitiously looms on British shores is bound to eclipse the horrors of 7/7 and 21/7 combined,’ said one message.

The London bombings on July 7, 2005, were a series of co-ordinated suicide attacks on the city’s public transport which killed 52 civilians and the four bombers.

Two weeks later, four attempted bomb attacks disrupted part of the city’s public transport system.

Another message read: ‘Britain will pay the heftiest price for its brazen role in the war against Islam and endless brutality against innocent Muslims.’

The Al-Qaeda linked group also vowed to ‘go to every possible length to attain the freedom of imprisoned Muslim scholars.’

A 17,000-strong African Union force, fighting alongside government forces, has in recent months wrested control of a string of Shebab strongholds including the bastion of Kismayo, a strategic southern port.” Read more.

Flashback: Al-Shabaab Claims Responsibility For Church Attacks, Will Continue To Kill Those Who Do Not Worship Allah – “Somalia militia group Al-Shabaab has claimed responsibility for Sunday’s twin attacks on two churches in Garissa County that left 17 people dead… An Al-Shabaab loyalist Sheikh Hassan Takar said that the militia killed people who did not profess allegiance to Allah. ‘The mujahedeen (holy warriors) punished with their hands those believing and worshipping other than Allah,’ he said. ‘The militants will continue until such practice is eliminated.’ He added” Read more.

Muslim Man From Minnesota Convicted Of ‘Honor Killing’ Michigan Step-daughter

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By Richard Marcil, Examiner – “(Mt. Clemens, MI) A Muslim man from Minnesota, who police say followed his step-daughter to Michigan to kill her in an ‘Honor Killing,’ has been found guilty by a jury.

Rahim Alfetlawi, 47, was convicted Friday of first-degree premeditated murder by a Macomb County Circuit Court jury. He is scheduled to be sentenced to life in prison without possibility of parole on November 15th.

Alfetlawi was charged in the death of his 20-year-old stepdaughter, Jessica Mokdad, at her grandmother’s home in Warren, MI, in April 2011.

A conservative Muslim, he told police the gun accidentally went off when he pulled it out, but prosecutors at his trial proved that he intentionally shot Mokdad in the head. He told police she felt the gun he carried for self-defense when she was hugging him, and that she tried to grab it, but when he tried to stop her the gun accidentally discharged.

Prosecutors have said the motive was rooted in the fact that Alfetlawi had been sexually abusing Mokdad and that she might go public with the assaults.

Anti-Islam activists said her death was an example of an Islamic “Honor Killing” because the step-daughter was ‘not following customary traditional Muslim ways.’

Alfetlawi, of Coon Rapids, Minn., allegedly shot and killed Jessica Mokdad, 20, at her grandmother’s home in Warren, Mich., a suburb of Detroit.” Read more.

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