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‘Spoils Of War’: The Rape And Murder Of Pakistan’s Christian Children

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By RAYMOND IBRAHIM, Family Security Matters – “The West sighed in relief when Rimsha Masih, the 14-year-old Christian girl arrested in Pakistan on August 16 for allegedly burning pages of the Quran, was finally released. Yet the West remains clueless concerning the graphic abuses-including rape and murder-Christian children in Pakistan routinely suffer, simply for being Christian. Consider two stories alone, both of which occurred at the same time Rimsha’s blasphemy ordeal was making headlines around the world.

On August 14, another Christian girl, 12-year-old Muqadas Kainat (which means ‘Holy Universe’) was ambushed in a field near her home in Sahawil by five Muslim men who ‘gang raped and murdered‘ her. At the time, her father was at a hospital visiting her sick mother. He and other family members began a frantic search, until a tip led them to the field where his daughter’s body lay. The postmortem revealed that she had been ‘gang raped and later strangled to death by five men.’ Police, as usual, did not arrest anyone. As a Salem News report puts it, ‘Complicating matters is the fact that several Christian girls in this remote area have been raped and forced to both marry into the Muslim community and abandon their own religion, human rights groups report…. there is a history in this part of Pakistan according to the Christian community, of local authorities failing to investigate cases of rape or other violence against Christians, often for fear of influential Muslims or militants.’

Similarly, on August 20, an 11-year-old Christian boy, Samuel Yaqoob, went to the markets of Faisalabad to buy food for his family, never to return. According to Wilson Chowdhry, Chairman of the British Pakistani Christian Association, ‘After extensive searching his body was found near a drain in the Christian colony, bearing marks of horrific torture, with the murder weapon nearby. His nose, lips and belly had been sliced off, and his family could hardly recognize him because the body was so badly burnt. Some 23 wounds by a sharp weapon have been identified in the autopsy. When sending his body for an autopsy, police raised the possibility of sodomy. Parts of Pakistani culture have a strong homosexual pederast culture, and Christian and other minority boys are especially susceptible to rape and abuse because of the powerlessness of their community and their despised status. In one case fairly recently, a Christian boy was kidnapped, raped, tortured and killed by a police officer, his body similarly being dumped in a drain.’

These were just some of the stories concerning the sexual abuse and murder of Pakistan’s Christian children that occurred last August-even as the world stood in awe at the Rimsha Masih blasphemy case. Here are 10 more examples, chosen at random from the many former documented cases: Read more…

Anti-Muslim Immigration Political Ad (Belguim)

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Short yet to-the-point political ads like this are sure to give Islamists and their leftist enablers an aneurysm …

Suicide Terrorist Who Killed 21 Receives ‘Highest Honor’ From Palestine Committe Of Arab Lawyers Union

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By Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik, PMW – “Female Palestinian suicide bomber Hanadi Jaradat, who killed 21 Israelis and injured more than 50, has been chosen worthy of ‘the highest honor’ by the Palestine Committee of the Arab Lawyers Union. The Palestinian daily Al-Ayyam reported earlier this week that the Arab Lawyers Union had ‘created the ‘Martyr Hanadi Jaradat plaque of honor,’’ which a delegation presented during a visit to Jaradat’s family.

Hanadi Jaradat was working as a lawyer when she carried out a suicide terrorist attack in a restaurant in Haifa in 2003.

The honorary plaque refers to the day of her suicide bombing as ‘the sweet anniversary of her Martyrdom’… The following is the report on the Arab Lawyers Union honoring suicide terrorist Jaradat from the Palestinian daily Al-Ayyam:

Headline: ‘Jenin: Arab Lawyers Union honors family of Martyr (Shahida) Hanadi Jaradat’

“Yesterday, the Arab Lawyers Union honored the family of martyred lawyer Hanadi Jaradat (i.e., suicide terrorist) from the city of Jenin, marking the ninth anniversary of her death as a Martyr, during a visit by a delegation representing the union to the family’s home. The visiting delegation awarded a plaque from the Arab Lawyers Union to honor the family of Martyr Jaradat, who died a Martyr’s death on Oct. 4, 2003, in an operation (i.e., terror attack) during which 19 Israelis were killed and about 50 injured. Member of the Palestine Committee of the Arab Lawyers Union, Ayman Abu Aysha, said that the honoring of the family of Martyr Jaradat came in the wake of a decision taken by the Palestine Committee of the Arab Lawyers Union during a meeting held in Cairo on Sept. 8, 2012. The delegation, which included Khatam Al-Hih, Muhammad Alan, Muhammad Halaweh, and Adi Alawi, conveyed to the family of Martyr Jaradat the good wishes of the head of the Union, Mr. Omar Al-Zayn, and of the head of the Palestine Committee in the Union, Mr. Said Abd Al-Ghani, and also emphasized the pride of the Arab Lawyers Union for what their daughter had done in defense of Palestine and the nation. Deputy Secretary of the Arab Lawyers Union, Said Abd Al-Ghani, said that the Union created the “Martyr Hanadi Jaradat plaque of honor,” the highest honor awarded by the Union in esteem for any [female] lawyer in the Arab homeland.”

Read more.

Flashback: Terrorist Murderer Glorified Twice in One Month on Palestinian Television

Romney May Not Drink Coffee, But He Sure Loves A Good Roast

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This has got to be one of the better speeches at the annual Al Smith Dinner I’ve heard in a long time, and certainly one of Mitt Romney’s best …

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