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New York: Muslim Man Plotted To Kill Obama And Blow Up Federal Reserve, Wanted Something Big To ‘Shake The Whole Country’

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This simple-minded young man merely endeavored to wreak death and destruction purely for paltry peaceful purposes. He only wanted the “religion of peace” to be one step closer to running the whole world, nothing more …

Fox News – “Federal authorities arrested a Bangladeshi national Wednesday morning for allegedly plotting to blow up a Federal Reserve building in New York City’s lower Manhattan, mere blocks away from the site of the terrorist attack of Sept. 11, 2001.

The 21-year-old suspect, Quazi Mohammad Rezwanul Ahsan Nafis, attempted to detonate what he thought was a 1,000-pound bomb in front of the Fed building on Liberty Street, but the device was a fake supplied to him by undercover FBI agents who had been tracking his activity, the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force said Wednesday afternoon.

The supposed explosives posed no threat to the public, the FBI said.

A criminal complaint accuses Nafis of having overseas connections to Al Qaeda and travelling to the U.S. in January to recruit individuals to form a terrorist cell and conduct an attack on American soil. But one of Nafis’ potential recruits was an FBI source, who alerted authorities, the FBI said.

A federal law enforcement official told Fox News that there was no evidence Nafis was directed by Al Qaeda to carry out this attack, though he appears to have thought he was working for the terrorist group.

At one point, according to criminal complaint, Nafis told undercover agents: ‘I don’t want something that’s like, small. I just want something big. Something very big … that will shake the whole country, that will make America, not one step ahead, change of policy, and make one step ahead, for the Muslims … that will make us one step closer to run the whole world.’

A U.S. official told Fox News that President Obama was Nafis’ first target, but the criminal complaint only refers to ‘a high-ranking official.’ The complaint also mentions the New York Stock Exchange as a proposed target.

The FBI cites a written statement obtained from Nafis in which he said he wanted to ‘destroy America’ and determined that the best way to achieve that goal was to target the economy. He also referenced quotes from ‘our beloved Sheikh Osama bin Laden.'” Read more.

Flashback: ‘Soon the Whole World Will Recognize Our Strength and Become Muslim…’ – “In the woods a few miles from the entrance to a small town in Dagestan, Abdul-Walid and I struck up a conversation about Islam, during which the Arab persistently pressured me to become a Muslim. He said: ‘We have not yet finished off the Zionists and their allies. Soon the whole world will see what is the reward of Allah… We will restore the Sharia. Allah gave us oil and martyrs. We cannot stop. Soon the whole world will recognize our strength and become Muslim. The only ones [who] will not convert to Islam will be the Jews, and we will destroy them.’” Read more.

Flashback: Muslim Brotherhood Reiterates Desire For Islamic Caliphate, Declares ‘We Will Be Masters Of The World’ – “During a televised interview earlier this week, Dr. Safwat Hegazy, a popular preacher in Egypt, known for his desire to unify the Arab world into a ‘United Arab States’—with Jerusalem for a capital—dropped the Western language and made clear what it is the Muslim Brotherhood ultimately seeks: a caliphate and world domination, which even the Supreme Guide of the Brotherhood maintains is the group’s mission… ‘If you read the literature of the Muslim Brotherhood, you will find in the literature of the Brotherhood, that which they can never abandon: The Islamic Caliphate and mastership of the world. Yes, we will be masters of the world, one of these days’” Read more.

Indiana: Thousands Of Dead And Dying Deer Affected By Virus Statewide Will Affect Hunters For Years To Come

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By Kelly Roberts – “TIPPECANOE COUNTY, Ind. (WLFI) – This summer’s drought effects are expanding into hunting season. Thousands of the state’s deer are dying. Biologists believe the deer are infected with a virus that causes Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease, or EHD.

‘It’s a virus, and it’s spread by a small biting insect called a midge,’ Department of Natural Resource’s District Biologist Dean Zimmerman said.

Zimmerman said EHD has been seen in deer since the 1990s, but this year’s outbreak is more extreme, and it can be blamed on the drought. Zimmerman said the dry weather is perfect for midge reproduction…

Zimmerman said a deer with EHD will have flu-like symptoms, and can act distracted. He believes dead deer found in Tippecanoe, Carroll and Cass counties had the virus…

As more dead deer are discovered, Zimmerman said it’s becoming more likely it will affect hunters for years to come.” Read more.

Flashback: Disease Kills Hundreds, Possibly Thousands Of Deer In The North Carolina Foothills, ‘They Are Decaying From The Inside Out’ – “A disease is killing deer by the hundreds in the North Carolina foothills… ‘They act sick; they stumble around; they hold their head low,’ Ray said… ‘I’ve never experienced deer smelling like these have,’ Haley said. ‘They are decaying from the inside out.’ Wildlife biologists fear the number of cases in Caldwell County may actually be much higher than 500. Those are just the reported cases — the number of deaths could be in the thousands.” Read more.

Flashback: Wyoming: Massive Black Hills Deer Die-Off Could Be Worst In Decades – “Wildlife officials knew some deer would die in the Black Hills this fall. No one expected what could be the worst die-off in decades… ‘Our deer numbers are down right now anyway, and this sure isn’t helping anything,’ said Joe Sandrini, a Wyoming Game and Fish Department biologist based in Newcastle.” Read more.

Indonesia: Former Muslim Pays Steep Price For Converting To Christianity, But ‘Turning To Christ Was Worth It All’

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Mark 8:34b-36, “… Whosoever will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me. For whosoever will save his life shall lose it; but whosoever shall lose his life for my sake and the gospel’s, the same shall save it. For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?”

By Lucille Talusan, CBN – “WEST JAVA, Indonesia – In the world’s largest Muslim nation, changing your faith can bring lots of trouble.

One man Christian World News spoke with lost his home and his job. In fact, he almost lost his identity. But he still says turning to Christ was worth it all.

Andi was raised as a Muslim and he considered himself to be a devout believer of Islam.

‘I was diligent in practicing the Muslim faith. I encouraged friends to pray and to build the mosque. I was faithful to Islam and didn’t have any intentions of befriending Christians,’ he said.

‘My goal in life was to get rich. And I was also involved in witchcraft. People came to me for healing and they paid me,’ he said. ‘I had a big house and lots of money to spend but I felt empty.’

According to Andi, all this changed when a Christian came to his house and spoke to him about Jesus.

‘He kept on coming to our house but I avoided him,’ he said. ‘Then one day I became ill and my whole family was sick with high fever. This Christian guy brought us to the hospital. He and his friends took care of us.’

The Christians also gave him a Bible and encouraged him to read it.

‘I did not want to read the Bible, but when I got healed, I felt an urge to read the Bible,’ Andi said. ‘And when I read it, I wanted to know more about Jesus.’

Since then, Andi’s Christian friends regularly met at his home for bible study. When his Muslim neighbors heard them singing Christian songs, Muslim leaders came to his house to persuade him to return to Islam.

Andi refused to recant and preached the gospel to them instead. This agitated his Muslim neighbors. More than 30 of them threw rocks at his house.

He was even brought before a mob at the local public hall. They questioned his new religious identity and confiscated his residence card.

The card holds important personal information, including a person’s religion. [W]ithout the card, a person can’t get a passport, obtain most licenses, or conduct many transactions.” Read more.

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Egypt: Salafist Leader Against Religious Freedom Because It Could Lead To ‘Devil Worship’

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If only they knew the reality of who they were worshiping every time they bow down towards Mecca …

Revelation 13:4, “And they worshipped the dragon which gave power unto the beast: and they worshipped the beast, saying, Who [is] like unto the beast? who is able to make war with him?”

Ahram Online – “The latest draft of the constitution does not reflect what was agreed by the Constituent Assembly, Salafist assembly member Yasser Borhamy said Tuesday.

Several articles that had been agreed upon by the assembly, and others that had been suggested for inclusion, had been removed from the latest draft, Borhamy said via a statement on the Salafist Nour Party’s Facebook page.

‘We will not compromise on several of the removed articles,’ Borhamy said, especially those relating to rights and freedoms.

He added that rights and freedoms should only be protected under the constitution if they do not ‘violate society’s norms.’ He did not elaborate on what those norms were.

He said some freedoms should be restricted to prevent other norms from being violated.

Borhamy further complained that freedom of religious belief, which was left unrestricted by the new draft, might lead to ‘devil worship or apostasy from Islam.’

He said Salafists would hold mass demonstrations if Article 2 of the constitution was not changed. Salafists have been pressing hard for ‘Islamic Sharia’ to be the main source of legislation in Egypt, rather than the ‘principles of Islamic Sharia’ as currently stated by the article.

‘Those who voted for President Morsi only chose him so he would apply Islamic Sharia,’ he claimed.” Read more.

Flashback: Egyptian Sheikh Preaches the Objective of Islam in Egypt and the Whole World – ‘Who is Capable of Making War with Allah’?

Jordanian Teachers In UN Schools For Palestinian Refugees Say They’ll Refuse To Teach The Holocaust

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Don’t expect to see Muslim teachers loyal to an Islamic ideology — the very ideology that inspired Hitler and the “Final Solution”teaching students the truth any time soon about what happened to the Jewish people during WWII. It will never happen. Because to present the Holocaust to young Muslim students as an atrocity and crime against humanity that should have never happened would be counterproductive to the teachings of the Qur’an and the Islamist agenda, one they believe to be divinely appointed by Allah himself to finish what Hitler started

Hadith, Sahih Muslim, 41:6985, “The Day of Judgement will not come about until Muslims fight the Jews, when the Jew will hide behind stones and trees. The stones and trees will say O Muslims, O Abdullah, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him …”

By Elhanan Miller, Times of Israel – “Rumors of a UN decision to re-introduce Holocaust studies in schools run by UNRWA — the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian refugees — have raised the ire of Jordanian teachers, who say they will refuse to teach history that ‘harms the Palestinian cause.’

In a statement issued Monday, the Executive Committee of UNRWA teachers in Jordan responded to rumors that Holocaust studies would be reintroduced this year to the enrichment curriculum on conflict resolution, which is taught in schools operated by the UN agency in Palestinian refugee camps.

‘We condemn this decision, which equates the butcher and the victim,’ read the teachers’ statement, demanding instead to introduce classes on the Palestinian ‘right of return’ to Israel and the history of the 1948 war with Israel.

Some 2 million Palestinian refugees are registered with UNRWA’s Jordan offices. The UN agency operates 172 schools in 10 refugee camps across the kingdom, serving a total of over 122,000 students.

Last year, the association of UNRWA employees endorsed a decision to ban the introduction of Holocaust studies in UNRWA schools, Jordanian daily Al-Ghad reported Tuesday, a decision the teachers said was still binding.

‘We shall monitor the curriculum being taught under the title ‘concepts of human rights’ [which is] aimed at reducing [Palestinian] students’ awareness of the right of return,’ read the statement.

‘Teaching UNRWA students about the so-called ‘Holocaust’ as part of human rights harms the Palestinian cause… and changes the students’ views regarding their main enemy, namely the Israeli occupation.'” Read more.

Flashback: Hamas Islamist MP: Allah Used The Nazis To Punish The Jews, Now It’s Our Turn – “Allah punished the Israelites many times throughout history. He punished them by means of the Assyrians and the Babylonians. He punished them by means of the Companions of the Prophet in the Arabian Peninsula, at Al-Madina, and at Khaybar. He punished them by means of the Germans, and before that by means of the Romans. Today, it is the turn of the Islamic nation to punish them once again.” Watch Video.

Egypt: President Morsi Adviser Calls To Urgently Change Peace Treaty With The ‘Zionist Enemy’

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By Chana Ya’ar, INN -“Egyptian presidential adviser Mohammed Ismat Seif Al-Dawla has called to urgently change the peace treaty signed in 1979 with Israel.

Al-Dawla, an aide to President Mohammed Morsi, issued the call during a speech he delivered Monday at a conference on ‘Camp David and its Impact on Egypt’s National Security.’ The presidential adviser said that in its current form, the historic treaty maintains the national security of the ‘Zionist enemy’ more than it helps Egypt’s national security.

The Cairo government aide claimed that amending the peace treaty between Egypt and Israel is important to help restore Egyptian control over the lawless Sinai Peninsula, where terrorists have established training and operational bases from which to carry out attacks against Israel — and sometimes against Egyptian and Jordanian citizens and interests as well. The Egyptian natural gas pipeline has been attacked and natural gas supplies to both Jordan and Israel were disrupted due to terrorist sabotage from the Sinai no less than 15 times in a little over a year.

Al-Dawla was quoted last month by the independent Dostor daily newspaper as saying he was soon present Morsi with a proposal to amend the 1979 treaty, based on ‘popular demand and a strategic and security need.’…

The Supreme Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood, the movement which Egypt’s President Mohammed Morsi belongs to, called last Thursday for a jihad (holy war) to liberate Jerusalem from Israeli rule.” Read more.

Flashback: Egypt: President Morsi Adviser Describes Israel As ‘Occupied Arab Palestine’, Says Peace Treaty Change Is ‘Top National Priority’ – “An adviser to Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi on Sunday said ‘removing the constraints of the Camp David [Peace] Accords’ with Israel is a top national priority, and referred to Israel as ‘occupied Arab Palestine.’… ‘There is land on Egypt’s eastern border called occupied Arab Palestine,’ said Saif Al-Dawla in response to a question on Egypt’s future relations with Israel. ‘This will remain its name till the end of time, and this is a national principle as well as a historic truth.’” Read more.

Flashback: Egypt: Morsi Adviser Says Israel Peace Treaty Increased Cancer, Hepatitis, Kidney Infections In Egypt, Must Be Amended – “Egypt’s peace accord with Israel is ‘a mark of shame upon the Egyptian people’ and must be amended, a media adviser for Egypt’s Freedom and Justice Party, the political movement of Muslim Brotherhood, said Thursday. Ahmed Subei told Al-Alam Iranian TV that Egypt should reexamine ‘everything to do with… sovereignty over its land,’ and claimed that increased instances of hepatitis, cancer and kidney infections in his country were are all results of the Camp David accords.” Read more.

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