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Hamas MP: ‘The Jews Are Behind Each And Every Catastrophe On The Face Of The Earth’

Uh huh. And, reading between the lines, this enlightened politician obviously believes that there will be peace and security throughout the earth once every Jew is annihilated and Israel is replaced with an “Islamic Palestine”

Hamas MP Marwan Abu Ras: “The Jews are behind each and every catastrophe on the face of the Earth. This is not open to debate. This is not a temporal thing, but goes back to days of yore. They concocted so many conspiracies and betrayed rulers and nations so many times that the people harbor hatred towards them. Throughout history — from Nebuchadnezzar until modern times… They slayed the prophets, and so on.  Any catastrophe on the face of this Earth — the Jews must be behind it.”

Flashback: Ahmadinejad: World Forces Must Strive To Annihilate Israel To ‘Solve All The World’s Problems’ – “In a speech published on his website Thursday, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said the ultimate goal of world forces must be the annihilation of Israel… Ahmadinejad added that ‘liberating Palestine’ would solve all the world’s problems, although he did not elaborate on exactly how that might work.” Read more.

Flashback: Ground Zero Mosque Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf: For Peace Israel Must Be Destroyed – “Imam Rauf stated that there will not be peace until Israel ceases to exist. He says that Israel is destined to collapse and ‘In a true peace, Israel will, in our lifetimes, become one more Arab country, with a Jewish minority.’ To this day, Rauf has not said that Israel has a right to exist and has chosen to work with those dedicated to the country’s elimination.” Read more.

Flashback: Pakistani Cleric: World Peace Will Be Established Only When All The Jews Are Wiped From The Earth – “… Pakistani cleric Pirzada Muhammad Raza Saqib Mustafai argued that world peace will be established only when all the Jews are wiped out from the earth… ‘And all the troubles that exist around the world are because of the Jews. When the Jews are wiped out, then the world would be purified and the sun of peace would begin to rise on the entire world.’” Read more.

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