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Pakistan: ‘Religion Of Peace’ Followers Shoot 14-Year-Old Girl In Head For Advocating Peace, Will Shoot Her Again If She Survives

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The Express Tribune – “SWAT: The Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) which attacked National Award Peace winner Malala Yousafzai on Tuesday have said that they will target her again if she survives because she was a ‘secular-minded lady’.

A TTP spokesperson told The Express Tribune that this was a warning for all youngsters who were involved in similar activites and added that they will be targeted if they do not stop.

Malala was injured along with two other women when Taliban gunmen opened fire on a bus in Swat.

Yousufzai, who studies at Khushal Public School, was on her way home when the vehicle came under attack on Haji Baba Road. One of the other injured has been identified as Shazia and sources say the third was a teacher.

Taliban spokesman Ehsanullah Ehsan said his group was behind the shooting.

‘She was pro-West, she was speaking against Taliban and she was calling President Obama her idol,’ Ehsan said by telephone from an undisclosed location.

‘She was young but she was promoting Western culture in Pashtun areas,’ he said, referring the main ethnic group in northwest Pakistan and southern and eastern Afghanistan.

DPO Swat Rasool Shah said that a search operation has been initiated in the area and a number of suspects have been arrested.

Malala was shifted to Saidu Sharif Medical Complex in Mingora immediately after the incident and later she was moved to Peshawar in an Army helicopter.

Doctors at the Saidu Sharif Medical Complex said that Malala was out of danger after the bullet penetrated her skull but missed her brain.” Read more.

CBS News Journalist Lara Logan Sounds The Alarm On Obama’s Middle East Policy, ‘There Is A Major Lie Being Propagated’

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By John Hayward – “CBS News journalist Lara Logan was sexually assaulted by a mob in Cairo while reporting on the fall of Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak. It’s not surprising to learn that she would harbor no illusions about the ‘Arab Spring’ after this horrifying experience, but she still caused quite a stir when addressing the Better Government Association in Chicago.

As reported at the Daily Beast, Logan ‘skewered American policy in Afghanistan and Libya, called for a ramped-up military campaign against terrorists, and criticized the Obama administration and others for both underestimating the Taliban’s strength in Afghanistan and for tolerating Pakistan’s obvious coddling of terrorists killing American soldiers.’

Her tough talk ‘appeared to leave the assembled alternatively riveted and just a bit troubled by a critique with interventionist implications clearly drawn from her reporting,’ according to the Daily Beast. Her presentation was described as ‘depressing’ and ‘worrying’ by one attendee.

She was particularly tough on the Obama Administration’s handling of the situation in Afghanistan. Logan thinks ‘there is a major lie being propagated’ about the situation in Afghanistan, where the Taliban is far stronger, and more feral, than the official narrative would have us believe. She believes this narrative, which she dismissed as ‘nonsense,’ is intended to make it easy for Obama to complete his withdrawal from Afghanistan, and was highly critical of the general quality of reporting on the situation.

And she urged America to retaliate for the murder of U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens in Benghazi, saying she hopes we will ‘exact revenge and let the world know that the United States will not be attacked on its own soil. That its ambassadors will not be murdered, and that the United States will not stand by and do nothing about it.'” Read more.

Pakistan: 24-Year Old Christian Woman Abducted, Forced To Convert To Islam And Marry Her Abuser

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By Shafique Khokhar – “Faisalabad (AsiaNews) – Seized at dawn, forced to endure sexual abuse and to marry the young Muslim man who abducted her with the help of his family and convert to Islam. This is the dramatic story of Shumaila Bibi, a 24-year old Christian who worked in Nishatabad, a suburb of Faisalabad (Punjab), in a textile company. The episode dates back to September 24, and for days she was subjected to a daily nightmare with her tormentor; on October 5, using a ruse, she managed to escape. However, her so-called ‘husband’ denounced her flight and with his parents – reversing the facts – reported her family for ‘kidnapping’ her. The police accepted his version of the facts and have opened an investigation claiming that the girl converted and married ‘of her own free will.’ The future of Sumaila is hanging by a thread and will depend on the decisions of the justice of Pakistan, who on more than one occasion have failed to protect the rights of religious minorities in the country.

At 6 in the morning of 24 September Shumaila Bibi, who worked in a textile company, had just finished her shift and was about to return home. On the way she ran into to the 26 year old Muslim Muhammad Javed Iqbal, who had approached her family with the intention, over time, of establishing an engagement (though ‘I refused and I have repeatedly discouraged it’ the young woman tells AsiaNews). Despite all this, with the help of his mother, two brothers, some uncles and the threat of a gun, Muhammad dragged the girl into a nearby vehicle.

At the time, there was only the guard of Millat Textile Mills factory to witness the scene. Threatened by the abductors family he did not intervene. The next day, Muhammad Javed Iqbal – along with 25 relatives – led Shumaila to a lawyer, Muhammad Tanveer Aslam. In his office, he forced her to sign a statement of intent, under which she declared her marriage to the young Muslim and conversion to Islam.

For days she was sexually abused, harassed and forced to study the Koran and the precepts of Islam.” Read more.

Flashback: Pakistan: Increasing Number Of Christian Girls Kidnapped By Muslims, Raped, Forced To Convert To Islam – “In the recent months there have several reports about the ongoing persecution, kidnapping and abduction of the Christian women and girls in Pakistan. According to the news, a daughter of Morris Masih from Rawalpindi was kidnapped by Mohammad Abid and Tariq Ali. Morris Masih has asked the police to register a case against Abid and Ali and recover his daughter, but they have refused to register the case. In another case, in Faisalabad Christian Waris Masih’s wife was kidnapped, he has also reported it to the police, but they failed to give him any information about his wife.” Read more.

Islamic Scholar: Obama’s Wedding Ring Adorned With ‘There Is No God But Allah’

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By JEROME R. CORSI – “NEW YORK – As a student at Harvard Law School, then-bachelor Barack Obama’s practice of wearing a gold band on his wedding-ring finger puzzled his colleagues.

Now, newly published photographs of Obama from the 1980s show that the ring Obama wore on his wedding-ring finger as an unmarried student is the same ring Michelle Robinson put on his finger at the couple’s wedding ceremony in 1992.

Moreover, according to Arabic-language and Islamic experts, the ring Obama has been wearing for more than 30 years is adorned with the first part of the Islamic declaration of faith, the Shahada: ‘There is no God except Allah.’

The Shahada is the first of the Five Pillars of Islam, expressing the two fundamental beliefs that make a person a Muslim: There is no god but Allah, and Muhammad is Allah’s prophet.

Sincere recitation of the Shahada is the sole requirement for becoming a Muslim, as it expresses a person’s rejection of all other gods

Egyptian-born Islamic scholar Mark A. Gabriel, Ph.D., examined photographs of Obama’s ring at WND’s request and concluded that the first half of the Shahada is inscribed on it.

‘There can be no doubt that someone wearing the inscription ‘There is no god except Allah’ has a very close connection to Islamic beliefs, the Islamic religion and Islamic society to which this statement is so strongly attached,’ Gabriel told WND.

‘Dreams from My Real Father’ producer Joel Gilbert, an Arabic speaker and an expert on the Middle East, was the first to conclude that Obama’s ring, reportedly from Indonesia, bore an Islamic inscription.

Photographs published last week by the New Yorker from Obama’s time at Occidental College, taken by fellows students, indicate that the ring Obama wore three decades ago is the one he is wearing in the White House.” Read more.

Flashback: Egyptian Minister: ‘Obama Told Me He Is A Muslim’ – “Obama told me he is still a Muslim, who supports the Muslim agenda. This was a statement by Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Abul Gheit on Nile-TV. It was made on the «Round table show». This is the statement recorded: Adul Gheit said he had a one-on-one meeting with Obama, where the US President told him that He was still a Muslim, the son of a Muslim father, the step son of Muslim stepfather, that his half brothers in Kenya are Muslims, and that he was sympatetic towards the Muslim agenda. Adul Gheit claimed Obama told the Arabs to show patience. Obama promised that once he overcame some domestic issues, like the Health care reform, he would show the Muslim World how to deal with Israel.” Read more.

Flashback: Jeremiah Wright: I ‘Made It Comfortable’ For Obama To Accept Christianity Without Having To Renounce His Islamic Background – “In a shocking interview yesterday on the Sean Hannity Radio Show, author Ed Klein said Barack Obama’s former pastor helped Obama accept Christianity without having to renounce Islam… Here is Ed Klein on Hannity talking about his interview with Rev. Jeremiah Wright.” Read more.

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