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Former Iranian Intel Officer: Iranian Scientists Near Completion Of Nuke War Head, Implosion System And Detonator Already Tested

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By REZA KAHLILI – “Iranian scientists are nearing completion of a nuclear warhead, having already successfully tested an implosion system and neutron detonator at a secret site while enriching uranium to weapons grade, according to a former Iranian intelligence officer.

The information comes from Hamidreza Zakeri, formerly with the Islamic regime’s Ministry of Intelligence and National Security, or MOIS.

Zakeri previously testified at the federal district court in Manhattan in the Havlish v. bin Laden civil lawsuit, where he provided proof that Iran had materially aided and supported al-Qaida before and after 9/11.

Zakeri, who has in the past provided credible information on another site to Western intelligence agencies, said that after the revelation of the existence of the Iranian atomic research facility in Lavizan-Shian, the team of scientists moved to a secret location in 2003.

The site was then demolished and the earth scraped clean by the Revolutionary Guards. Iranian authorities had denied an IAEA request to visit the site before the cleanup.

Lavizan-Shian is headed by the father of Iran’s nuclear bomb program, Mohsen Fakhrizadeh-Mahabadi…

The revelation of the secret Iranian nuclear site, if verified, will dramatically change the Western outlook on the timing of Iran’s nuclear capability and will prove that not only the 2007 NIE conclusion was based on disinformation, but that the Islamic regime has already crossed Israel’s ‘red line’ and is closing in on nuclear capability.” Read more.

Think Tank: Iran Could Produce Enough Weapons-Grade Uranium to Arm Nuke Within Two to Four Months – “While Iran denies any interest in possessing nuclear arms, the international community fears it may turn its peaceful uranium enrichment program toward weapons making – a concern that is growing as Tehran expands the number of machines it uses to enrich its stockpile of enriched uranium. As those fears grow, so does concern that Israel could carry out its threats to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities before that nation reaches the bomb-making threshold.” Read more.

Hollywood Bows To Allah, Hires Muslim Cleric To Censor Movie Of Anything Deemed Potentially Offensive To Islam

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I missed this news story from a couple of weeks ago. Looks like Hollywood has officially decided to stick with attacking Christianity instead …

2 Timothy 3:12,14-15, “Indeed, all who desire to live godly in Christ Jesus will be persecuted… however, continue in the things you have learned and become convinced of … which are able to give you the wisdom that leads to salvation through faith which is in Christ Jesus.”

The Express Tribune – “Film-makers in Hollywood are terrified of inciting further retribution against America over a string of new films showing the US mission to kill Osama Bin Laden.

The shooting for two films is complete and they are scheduled for release before Christmas, with a third awaiting the go-ahead. All are under scrutiny after protests across the Islamic world and the killing of the US ambassador in the Libyan city of Benghazi over the anti-Islam US film on Prophet Muhammad… according to the Daily Express.

At least one fearful studio has asked an Islamic cleric to vet its script. Senior executives at another studio have entered into intense briefing sessions with US State Department officials to minimise or expunge any content which otherwise might be viewed as offensive.

Filmmakers are worried that fundamentalists could target cinemas where the films are playing, with one admitting: ‘We are even asking if we dare release anything on this subject.'” Source – The Express Tribune.

US Army Lieutenant Fired For Criticizing Islam At Joint Forces Staff College

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Family Security Matters – “In the Spring of this year, US Army Lieutenant Colonel Matthew Dooley was condemned by the Joints Chiefs of Staff (JCS) and relieved of teaching duties at Joint Forces Staff College for teaching a course judged to be offensive to Islam.

The course he taught, Perspectives on Islam and Islamic Radicalism, was an elective course that Lt. Col. Dooley’s superiors judged as presenting Islam in a negative way. His superiors were persuaded to come to this conclusion after receiving an October 2011 letter in which 57 Muslim organizations claimed to be offended by the course.

The fact that Lt. Col. Dooley is a highly decorated combat veteran with  nearly 20 years of service under his belt apparently held little or no sway with the JCS.  As a matter of fact, JCS Chairman General Martin Dempsey ‘personally attacked‘ Lt. Col. Dooley on C-Span on May 10, 2012, during a Pentagon News Conference.” Source – Family Security Matters.

Flashback: US Marines Warned: Act More Muslim, Don’t Spit Towards Mecca – “But wait, that’s not all. They’re no longer permitted to urinate facing towards Mecca, either. And it doesn’t matter which way the wind is blowing. Unfortunately, Karzai still isn’t impressed. I guess the only upside to this ridiculous politically correct brainlessness is the likelihood that a Muslim extremist or two are having difficulty strapping up their suicide vests or burying their IEDs from all the laughter …” Read more.

Flashback: American Military Continues to Submit to Islam: Cross Removed at Base in Afghanistan – “A large cross that had been prominently displayed outside a chapel on an isolated military base in northern Afghanistan was taken down last week, prompting outrage from some American service members stationed there. ‘We are here away from our families, and the chapel is the one place that feels like home’ … ‘With the cross on the outside, it is a constant reminder for all of us that Jesus is here for us.’ ‘Not having it there is really upsetting,’ added another. ‘I walk by the chapel daily on the way to chow and the gym, and seeing the cross is a daily reminder of my faith and what Jesus accomplished for me.’” Read more.

The Glazov Gang: Is Obama Enforcing Islamic Anti-Blasphemy Laws? Was The Anti-Mohammed Film Planted By Terrorists?

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Interesting discussion took place recently on The Glazov Gang with “Experiencing Islam” author James E. Horn, “Capitalism 101” author Leon Weinstein and Chapter Leader of Calabasas-West Valley ACT!, Shari Goodman. Watch the full segment below …

Host: “This film maker, Nakoula Bacile Nakoula, has been arrested. And, I mean, since when do people get dragged out in the middle of the night in America for a probation violation? This is obviously got something to do with Obama following out Islamic blasphemy codes… Tell us a little bit about your knowledge of something called the ‘false flag’ and what you think is happening here.”

James E. Horn, Author of ‘Experiencing Islam’: “People on probation, they get checked by the probation officers at any time. If they do something stupid they can get hauled in. But it’s a guy in a jacket with a badge, not the top law enforcement officer in this district of California. And that’s what they did, and by doing it the way they’ve done it, they have made the Islamists overseas think that they’ve arrested this guy because of the movie, not because it’s a parole violation… As far as this being a false flag, a false flag operation is where you take a person or an individual or group of people and you make them into something that they’re really not, but you make other people over here believe [it] …”

Host: “What you’re saying is that this film maker is not who he says he is, or who we say he is …”

James E. Horn, Author of ‘Experiencing Islam’: “He’s not who he says he is. I think that he’s an al-Qaeda plant… He was sent over here [to] stir trouble. His behavior is not characteristic of a Copt.”

Related: Walid Shoebat: Innocence of Muslims Film was Made by Terrorists – “Court documents reveal that Nakoula Bacile Nakoula, producer of the movie Innocence of Muslims, partnered in a scheme with Eiad Salameh, my first cousin. Eiad is a Muslim terror supporter and is not an Egyptian Copt. He comes from Beit Sahour, Bethlehem and is well known by the FBI and the Arab community as a conduit for Middle Easterners who can obtain authentic, legitimate identifications, from passports to credit cards that include many nationalities. He then places these forms of identification into the hands of dubious characters that are not the real identity.” Read more.

Hamas Leader: Jerusalem And The Homeland Will Be Restored Only Through Jihad, The Rifle, And Self-Sacrifice

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MEMRI – “In a fiery speech in Cairo on October 3, 2012, at a rally commemorating Saladin’s liberation of Jerusalem, Hamas political bureau head Khaled Mash’al said that the Zionists are enemies of Allah and the prophets, and called for preparing to liberate Jerusalem and restore the homeland once more through jihad, the rifle, and self-sacrifice. The event, under the banner ‘Jerusalem – Together, We Will Defend And Restore Her,’ was held under the auspices of Egypt’s cultural minister and representatives of institutions operating in Egypt to liberate Jerusalem, with the participation of advisors to President Mursi.

In his speech, Mash’al praised Egyptian President Muhammad Mursi and the new Egyptian regime, and stressed that the Arab ummah, and especially the Palestinians, need an Egypt that once again embraces all the problems of the Arab peoples, chiefly the Palestinian cause. He said: ‘Egypt’s swift momentum is not just an Egyptian need, but a Palestinian, Arab, and Islamic one [as well]. Egypt needs to awaken quickly, and to get through the transitional period.’

Calling on Egypt to unite and act with all its might – ‘Islamists, liberals, pan-Arabists, Muslims and Christians, women and men.’

He then called on Egypt to show tolerance in the internal camp, to administer its policy harmoniously and with the involvement of all elements, and to protect its security, to recover economically, and to develop technology so that it could stand at the forefront of superpowers, as it had in the past.

Stressing that Egypt is the leader of the Arab world, and that it would continue to play that role,[2] Mash’al added: ‘The land of Palestine will only be restored by an Egyptian leadership that can bear responsibility, by means of an awakening in all areas… If Egypt disappears, the entire Arab ummah disappears, and the Arabs and Muslims are defeated in all areas. Egypt once again adopts all the problems of the Arab peoples, particularly the Palestinian cause.’

Mash’al said, ‘The victory of October 6 [1973] is not just Egypt’s victory, but vengeance [against Israel] for the sake of the Palestinian people and the Arabs. It is [also] a message of humiliation to the Zionist entity, which must know that when Egypt prepares for conflict, it is not defeated by any aggressor. The Zionist entity must know that Egypt has returned …'” Read more.

Should A Christian Vote In The Upcoming Presidential Election?

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America’s upcoming election this November 6 is not a vote for who will be the next pastor of your local church. The vote is for who is best equipped to lead your country. Though neither choice is ideal, the choice should be obvious …

By Pastor Carl Gallups – “A DOZEN POINTS TO PONDER

1. Should a Christian vote in ANY election?  Has there EVER been a Bible believing, born again, Spirit-filled, church attending, missions minded candidate who was a viable contender for President in your lifetime? Have you EVER voted before? If so – how did you decide then? If [you] have not voted before – the following points would not apply to you anyway. You can stop the quiz here.

2. Should a Christian have voted in Nazi Germany if they had been given a chance to end Hitler’s regime and the destruction of Germany – even if the alternative candidate was not the most desirable to the Christian community? If there was even the slightest possibility that the Christian vote could have stopped the madness – should the Christian have voted then? What would you think of the Christians who would not vote or who voted for a candidate that would not win?

3. Since  it is a fact of history that America was founded upon a Judeo/Christian, Biblical foundation – and since we were blessed with the ability and freedom to elect our own leaders – should a Christian be involved in the process that guarantees their very rights to worship, work, and to share the Gospel with their neighbors and the world?

4Do you believe the Constitution of The United States ought to be respected and that it reflects the ideals of our founders?  America’s constitution, framed by our founding fathers states that there ‘shall be no religious test’ for office of President Read more…

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The Alteration Of Time: Did Muslims Discover America Before Columbus?

10/08/2012 2 comments

It is worth repeating that when the Prophet Daniel wrote in 7:25 that Antichrist would intend to “change” or “make alterations” to times and laws, it is clear in my mind that the “laws” were a direct reference to the desired implementation and subjugation of Sharia Law upon all non-Muslims, regardless of where they lived. But seeking to change the “times” may not have simply been referring to changing Greenwich Mean Time with Mecca Time or replacing the Gregorian calendar of Christianity with the Hijri calendar of Islam. It may have also been referring to something that we’re witnessing this very day both inside and outside the Muslim world: the rewriting of history …

Daniel 7:25a, “He will speak out against the Most High and wear down the saints of the Highest One, and he will intend to make alterations in times and in law …” (NASB)

By Louis Palme – “Muslims have been raising the claim that it [was] Muslims who discovered America before Columbus. It’s no better than their more recent claim that Neil Armstrong, the first man on the moon, heard the Muslim call to prayer (azan) while there, and converted to Islam, and then moved to Lebanon. (Well, he did live in Lebanon, Ohio.)

Columbus Day follows the Muslim Day celebration in New York City by just a few weeks, so it is not surprising that Muslim leaders have tried to steal the credit for that historic achievement. After all, taking something that does not belong to them is part of their ideology (Surah 48:20) and the cherished traditions of their prophet. (Bukhari, Volume 1, Book 7, Number 331)

The discovery of America by Columbus was one of the most remarkable human achievements of the 15th Century, just as landing on the moon was in our own lifetime. But those two events would have been only historical footnotes had Christopher Columbus and Neil Armstrong merely made one-way journeys. In fact, the expeditions would have been remembered as foolish, ill-conceived, and inhumane stunts. With that in mind, let’s consider the claim that Muslims discovered America before Columbus.

On September 25, 2011, American Muslims held their 26thAnnual Muslim Day Parade in New York City with banners, leaflets, and of course, the now-predictable mass prayer in the middle of Madison Avenue. One of the leaflets that got my attention, mostly for its lack of syntax, was headlined, ‘Islam is Not Anti-Systemic’ by a local African-American Imam, Aiyub Abdul-Baqi.

Based on the title, one might think that the leaflet was a denial of the anti-Semitism that is infused throughout the Quran (e.g., Surahs 5:60, 5:82, 9:28-30, and 62:5). Actually, there was no mention of Jews anywhere in the document.  Instead, the hand-out argued that Islam ‘is as American as apple pie.’ Furthermore, ‘Muslims were here before the Christian European conquest of America [1492] and we are here today.’ Imam Abdul-Baqi arrogantly upped the ante by adding, ‘For those seeking to obtain knowledge, they can read ‘They Came Before Columbus’ by Dr. Ivan Van Sertima and ‘Deeper Roots’ by Dr. Abdullah Hakim Quick, which documents (sic) Muslims [sic] history in America and Caribbean [sic] up to the present.’

So I tracked down those books along with several other supposedly scholarly works that contend that Muslims reached American before Columbus. The arguments were Read more…

Somalia: Islamist Militants Deprive 1.3 Million People Of Food, Clean Water And Health Care After Banning Muslim Aid

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Apparently, banning Samosas from non-Muslim aid agencies wasn’t enough …

Revelation 6:8b, “… And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth.”

By Feisal Omar – “MOGADISHU (Reuters) – Somalia’s al Shabaab militants said on Monday they had banned Muslim aid agency Islamic Relief from areas under their control, a move that would deprive 1.3 million people of food, clean water and health care.

Islamic Relief, one of few international aid agencies able to work in al Shabaab-run areas, said it had not been notified by the rebels that its permit had been revoked and that a ban would also threaten access to areas under government control.

Faced with a military offensive by African Union and Somali forces, the al Qaeda-linked insurgents have pulled out of a number of urban strongholds in southern and central Somalia. They still hold sway over vast rural areas where the central government and regional administrations have minimal control.

Al Shabaab accused the humanitarian organisation of working with other relief groups it had already expelled.

‘Islamic relief was found to be covertly extending the operations of banned organisations, particularly WFP,’ al Shabaab said on Twitter, referring to the United Nations’ food agency, World Food Programme.

An al Shabaab spokesman confirmed that the Twitter messages were authentic.

‘Islamic Relief has repeatedly failed, despite persistent warnings, to comply with (our) operational guidelines,’ the rebels’ Twitter feed said.” Read more.

Flashback: Islamist Group Bans Samosas After Deciding They’re Too ‘Christian’ – “Apparently triangles are not halal in Somalia. These exceptionally deep-thinking Islamists would rather see children starve to death than see them eat a three-sided snack food. It might remind somebody of the Trinity. Finally, I understand my addiction to Doritos. And thank goodness it never snows in Somalia, otherwise Jack Handey bin Laden would have to issue a fatwa against Jack Frost bin Chillin, and we’d never enjoy a White Christmas ever again …” Read more.

Flashback: Mali: 4.6 Million People Face Starvation Following Islamist Advances In The North – “War is not the only reason why at least 340,000 people have fled their homes since gunmen loyal to ‘al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb’ (AQIM), along with rebels from the local Tuareg tribe, began their advance across northern Mali in January. A desperate shortage of food is also taking hold in this arid Saharan region. More than 1.6 million people in northern Mali are in a ‘situation of severe, close to extreme, food insecurity,’ according to the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs.” Read more.

France: Radical Islamist Shot Dead By Police, 11 Islamists Arrested, Synagogue Attacked, Authorities Step Up Security At Jewish Sites

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Argenteuil Synagogue

Argenteuil Synagogue

By Angelique Chrisafis, The Guardian – “France has increased security at Jewish religious sites after blank shots were fired at a synagogue west of Paris and police arrested 11 people on suspicion of being part of an Islamist jihadist cell.

François Hollande held talks with Jewish community leaders at the Elysée and announced that security would be stepped up immediately at religious sites. He said the state was ‘totally mobilised against terrorist threats’ and ‘intransigent’ in fighting racism and antisemitism.

On Saturday evening, blank bullets were fired from a car at a synagogue in the Paris suburb of Argenteuil while worshippers were inside the building. Earlier on Saturday, police raids outside Paris, Cannes and Strasbourg led to a series of arrests in connection with what the state prosecutor described as a suspected radical Islamist cell.

The main target in the raids was a 33-year-old man in Strasbourg whose DNA was found on a grenade used in a daylight attack on a Jewish kosher grocery store in Sarcelles, north of Paris, last month, in which one person was wounded. When police arrived to arrest him before dawn on Saturday, he opened fire with a handgun and was shot dead by officers.

A convicted drug dealer, he was described as a ‘delinquent who converted to radical Islam’ and was said by police to have been determined to ‘end as a martyr’. Three of the people arrested had a criminal record for offences such drug-trafficking, theft and violence.” Read more.

Flashback: ‘Worrisome’: The Role of Drug Trafficking in Promoting and Financing Today’s Global Terrorism – “Speaking at a recent conference in Istanbul, ‘The Role of Drug Trafficking in Promoting and Financing Today’s Global Terrorism,’ jointly organized by Turkey, the United States and Colombia, UNODC Senior Terrorism Prevention Officer Irka Kuleshnyk said that ‘While it is difficult to establish how widely terrorist groups are involved in the illicit drug trade, or the breadth and nature of cooperation between these two criminal groups, the magnitude of the numbers involved make the relationship worrisome.’ According to the UNODC’s World Drug Report 2007, the total potential value of Afghanistan’s 2006 opium harvest accruiing to farmers, laboratory owners and Afghan traffickers reached about $US3.1 billion.” Read more.

Egypt: Muslims Demolish Church In Rashid With Frontloader, Police Refuse To Prosecute

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By Mary Abdelmassih – “Mohammad Mostafa Kamel, a Muslim prosecutor at the Alexandria Criminal Court, and his two sons, aided by some hired Muslims, broke into the church of the St. Mary in Rashid at 4 PM today and demolished a great part of its alter. They came to the church with front loaders.

Kamel had no demolition order.

His fight with the church goes back to 2009 when he tried to take ownership of the church, claiming that he bought the ancient church, which dates back to the 9th century, from the Greek Orthodox Church. But it was the Coptic church who bought after it was up for sale due to the dwindling number of Greeks in Rashid, which is located 65 km (40 mi) east of Alexandria, in Beheira governorate.

Father Maximos of St. Mary’s Church said that he rushed to the police station with Father Luke Asaad and their lawyer to try to bring the police to help. In the police station the prosecutor and his two sons threatened to kill the two priest and their lawyer. A police report was filed regarding those threats.

‘We stayed at the police station for over six hours with the police begging prosecutor Kamel and his two sons not to demolish the church,’ said father Maximos, ‘In spite of them not having a demolition order.’

Father Luke said that the prosecutor had lost all the cases he brought to court against the church, ‘So when this route failed, he tried taking the matter into his own hands.’

The police confiscated the loader but refused to take legal action against him because he is a prosecutor.

In the attack of 2009, the prosecutor, his sons and their aids demolished the church fence and injured the church guard.” Source – AINA.

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